Circulatory System Cleanse
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  • Helps Detoxify Heavy Metals
  • Increase Your Circulation by Restoring Flexibility to Your Arteries
  • Supplement Magnesium and Potassium to balance excess Calcium

Circulatory System Cleanse


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Medicardium helps easily and gently detoxify from heavy metals. Including lead, mercury, cadmium, cesium, uranium, arsenic, aluminum, barium and nickel.

Don’t let this little suppository frighten you. It’s easy, simple and totally painless.

  • May reverse hardening of arteries
  • Helps increase your circulation
  • May restore flexibility to stiff joints

The main ingredient in Medicardium is EDTA (EthyleneDiamineTetraAcetic acid). It’s a chemical that binds and holds on to (chelates) toxic heavy metals (so they don’t have any effects on your body) and are then removed from your body. It helps get rid of calcification in your soft tissues and joints, restoring flexibility.

Medicardium also contains magnesium and potassium to engage the “rest and repair” and reduce your “fight or flight” stress response that is over stimulated in today’s fast-paced life.

Unlike traditional I.V. chelation (detoxification), which is a slightly invasive medical procedure done in a doctor’s office, Medicardium detox can be done in the privacy of your own home.

EDTA may also support the body in removing calcification from the soft tissues and joints.


Every day your heart pumps 1,900 gallons of blood through the 100,000 miles of living pipes that make up your circulatory system. Over the course of your life, your heart will pump some 2 billion times moving 48 million gallons of blood through your arteries, capillaries and veins.

Unfortunately, heart attacks are the leading cause of death in America. Toxins, infections, stress, poor diet and the effects of aging cause the arteries to become brittle and filled with plaque, and blood to thicken and become harder to move.

If you are suffering from circulatory disturbances or simply want to increase and maintain your vitality, then ask your doctor if chelation is right for you.



Lead is found in cosmetics, plastics, batteries, gasoline, insecticides, pottery glaze, soldered pipes, and paint. Lead accumulates in the brain, liver, kidneys and bones. For each 30 mcg of lead in a child’s blood, his or her IQ drops 10 points.

EDTA has been scientifically proven to bind to and remove Lead from the body.


Each silver filling releases up to 17 mcg of mercury every day. This increases to 500 mcg with the smoking of cigarettes, drinking of hot liquids, gum chewing, acidic saliva or the grinding of teeth at night. Mercury accumulates in the brain, heart, kidneys and endocrine glands and can cause depression, auto-immune diseases, memory loss, tremors, anemia and heart attacks. An issue with mercury chelators (DMPS, DMSA and EDTA) is that they can release chelated mercury in exchange for other metals such as Cr2+ or Fe3+ for which they have a stronger affinity, leading to redeposition. While EDTA is the least problematic of the three, this is still a consideration. If you have a high mercury load, consider zeolite.


Exposure to cadmium happens mostly in the workplace where cadmium products are made. The general population is exposed from breathing cigarette smoke or eating cadmium contaminated foods. Cadmium damages the lungs, can cause kidney disease, and may irritate the digestive tract. This substance has been found in at least 776 of the 1,467 National Priorities List sites identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

EDTA has been scientifically proven to bind to and remove Cadmium from the body.


Uranium is a radioactive element that disintegrates eventually into lead. There have been over 2,000 nuclear detonations on our planet since Hiroshima casting uranium into our atmosphere, not counting events like Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. Depleted Uranium munitions have been used for over 30 years and most combat troops have been exposed. Radioactive materials can cause tumors and birth defects.

EDTA has been scientifically proven to bind to and remove Uranium from the body.


170 million women worldwide have copper IUDs. They work by releasing copper into the uterus but the copper doesn’t stay in the uterus, it goes everywhere. The effects of copper poisoning include fatigue, low blood pressure, anemia, panic attacks, brain fog, insomnia, headaches and a sense of slowly going mad. These symptoms show up slowly so many women never realize how copper is affecting them. People can also get copper toxicity from copper pipes, copper fungicides and copper cookware. EDTA can bind to and remove copper.


As we age we accumulate calcium in the soft tissues of the body. Joints, brain, prostate, breast, kidneys, skin, arteries, muscles, all calcify and disease processes and inflammation accelerate this process. A calcium-free EDTA may support the body in resolving this ‘dystrophic’ calcium.


Arsenic is found in cigarette smoke, laundry detergents, beer, seafood and drinking water. It can cause headaches, confusion and sleepiness. It can damage the kidneys, liver, and lungs.

EDTA has been scientifically proven to bind to and remove Arsenic from the body.


Aluminum can be found in drinking water, anti-perspirants, baking powders, feminine hygiene products, cow and soy milk, baby formula, antacids, and of course aluminum foil, pots and pans.

Aluminum accumulates in the skin, bones, brain and kidneys and can cause dementia and degenerative neurological disease. EDTA has been scientifically proven to bind to and remove Aluminum from the body.


Barium compounds are found in soaps, ceramics, paper, glass, plastics, textiles, dyes, fuel additives, rubber, paint and pesticides. Barium toxicity can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

EDTA has been scientifically proven to bind to and remove Barium from the body.


Nickel is found in stainless steel cutlery, pots and pans, coins, dental work and batteries. It accumulates in the bones, kidneys, liver, lungs, immune system and the brain, where it can cause genetic damage and tumors.

EDTA has been scientifically proven to bind to and remove Nickel from the body.

Data regarding heavy metals taken from: Toxicology of Metals. Edited by Louis Chang, 1996.

Suppository Contains:
500 mg of USP grade Magnesium di-potassium EDTA, and a proprietary blend of edible organic essential oils in a base of organic cocoa butter.

Capsule Contains:
Liposomal Magnesium di-potassium EDTA.

Directions for Use

Insert one chilled suppository rectally, every other day. You can do more if you feel rushed.

Begin with one capsule on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating. Drink 1 liter of water over the next 30 minutes and stay hydrated throughout the day.

If you experience an upset stomach, take with food. Increase serving size as desired to a maximum of 5 capsules.

If you experience lower back pain, pause for one week and try again at a lower dose and remember to stay hydrated.

If you experience loose stools, you may wish to lower your serving size.

If you take mineral supplements, take then 8 hours after Medicardium.

Recommended Use

Helps easily and gently detoxify from heavy metals. This may help increase circulation, and may relieve joint pain.


If you have high mercury levels, EDTA would be contraindicated. Call us about our Mercury Detox Program.

EDTA can lower zinc, copper, calcium and manganese. If you are low in any of these minerals or plan on taking more than one box of Medicardium, consider supplementing with these four minerals 24 hours after taking Medicardium, then wait 12 hours before your next dose.

Those with high mercury levels should consider removing mercury fillings by a properly trained biological dentist, and do a mercury detox before taking any product with EDTA, as it may distribute mercury.

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