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St. Johns Wort

Have More Days of Joy and Clarity
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  • Snap out of gloomy thoughts and relieve dark winter moods
  • Fill Yourself with Joy - St. John's Wort and Magnesium Can Help
  • All in a Unique Delivery System of Structured Water and Magnesium

Have More Days of Joy and Clarity


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Have More Days of Joy and ClarityHave More Days of Joy and Clarity


For use in treating nervous disorders and emotional mood imbalances, St. Johns Wort will help stabilize moods, and ease mood imbalances or sleep problems, in both men and women. It can even increase energy levels in some people.

A totally unique way to apply herbal remedies directly to the cellular level, by way of your skin, your body’s largest organ. Carried by Twilight America’s Magic Oil and its magnesium, the properties of St. Johns Wort are delivered directly to your cells for immediate absorption.

The Drops are much more effective than just the plain herb.

Twilight America Magic Oil (magnesium chloride and energized water), Alkaloids and minerals from St. John’s Wort.

Directions for Use

The most efficient application is a single drop, to a whole dropper full, under your tongue. You can also apply it topically to the palms of your hands, or the soles of your feet, or your energy centers (chakras).

There are other uses for St. John’s Wort. It aims to eliminate congestion and restore cellular integrity to the Medulla Oblongata, or your Primal Brain. Memory can then begin to “kick in” again.

Recommended Use

Natural alternative supplement to clear nervous problems and emotional imbalances, stabilize moods. Fill yourself with joy and leave the dark thoughts behind.

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