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Nutritional Supplements

Have you ever noticed how confusing the area of so-called correct nutrition is? One book says you must eat a certain food, another book says you mustn’t eat that very same food. Have you ever wondered why a supplement that works on one person doesn’t work on another. You take some supplements that you’re supposed to take but don’t really notice much positive improvement, if any. How come? I have researched around this area for years trying to get to the bottom of this. What do I really have to take and/or avoid? Why do some things not work on me like they do on some other people? Are the supplements that I’m taking actually doing anything? How come many supplement manufacturers claim that their product is the only one thing that you need to handle whatever ails you? During the course of this research, one thing became obvious – the reason that the same supplement has different effects on different people is because everybody’s body is different.

Another reason that people were not getting the full benefits from the supplements that they were taking was that their bodies were simply not assimilating them properly and the supplements were mostly getting flushed out of their systems. Admittedly these are no earth-shattering realizations, but what if one could find out what, specifically, it was about each person’s body that was different and thus be able to do something about it that would predictably improve things for anybody? I figured that somewhere amongst that mass of confusion, someone must have some valid answers and, sure enough, it turned out that there were several people who had made some major breakthroughs in this area. And, since their discoveries have given me such marked benefits, I’m very glad that they did!

Biological Terrain

The concept that I came across in other people’s work that was by far the most valuable, because it answered all of the above questions as well as gave me an understanding that aligned all the correct information in the area of nutrition and removed the confusions, was the concept of the “Biological Terrain”. So what is it? Well, let’s take a look at an analogy. If a tree has its roots in soil that is well fertilized and is hydrated and contains good sources of minerals, the tree will grow very well and strong. If that same tree is in soil that contains artificial chemical fertilizers or ground that has lost its moisture or been soaked with acid rain, the tree will do very badly and will die before its time. The soil is its “Biological Terrain”. So what is the body’s Biological Terrain?

The body is 70% water and the brain is 90% water and the body’s Biological Terrain is basically the fluids that surround the billions of cells in our bodies and that, ideally, nourish them and let their waste flow away. If the cells are not adequately nourished or they are dehydrated or they aren’t able to get rid of their waste products, they will start to feed on the body itself as well as damage the immune system. And in these days of processed foods full of chemicals and lacking enzymes, vegetables grown with pesticides, pollutants in the air, parasites in the food, poorly made vitamins and herbs etc. etc., our cells simply don’t get the nourishment that they need, plus they get fed much that they don’t need and due to the nature of the water usually available to us and the fact that its surface tension is too heavy to permeate the cells, most of us end up with dehydrated cells.

Wrinkles, dry skin, the body shriveling and getting smaller as we age are all signs of cellular dehydration. When the cells are being correctly hydrated they “plump” and create muscle. In the average Biological Terrain, most people have a cellular environment that is extremely attractive to viruses, fungi, yeast, molds, microbes and parasites and an environment where these organisms flourish and attack our immune systems and steal the nourishment from our foods and supplements. Medical science, instead of attacking the cause, spends countless millions attacking these microbes only to see them build up immunity to their attacks. Much more effective is to change the Biological Terrain to one where the cells flourish and that is inhospitable to destructive organisms and give us a much stronger immune system. But how?

Secrets Of Hunza Water

There are five places on Earth where the people routinely live to over 120 years of age in good health with virtually no cancer or dental caries (decay of a bone or tooth), where they remain robust and strong and are also able to bear children even in old age, and the most famous of these, Hunza in the Himalayas, has people who live to 120-140 years old. There are also villages in France where the people are extremely healthy and other villages where the people are run-down. Much research has proven conclusively that the major common denominator of the healthy long-living people is their local water. Henri Coanda, the Romanian father of fluid dynamics and a Nobel Prize winner at 78 years old, spent six decades studying the Hunza water trying to determine what it was in this water that caused such beneficial effects for the body. He discovered that there were indeed anomalous properties to the Hunza water.

It had a different freezing and boiling point than ordinary water, a different viscosity and a different surface tension. When he became too old to continue his research he entrusted it to the then young Dr. Patrick Flanagan. Dr. Flanagan worked for a further 30 years on the Hunza water sample trying to isolate and synthesize its properties. The reason that he had to work on the original 40 year old Hunza sample was that Hunza is no longer the pristine wilderness that it used to be, as now there are highways going there and man has brought in insecticides and other killers and the local water is not as pure as it was. Dr. Flanagan was eventually able to create the same anomalies in water but it wasn’t stable. As soon as the water was shaken or stirred, it lost the properties – unlike the original Hunza water sample which still retained its qualities even when shaken.

In researching the stability problem. Dr. Flanagan finally discovered tiny minerals shaped like smooth spheres that were only 5 nanometers in diameter and were 2,000 times smaller than a red blood cell and that had a very high electrical potential, called zeta potential. These minerals – called nano-colloids – disperse throughout the Hunza water with this electrical potential and in interacting at the electrical level with the hydrogen and oxygen molecules that comprise water, they create tiny crystalline structures. What’s significant about these crystalline structures is that the fluid that surrounds our cells and the protein in our cells has a very similar highly crystalline structure and when we drink ordinary water, our bodies have to try and convert it into “living water” that has this crystalline structure. Hunza water already has this and is biological in nature and already has the characteristics that the body needs.

