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Chinese Herbal Formula with ORMUS
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  • Promotes Spiritual Empowerment
  • Helps Reduce Anxiety
  • Lightens Oppressive Energies

Chinese Herbal Formula with ORMUS


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Shift Spiritual Empowerment Rehmannia Dean Thomas 90gShift Spiritual Empowerment Rehmannia Dean Thomas 90g


Shift is excellent for spiritual seekers. This formula promotes:

  • Peaceful mind and calm spirit
  • Balanced emotions
  • Grounding
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Liberates the body, mind and spirit
  • Lightens oppressive energies.

Excellent for those who are:

  • Stuck in a rut
  • Don’t believe in higher energies
  • Feel unrewarded
  • Afraid of the beyond.

Helps remove “psychic baggage” and spiritual suppression.

You need a strong resilient body and good energy. But without enlightenment, it’s only materialistic.

Powerful herbal combination. Used in ancient Asia for strengthening spiritual peace and centeredness.

These herbs are known to open “Shen” (higher, spiritual component of the human soul) and:

  • Harmonize the 4th Chakra (heart) and 7th Chakra (divine energy)
  • Promotes benevolent cycles of health
  • Shen may improve one’s fortunes in life
  • Bridge between Earth and Heaven
  • Helps close the gap between mortal and metaphysical existence.

ORMUS (orbitally rearranged monotomic elements) is included to increase efficacy. It helps boost your health in every way. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Nourish your body, mind and soul. An easy path to body repair and enlightenment.

Ancient Egyptian and Chinese tombs contain urns holding ORMUS made from gold. This ORMUS is derived from precious inner-Earth salts, making it affordable, but equally effective.

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Excipient-free 10:1 powdered extracts of:
Reishi (Ganoderma lingzhi, Chinese: Ling Zhi)
Silk-Tree flower (Albizia flos, Chinese: He Huan Hua)
China Root (Poria cocos, Chinese: Fu Ling)
Asparagus Root (Asparagus officinalis, Chinese: Tian Men Dong)
Biota seeds (Biota orientalis, Chinese: Bai Zi Ren)
Milkworts (Polygala tenuifolia, Chinese: Yuan Zhi)
Pearl (Calcium carbonate Chinese: Zhen Zhu)
Jujube date (Ziziphus jujuba, Chinese: Da Zao)
Bamboo (Bambusoideae, Chinese: Zhuli)
Monk Fruit (Siraitia grosvenorii, Chinese: Luo Han Guo)

Reishi mushroom is called the “herb of spiritual immortality” and a bridge between Earth and Heaven. This tree mushroom helps plug you into life’s grand divinity.

Albizzia flower is said to help one overcome heartbreak, anxiety and stress.

Spirit Poria lifts your spirit, and keeps you grounded.

Asparagus root is the “flying herb” of the Shaolin Masters.

and ORMUS.

Directions for Use

Add 3/4 teaspoon to a mug of hot water.

Add creamer (suggest milks of almond, cashew, oat, flax,) and natural sweetener to taste.

Recommended Use

Promotes spiritual empowerment. Helps reduce anxiety and lighten oppressive energies. Promotes peace and freedom in body, mind and spirit.

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