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Biography Dr. David Wheeler

Biography Dr. David Wheeler

Biography: Dr. David Wheeler

Chiropractic Physician
Creator and Formulator of Health BreakThrough products

Dr. David Wheeler was born in Glasgow, Montana. He served in Vietnam and is a decorated veteran. After discharge from the Army he completed his undergraduate education at both Portland State University and Southern Oregon University, then he attended Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon – which is the second oldest Chiropractic College in the United States. He graduated in 1982 and received his Oregon licensing in early 1983.

After a few years of practice, Dr. Wheeler received licensing in New York and Colorado. In the mid 1990s, Dr. Wheeler lived and practiced full time in New York City (Manhattan), focusing on patients with serious chronic disease – from an alternative healthcare perspective.

Prior to moving to Manhattan (to establish a practice) Dr. Wheeler developed health issues and could not work for several months. After successfully taking care of these health issues, Dr. Wheeler started a company to research and develop highly effective natural products and methods.

Dr. Wheeler moved his new company to Oregon in 1996 to be near his family. At that time, he stopped practicing full time, in order to dedicate his life to research and development of subtle energies – the vibrational issues that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary product effects. M-Water is matching the best of the field results.

Dr. David Wheeler stated: “Although I am certain that there is something to Monatomic Elements, the actual atomic form of this type of substance may or may not be the reality. It is really all theory. I do remind people of this, which is because no one can truly claim to provide Monatomic Elements in the strict sense of the word, which is because no one has proven that Monatomic Elements actually exist in the first place. However, there is definitely something to the theory that there is a special form of matter that causes the cells to radiate light and communicate more quickly and efficiently. I know this from my own personal experience of taking Monatomic Element substances, including the ones I developed: H2Ormus and MPS-Gold 100 and MPS-Gold 3 X. Perhaps the term “Monatomic Effect” rather than Monatomic Element describes the nutritional substances with special cellular communication properties.”

Dr. David Wheeler initially became interested in Glyconutrients and Aloe Vera because of research in the mid-1990s that seemed to indicate the existence of Monatomic Elements in high molecular weight Galactomannans from Aloe Vera gel. In 1995 he was suffering from a serious health issue and within a few days of taking his now well-known MPS-Gold 100 that contains stabilized Galactomannans, he went through an amazing health recovery.

Dr. David Wheeler’s life ended in 2016.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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