Vital Difference That The Surface Tension Of Water Makes

What are these characteristics? One of them is that the surface tension of Hunza water is much lower than ordinary water. Ordinary water has a surface tension of 73 dynes per centimeter – a dyne is a very small unit of force, the amount needed to break the surface skin of the water. Lower surface tension results in “wetter water”. The reason you can’t make mashed potatoes with room temperature water is that they need water with the lower surface tension that results when you heat the water. The body’s cells require a surface tension of 45 in order to be permeated and hydrated. Alexis Correl, who kept a chicken heart alive for 37 years and received a Nobel Prize, stated that the secret of life is to feed and nourish the cells and let them flush their waste and toxins.

If those nutrients can’t get into the cells because the water has too high a surface tension, the cells dehydrate and die of their own waste products. The cells must be in intimate contact with the water in order to get their nutrients but the cell’s surface membrane is basically a waxy, oily substance (lipids) and oil and water don’t mix so the nutrients just suspend and can’t get into the cells as the surface tension is too high. People who drink the magic “8 glasses a day” of ordinary water are pretty much wasting their time as the nutrients can’t get in and the toxins can’t get out and the cells die anyway. Dr. Flanagan with his wife Gael, were able to re-create these tiny minerals in a liquid product that they called Crystal Energy. Dr. Flanagan started taking it and people started asking him why he looked younger and he told them about it and started giving bottles away.

Eventually he was giving away 10,000 bottles a month and finally decided to sell it. If you add one drop of Crystal energy per ounce to ordinary water to reverse osmosis or distilled water, it lowers the surface tension of that water to 45 dynes and the treated water goes right into the body as biological in nature and can be in intimate contact with the cells and enable their nourishment and toxin release. You could drink a ton of ordinary 73 dyne water but if you don’t have the micronutrients in your body to convert it into 45 dyne “living water” – and most if us don’t due to our poor artificial modern environment – it won’t permeate the cells, the cells will dehydrate and the water will just go into the body and flush out. When the cells dehydrate, they start dying and the body starts eating its own tissues as it’s not getting the nourishment that it needs and it also starts generating auto- immune diseases.

The Absorption Factor In The Supplements You Already Take

Have you ever noticed taking vitamins or other supplements and not really getting much effect? This is a sign that those supplements are not getting fully absorbed by the body. As an example, when you take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, the body usually only gets about 300 mg and eliminates 700 mg through the intestines. Patrick Flanagan took his process further and was able to dry the Nano-colloids into a powder (called Mega H- or MegaHydrate) that could be combined with other supplements and when this is done, their absorbability increases by about 300%. In the example above, the body gets the full use of all 1,000 mg of Vitamin C.

What’s hydrogen got to do with it?

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the Hungarian Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who discovered Vitamin C, said that hydrogen, rather than oxygen is the fuel of life. Most of us have heard of the so-called Carbon Cycle in nature but it’s really a Hydrogen Cycle. Here’s how it works: Plants take water and sunlight and break the water down into hydrogen and oxygen using sunlight and the hydrogen is used to make carbohydrates, lipids and proteins and the oxygen is emitted into the air and we breathe it. We eat the plant material, and enzymes in the body called dehydrogenators remove the hydrogen from the food that the plant makes for us. We burn the hydrogen with oxygen and emit carbon dioxide into the air which the plant absorbs. Carbohydrates are 1/3 carbon, 1/3 hydrogen and 1/3 oxygen. When the dehydrogenators release the hydrogen from the carbohydrates, it’s burned with oxygen to create energy (fuel) for the body and the carbon and oxygen form the carbon-dioxide which is breathed out of the body.

Plants give us hydrogen to bum as fuel in our bodies. 60% of the calories we eat turn into ATP, the chemical in our bodies that we burn as fuel. Half a gram of hydrogen is enough to create all the ATP we generate every day in our bodies and 20% of the calories that gives us a body temperature of 97-98 degrees Fahrenheit. Our bodies store hydrogen in “hydrogen pools” in the organs with the greatest amount stored in the liver which is the body’s chemical factory and our most important organ for protection and self-defense. The liver detoxifies poisons to prevent them from getting into the body. Then hydrogen is stored in the intestine, then the lungs, then the spleen. The hydrogen atom is the smallest atom known with only one electron. If hydrogen is ionized, it becomes H-, which is hydrogen with one extra electron very loosely attached that it gives up easily. Electrons don’t move in the body unless they are associated with hydrogen. A body in good health has abundant H- ionized molecules as does fresh organic orange juice and grapefruit juice (but which disappears very quickly).

Dr. Vincent, the Chief Hydrologist in France was sent to measure the quality of and effects of local water in different villages in France. In some villages he found people very sickly with no energy and in other villages he found people vibrantly healthy and happy. He measured the waters and did statistical research and found direct correlations between the water and their state of health.

