ADHD: Should You Medicate Your Child?

The pressure to medicate our children that are not sitting quietly in their class is relentless: kids that are restless, that fidget or speak out of turn, are targeted as needing to take drugs when in fact what they need are minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are lacking in the food we can buy in the grocery store or a restaurant.

Let me share a quote from a research article by Frontline:

Psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry have become financial economic partners. And frankly, part of their economic compensation has been to develop a strategy whereby they claimed, without science, that all mental illnesses, all things behavioral and emotional, are physical brain dysfunctions or abnormalities.

Representing such things as depression, anxiety, conduct disorder, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, and learning disabilities as diseases, absent any scientific proof, is to deceive the public. It preempts the public’s right to informed consent in every single case.

Our perspective is that we should be looking for the cause, and we believe that a large portion of the problem is in the quality of the food we eat. Industrial agriculture produces food that is significantly deficient in nutrients.

Before we look to medicate a person, we should first consider optimizing their nutrition.

Public schools are paid extra money for a child with the ADHD diagnosis. Teachers are encouraged to identify students who need to be medicated. About 70% of ADHD children should not be diagnosed as such, but doctors are yielding to the pressure from drug companies. Especially psychiatrists are guilty of over-prescribing.

There is an additional problem if your child is a kinesthetic learner. He needs to move, touch, act. About two-thirds of teachers are visual learners. Movement (children not sitting still) distracts both them and the other visual learners in the classroom. Teachers interpret the need to move as a sign the child is ignoring them. (Find your learning style preference at and take the learning styles test.)

Please consider the EMPowerplus Q96, before you try any mind-altering medications. It is safe, well tested, and universally beneficial.

Author: Life Enthusiast