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Biography David Pilz – The Oracle

Biography David Pilz – The Oracle

David Pilz: The Oracle

From birth, David Pilz was able to clearly see spirits and auras and it wasn’t long before he earned the nickname “Oracle”. He was clinically dead for a short time at the age of eleven, having experienced NDE with dramatic clarity. He saw, felt, understood and consciously interacted with the energies that resonate through all living things.

His uncomfortable uniqueness compelled him to begin exploring the fields of Psi, metaphysics, parapsychology, and occult at an early age. He accomplished most of his personal training & explorations through books, mentors, focused private practice & determined and disciplined personal training.

Throughout his late teenage and early adult years, David participated eagerly in endless healings, circles, seances, banishments, and now teaches others how to actively prevent negative occurrences.

David Pilz is trained and certified as an alternative health & holistic practitioner, a Certified Master Healer and Instructor, plus he continues to actively study and train in many complimentary healing systems like Reiki, Reflexology & Crystals, sacred ceremonies and more. His personal kundalini is awake and active.

He has been honored with many honorary spiritual gifts and titles over his life; the SunMask, Golden and Bald Eagle Feathers, a historical 2005 UNN Chilliwack Board of Directors membership. He is the current Starnation Chanupa Carrier of ancient prophesy, the StarNation Lodge Keeper, the Eagle Chanupa Carrier, the Golden Eagle Whistle Carrier and the OmHaven Medicine Tipi Facilitator. He has been officially welcomed into the True White Brotherhood by Hopi Elders.

His reborn native name is White Star, (Peq’Kwasel). Meaning North Star, the center of all the navigation maps, the point of light that one can follow to find direction when they are lost, one whose energy is like a brilliant star. Aboriginals and natives around the world have legends that describe a time when a white man with step forward as a bridge between all nations and welcome in the era of the StarNation return.

His humanitarian ideals and efforts have earned him a nomination currently being compiled for an award from The Order of Canada.

In his thriving daily practice, David Pilz proudly earns the right to use the title of “The Oracle”… he walks the walk.

Ormus Manna and Consciousness

Ormus Manna carries the consciousness with which it was made. David is involved in the making of OmManna every step of the way.
“The planet is experiencing a very unique dynamic right now … and my role as White Star, the Starnation Chanupa Carrier and Starnation Lodge Keeper is very naturally humanitarian. At this time so fraught with environmental dangers (nuclear, chem trails, low merkaba, etc.) and the increasing need for awareness and alertness … ORMUS is salvation. My pride and responsibility is to bridge the red and white nations together, to bridge the rainbow and introduce new colors, to bridge the ancient past with the current starnation technologies … ORMUS is EXACTLY that. When I asked for answers through the pipe in that good way, Mother Earth and the Starnation immediately provided me with an endless source of pure, clean, mono-atomic gold coming right out of the earth. A genuine miracle from my perspective.

Ormus is about to become THE very thing people need for basic first aid and potentially survival. Radiated people and radiated seeds don’t grow .. that spells serious trouble for the masses. The ‘Health’ portion of the Heath & Beauty portions of the ORMUS industry is about to increase disproportionally … This is an extraordinary opportunity to make a significant difference in everyone’s lives right now … people NEED this stuff and they don’t even know it. Lets spread the good word.”

White Star

David Pilz

  • Is the spiritual advisor that native Elders and spiritual leaders around the world seek for his respectful and unique guidance.
  • White Star (Peq’Kwasel ) is His Native Name. All my relations.
  • He is the Star Nation pipe carrier.
  • He is a Golden Eagle Whistle carrier.
  • He is the Eagle Pipe Carrier
  • He has humbly been bestowed an honorary ‘SunMask’ relating to the legendary Native American ‘SunDance’.
  • He was recently honored to receive a sacred Buffalo Mask’ for his work. He is also the proud (and certified) owner of numerous gifted ‘ Golden Eagle Feather ‘ bestowed upon him by several separate Native Nation communities for outstanding achievements and performance in a manner of truth and integrity.
  • He is an active pioneer reverend/minister for the Universal Life church in numerous Canadian provinces.
  • He was clinically dead for a short time at the age of eleven, having experienced NDE with dramatic clarity. The inspiring experience has certainly enabled him a certain familiarity while dealing with those entities (or spirits) of the afterlife. His natural understanding of things spiritual/ metaphysical have been described by experts as “awakened.”
  • He has avidly studied a variety of martial arts and iron shirt techniques.
  • Throughout his teenage years, The Oracle participated and developed skills in many successful open seances; banishment’s and other spiritual and technical techniques.
  • As a medium, he is capable of full trance channeling and can control the depth of this trance, preferring a stage two level of interaction.
  • He has also performed exorcisms for people plagued with unwanted poltergeist activity and teaches how to prevent future occurrences.
  • He has worked with numerous scientific organizations, law enforcement and intelligence gathering organizations for the benefit of humanity.
  • He is the author of numerous manuals on how to develop and awaken Psi ability.

David is the Certified Practitioner

  • Certified Master Healer in a variety of physical, metaphysical and esoteric systems.
  • Internationally Recognized Metaphysical Instructor
  • Masters Certification in Usui Reiki (1997)
  • Tibetan Light Energy (1997)
  • Regressional Therapy (1998)
  • Hypnotherapy (1998)
  • Chakra & Energy Balancing (1999)
  • Crystal Awareness and Healing (2000)
  • Taoist Energy Cultivation Techniques (2002)
  • Masters Certification in Karuna Reiki (2003)
  • Intermediate Coordinate Remote Viewer (2003)
  • Temporeal Healing Master Instructor Certification in Karuna Reiki (2003)
  • Vibrational Massage (2005)
  • BodyTalk Access Practitioner (2007)
  • Acupressure
  • Energetic Reflexology (2008)
  • Emotional Release work
  • Basics of Massage Therapy
  • StarNation Lodge Keeper (2009)
  • StarNation Medicine Tipi Facilitator (2010)

OmMANNA ORMUS Fertilizer

David The Oracle Pilz - WhiteStar

“This tobacco plant was lovingly grown with OmMANNA ORMUS GOLD FERTILIZER. The seed came out of a pouch that was on the hip of a guy who was found frozen in an ice cap. Researchers distributed a few seeds to a variety of different growers and growing environments to attempt to resurrect the strain. OmHaven Ranch used OmMANNA Fertilizer and was of the few to bring the ancient seedling back to life. The other successful grow attempts were reported to also have supplemented with another ORMUS GOLD variation. Humanity has been gifted a powerful gift in the return of these sacred tobacco energies … at this time when our environment seems to becoming so increasingly dangerous to life, it’s nice to know mother nature also provides some aid to balance things.”
White Star

Author: Life Enthusiast
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