Nature’s Gold Mix

Nutrient Dense Seed and Sprout Powder
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  • Supports Digestion and Energy
  • Helps You Regain and Maintain Good Health
  • Nutritional Powerhouse from Seeds, Sprouts and Probiotics

Nutrient Dense Seed and Sprout Powder


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Nature’s Gold Mix supports better digestion and more energy. It’s a nutritional powerhouse from seeds, sprouts and probiotics.

Helps improve your energy to regain and maintain good health.

Most health troubles start from unhealthy/incomplete digestion. Nature’s Gold Mix provides the necessary building blocks to support optimal digestion.

Seeds are nature’s best nutritional storage system, as they contain up to 400 times more nutrients than plant material. But they can be difficult to digest, so Nature’s Gold Mix micronizes them (ground down to very, very small particles). So you CAN digest them for maximum health benefits.

This formula is made from barley seeds, organically grown and processed. They provide a stabilized balance of metabolic enzymes that break down carbohydrates and starches. This may increase your digestion from 5% to 95%

Natural high source of glutathione and other amino acids.

Add this whole food nutrition daily, for improved energy to regain and maintain good health.

Combination of:

  1. Barley Gold #1 and Barley Gold #2
  2. Lignan Gold
  3. Fermented Barley Blend of Probiotics and PreBiotics.

Nutrient Optimized 100% Certified Organic Non-GMO Raw Barley Seed and Flax Seed Sprouts From Alberta, Canada – Nothing Added.

Ultra micronized (at low temperature to preserve nutrients), for smooth, easy mixing and fast, maximized utilization.

Super value powder, equivalent of 1816 capsules with 250mg each.

Directions for Use

This is a powerful product that naturally nourishes your cells with living nutrients, that will crowd-out toxins. Start slowly, as this super dense nutrition may cause a healing event.

Ramp Up Slowly
Please do not rush this process. Treat your body with reverence – do not overload your detoxification organs by taking too much too fast.

Best taken at breakfast, with a booster serving in the afternoon, or before exercise.

You can shake or blend into 8 to 12 ounces of good cool water
and/or juice, adding fruit/ice as desired. Or you can stir into yogurt,
applesauce or cereal.

Excellent for all age groups, blood types and physical activity.


First Week:
Begin with 1/2 teaspoon/day.

Second Week:
Take 1 teaspoon/day.

Third Week:
Take 2 teaspoons/day.

Fourth Week:
Take 3 teaspoons/day.

Take 9 teaspoons/day, per 150 pounds of body weight, increasing day by day to discover your own personal optimum amount.

Your freezer door is ideal. Best used within 6 months of opening. Travels well at room temperature. Protect from light, moisture, oxygen, heat and time (close bottle quickly).

Recommended Use

Supports better digestion and more energy. Helps improve your energy to regain and maintain good health.

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