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Black Crystals

Remove Energy Blockages
Price: $315.00
  • Realign Your Cellular Energies, Restore Dynamic Flow
  • Make Your Own Energy Devices to Enhance Your Life Energy!
  • Build Your Own Star Chamber and improve energy flow

Remove Energy Blockages


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Remove Energy BlockagesRemove Energy Blockages

Use these Black Crystals to create harmonizing energy devices. Placed on any area of distress, it enhances your cellular function, the sodium-potassium pump that drives cellular exchanges, and the mitochondria that drive the energy production.

Black Crystals can enhance the flow of your life energies, and help remove energy blockages.

These crystals are naturally paramagnetic and will realign your energy flow patters, prepares you for detox in the Crystal Bath and for recharging in the Laminar Crystal bed.

The Black Crystal is used in the first phase of our Star Chamber rejuvenation protocol. You can build your own crystal bed, although you will need quite a few.

Ships in a USPS flat rate box. Also available in buckets.


Contains magnetite type precious metal ore, milled to sand consistency.

Black Crystal is a precious-metal-rich naturally magnetic mineral (especially gold) with a very high specific weight.

Directions for Use

Build your own energy charging device

Recommended Use

Black Crystals to create harmonizing energy devices, to remove energy blockages and enhance the flow of your life energy.

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About Twilight America

Twilight transdermal products are based on an ancient technology that was rediscovered by Jim Carter.

Scientific References: Water

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