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Ionic SPA Replacement Tub Liners

Convenient for Quick Change Between Clients
Price: $150.00
  • Hygienic, Washable and Reusable
  • Flexible, But Structured and Form-fitted
  • Clear PET Plastic

Convenient for Quick Change Between Clients


$1.50 Cashback
  • Salus per Aquam
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Convenient for Quick ChangeConvenient for Quick Change


Hygienic Replacement Liners

Detoxify to restore your full potential… reverse the effects of aging and eliminate degenerative disease. with flexible, but structured and form. Washable and re-usable.

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Start with a bucket of water. Place the feet in with the water. Drop an ionizer into the water. Wait and see what happens.

Ionic SPA Footbath FAQs

Ionic SPA Footbath FAQs

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The Ionic SPA Foot Bath creates an ion charged environment similar to a barefoot walk along the beach, only more powerful, because your feet are immersed in the ions being generated in the foot bath.