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Natural, Effective Detoxifiers
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  • Contains the most effective natural detoxification agents.
  • Prevents a healing crisis by transporting toxins out from your cells safely.
  • 100% bioavailable.

Natural, Effective Detoxifiers


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ZeoHealth Royal DetoxZeoHealth Royal Detox


Royal Detox is a collection of the most effective natural detoxifiers. This unique formulation delivers the most balanced, complete and thorough detox on the market today.

Apple Pectin, Chlorella, Cilantro, Spirulina, and Zeolite, individually have the ability to bind with different heavy metals, toxins and radioactive isotopes. By combining these powerful ingredients, Royal Detox multiplies and maximizes the spectrum of heavy metal and toxin removal, delivering the most comprehensive detox available.

Heavy metals and toxins are safely removed from your cells. This prevents a healing crisis.

Contains crystaloid electrolytes that carry the detoxifying ingredients directly to the cells making them 100% bioavailable.

Zeolite, Chlorella, Cilantro, Spirulina, Apple Pectin, Crystalloid Electrolytes
Zeo Health, Natural, Effective Detoxifiers

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The most balanced, complete and thorough detox on the market today.

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