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Nourish Blood and Chi
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  • Helps Strengthen Metabolism
  • Supports Menstruation
  • May Enhance Energy

Nourish Blood and Chi


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Nourish Blood and ChiNourish Blood and Chi


Rakta is Sanskrit for blood. A wonderful warm Chi formula. Helps distribute vital essences throughout your body. Use to build and fortify your blood and Chi that is vital energy of life.

  • Helps regulate healthy female menstrual cycles
  • May strengthen metabolism
  • Warms digestive organs, hands and feet
  • Helps weight management
  • Manages loose stool or constipation
  • Enhances blood flow
  • Alleviates lethargy by assisting in energy production.

Indispensable formula for those who need more energy. Excellent for vegans and vegetarians.

In Chinese herbology, some herbs are classified to “build blood”. This classification happened because until “recently” Chinese people did not eat red meat and they needed to keep their population healthy.

Rakta contains ORMUS (orbitally rearranged monotomic elements) is included to increase efficacy. It helps boost your health in every way. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Nourish your body, mind and soul. An easy path to body repair and enlightenment.

Ancient Egyptian and Chinese tombs contain urns holding ORMUS made from gold. This ORMUS is derived from precious inner-Earth salts, making it affordable, but equally effective.

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Rehmannia, White Peony root, Ligusticum, Codonopsis, White Atracylodes, Jujube Date, Raspberry, Lohan Quo, Dang Gui, Salvia milt., Goji, Gynostemma, Schizandra, Bamboo, ORMUS.

Dang Gui
Most renowned blood-building herb. Its exact therapeutic mechanisms on blood fortification are not yet known but, Dang Gui has been used successfully for millennia and is a primary herb in formulas for women as well as for general blood building.

Another herb for building and fortifying the blood, as is prepared Rehmannia (glutinosa).

White peony root
Moves blood and Chi and is an indispensable herb for vital energy-flow throughout the body. Included to support healthy female fertility cycles (mense) and is said to “break up Chi stagnation” therefore helping alleviate discomfort during the menstrual cycle.

White Atractylodes and codonopsis
Assist the metabolic functions in helping remove unwanted accumulations of fat and moisture (edema) which cause unwanted bloating.

Salvia (milthorriza) and Gynostemma
Assist the general circulation and heart health

The majority of Tonic herbs are wild plants, harvested in forests in an ancient tradition by sanctioned collectors. Great care is taken to insure the herbs are gathered sustainably, with minimal damage to the environment.

Herbal powdered extracts are sourced from pristine regions in the northern Manchurian province of China, as well as the Korean countryside. This region is geographically similar to Maine, hosting many protected biospheres which are monitored by the United Nations and the Chinese government. The herbs selected from these wild forests are designated “Di Tao,” meaning they are guaranteed pure, and sustainably collected from the region of their biological origin.

Directions for Use

Take one level teaspoon in the morning in a mug of warm/hot water.

Add vegan milks and/or sweetener of choice to taste.

Recommended Use

Helps build and fortify your blood and Chi that is vital energy of life. Indispensable formula for those who need more energy. Excellent for vegans and vegetarians.

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