Affiliate Program

We pay you for helping us grow

  • No minimum purchases or quotas
  • No cost to join us
  • We take care of the logistics
  • Credit on account or PayPal payment

As a Life Enthusiast Affiliate, you share the Affiliate Code we send you.
Post it on your website or email it with a personal letter.

Tell your family, friends, customers and anyone you would like to be healthier, about our products and services.

We pay you 10% of the referred product subtotal

We have tools – free – to get you started.

  • Videos to guide you
  • Product images and banners
  • Newsletters for you to personalize and send to your audience
  • Simply add links into your website and emails.

How the Life Enthusiast Affiliate Program Works

  1. Sign up to be a Life Enthusiast Affiliate and we give you a unique Affiliate Code.
  2. Add your Affiliate Code to the end of any html link on your website and in emails you send out. It’s that easy.
  3. Anyone who clicks on your link will land on our website, to whatever page you choose for them.
  4. Those you refer are your customers forever, and the commission is paid on all future orders.
  5. You can specify to receive an email with the details or every referred order.

How You Get Paid

  • Gift voucher in our store
  • PayPal
  • Check sent by mail – minimum $100

How Much You Can Earn

  • 10 % on sales at retail prices
  • 2 % on sales at wholesale prices

If you refer 12 people who buy about as much as you do, you will have your purchases paid for.

Apply to become an Affiliate.