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Nuke Protect

Natural and Powerful Radiation Protection
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  • Supports Overall Energy, Stamina and Physical Strength
  • Thyroid Support for Healthy Functions
  • Great to Have, Just in Case of Nuclear Fallout

Natural and Powerful Radiation Protection

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $33.99.

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NA Herb Spice Nuke ProtectNA Herb Spice Nuke Protect


NukeProtect is powerful protection against nuclear radiation from an explosion, that easily damages your thyroid gland.

For thyroid support, it contains:

  • Natural-source iodine from northern Pacific wild kelp
  • 110% RDA of natural-source selenium
  • Fortified with potassium iodide.

Also contains:

  • Wild Chaga to support stronger immunity
  • Good source of phenolic compounds, polyphenols and trace minerals
  • Unmatched antioxidants contain an ORAC profile six times more aggressive than blueberries.

Ideal protection against exposure to and the effects of nuclear radiation.

Potent form of premium grade Potassium iodide, Selenium yeast, wild Oregano and Rosemary, Rhus Coriaria, wild Kelp and wild Cumin.

Directions for Use

Take 2 or more capsules daily, and increase as needed.

Safe for children and pets.

Recommended Use

Powerful protection against nuclear radiation that easily damages your thyroid gland. Supports thyroid gland (energy, weight, temperature) and helps reduce oxidative stress for anti-aging effects.

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