Support Natural Cell Turnover
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  • Powerful Antioxidant for Massive Cellular Clearing and Rebuild Healthy Cells
  • Inhibit Parasites, Bacterial and Viral Infections
  • Prevent growth of abnormal cells, promote apoptosis (natural renewal)

Support Natural Cell Turnover


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Support Natural Cell TurnoverSupport Natural Cell Turnover

Ellagic Acid Antioxidant can Restore Malignant Cells to Normal

The safest and most potent way to take ellagic acid antioxidant.

How It Works

Contains ellagic acid and other plant compounds to support the body in resolving infections and other pathological processes. Ellagic acid inhibits the enzyme gyrase, which many viruses use to enter our cells and replicate, inhibits chitin-synthase, which fungi use to build their cell walls, and kills certain parasites.

Ellagic acid stimulates apoptosis, the pathway by which abnormal and pathological cells are directed to self-destruct. In addition, Ellagica contains four plant extracts designed to support the body in maintaining healthy blood viscosity. Ellagica is the safest and most potent way to take ellagic acid.


Ellagic acid inhibits the viral enzyme integrase. Many viruses need this enzyme to enter our cells and complete their life cycle.

By suppressing this key viral enzyme, viruses remain locked outside of our cells, unable to reproduce and cause harm.

Since integrase is not a human enzyme, its inhibition does us no harm.

Fungi & Yeast

Ellagic acid inhibits the fungal and yeast enzyme Chitin Synthase II. All fungi and yeast need this enzyme to manufacture Chitin, a key structural polysaccharide used in their cell walls.

By suppressing this key fungal and yeast enzyme, the fungi and yeast are unable to grow. When they die at the natural end of their life cycle, they cannot be replaced as long as the Chitin Synthase II enzyme is inhibited. Since Chitin Synthase II is not a human enzyme, its inhibition does us no harm.


Ellagic acid inhibits the enzyme gyrase.

All bacteria need this enzyme to maintain the integrity of their DNA. By suppression this key bacterial enzyme, bacterial DNA unspools and the bacteria die.

Since gyrase is not a human enzyme, its inhibition does us no harm.


The exact mechanism by which parasites are affected by ellagic acid is not clear but current research points to the glutathione transferase pathway.

Abnormal Cells

Whenever a cell begins to form a tumor, our DNA sends it a signal to self-destruct. This is one of the most powerful safeguards we have in preventing cellular mutation and it works the majority of the time. Unfortunately, it only takes one cell capable of blocking this signal for a tumor to form. It is specifically those cells that are capable of overriding the self-destruct signal from the DNA that continue to grow and eventually form tumors.

Ellagic acid reiterates the self-destruct signal in tumorous and pretumorous cells. Unlike chemotherapy which damages healthy and tumorous cells alike, apoptosis, or cell self-destruction, applies only to tumorous cells and other damaged cells that are no longer useful or safe to have in the body.

DNA Support

Ellagic acid binds to DNA and acts as a shield, protecting DNA from mutagens, is a strong antioxidant and increases the expression of the enzyme p21, which arrests cell division of cells that have DNA damage.


Ellagica combines USP grade ellagic acid with nattokinase, bromelain and ginkgo biloba to support healthy blood coagulation levels.

Pumpkin seed extract is also added as it specifically suppresses activation the Hageman factor (Factor XII), which is the factor that ellagic acid can stimulate.

Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings/Container: 90

Contains a Proprietary Blend of:

  • Ellagitannins
  • Quercetin
  • Pumpkin Extract
  • Bromelain
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract
  • Nattokinase
  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • Tri-calcium Phosphate

Contains NO:
fillers, flow agents, binding agents, preservatives, flavorings.

Organic or Wildcrafted whenever possible.

Directions for Use

Take 1 to 3 capsules daily, or as directed by your health care provider. This dose is based on a 150 pound person.

Recommended Use

Powerful antioxidant to shut down abnormal cells.

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Ellagic Acid Scientific Citations

Recent studies show that edible berries may have potent chemopreventive properties. Anti-angiogenic approaches to prevent and treat cancer represent a priority area in investigative tumor biology.


It contains all the necessary nutrients that let your body convert Raspberry Ellagitannins into the Ellagic Acid Form

Ellagic Acid: To Oncologists

Natural product called ellagic acid is causing G-arrest within 48 hours (inhibiting and stopping mitosis-cancer cell division), and apoptosis (normal cell death) within 72 hours, for breast, pancreas, esophageal, skin, colon and prostate cancer cells.

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