He measured the water in three ways:

a) he measured the pH [p(otential of) H(ydrogen).] of the water. This is basically the acid-alkali balance. In this scale, 14 is highly alkaline, 7 is balanced and 0 is highly acid. This test measures the amount of positively charged hydrogen.

b) he measured the rH (relative hydrogen). This tests the amount of H- in the water. In this scale, which goes from 42 – via 28 – to 0, above 28 is highly oxidized with virtually no electrons available and below 28 there is an abundance of electrons.

The healthiest villages had water with an rH of 22 and the unhealthy ones had an rH way up towards 42. You’d have to drink a million glasses in the higher range to get the same number of electrons as in one glass of 22 water!

c) he measured the mineral content of the water, which also measures its conductivity and resistance.

When he did statistical analyses of his findings and compared them to the health of the people in the villages, he found that the healthiest water had a pH a little below 7, lots of electrons and few minerals.

Hunza water is loaded with electrons (it has an rH of 21 which is 10 times more than an rH of 22). You’d need 10 million glasses of ordinary water to get the same number of electrons as 1 glass of Hunza water! Organic orange juice has an rH of 7 and Microhydrin (or Mega H-) has an rH of 3 – the equivalent of 10,000 glasses of fresh organic orange juice. It has a huge amount of H-ions.

What’s the deal with antioxidants and free radicals?

Oxidization is what occurs as electrons are lost. As an example, if you drink the water at one of the 22 rH French villages, you get a lot of electrons. But if that water gets bottled (as it does) and sent halfway across the world, light destroys the hydrogen ions so the rH is no longer 22 and the water no longer has its abundance of electrons and it becomes oxidized. All free radicals steal electrons from our cells. The aging process is basically free radical damage to the cells and DNA. Our bodies and cells are attacked 100,000 times a second by free radicals and all they want to do is steal electrons from our cells and if we don’t have enough antioxidants (which give up electrons easier than cells do and thus protect our cells), they take them directly from the cells. All antioxidants give up their electrons at different levels. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that gives up electrons but when it becomes oxidized, it itself becomes a free radical and now it wants to steal electrons. Pycnogenol or Vitamin E will give up electrons to Vitamin C and become free radicals themselves but not as harmful as the Vitamin C free radical was. This is what is known as the electron cascade and it is why a broad spectrum of antioxidants, including selenium, is needed.

H- is the only antioxidant that doesn’t become a free radical when it gives up its electron. It gives up its electron, burns oxygen and becomes the most powerful antioxidant with ions so small that they can instantly go anywhere in the body. So the basic secrets to Hunza water are a) the nano-colloid minerals, b) huge quantities of H- and c) the low surface tension. Fresh organic produce also has lots of H- but if you’re not on a Vegan diet, use Megahydrate to get the H- and get a great deal more of it. Cooking removes most negative ions and kills any life in the food and metal pans discharge the electrons as does metal cutlery. You can take Vitamin B12 and it may not do anything if you’re not deficient in B12 but everyone is deficient in H-. A machine called the BTA or Biological Terrain Analyser developed by a Dr. Morrell which tests blood, saliva and urine for H+, H- and minerals found 100% of people low in H-, especially as they got older. They were all over-oxidized. The absence of electrons causes numerous diseases. In soil with poor mineral content and poor pH and few electrons, corn will grow very poorly and weak and get attacked by insects and molds.

It’s the same in the body’s biological terrain, the fluid surrounding the cells. Viruses, bacteria, molds, yeast and parasites cannot survive in a terrain that’s healthy for the cells. We come into contact daily with 3 million bacteria and viruses and cancer cells are constantly being formed in the body and being destroyed by the body. In a poor biological terrain, once they get a foothold, they release toxins which cause the body to use up electrons to alter the body’s biological terrain less in favor of the cells and more in favor of the attacking organism. Increasing the electrons in the body makes an environment where the attacking organisms can’t live and it improves the immune system and removes free radicals and poisons and toxins. Medical science spends millions trying to attack the viruses which just become immune. This is trying to handle the wrong problem. The correct thing to do is to get the biological terrain in the right range. The body should ideally be alkaline but with current foods goes more acid – cancer patients, for instance, have lots of ammonia in their bodies (and in their breath).

The effect of pH on the viability of bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeast and cancer cells has only recently been understood. Pathogens, such as these, prefer a more acidic environment. Increasing pH to more alkaline levels can decrease the ability of these pathogens to cause illness and disease. A contemporary of Louis Pasteur, Professor Claude Bernard stated, “The microbe is nothing, terrain is all.” Pasteur, developer of the germ theory is reported to have said on his deathbed, “I have to agree with Bernard.” Cancer changes the body’s biological terrain in its favor by emitting toxins and using the body to dump its electrons in the urine and the blood becomes oxidized. Cancer cells have no hydrogen in them at all. Get lots of electrons into the body and you’ll help reduce the cancer. There are many things that can rob the body of electrons – even such apparently “harmless” substances as toothpaste (which is highly oxidized) – as well as fluoride, tin and mercury.

Those of you who have read the articles on dental amalgams in the Cybertown Health Center will appreciate the full import of this! Many “good” herbs have no electrical charge until you add Crystal Energy and they come alive. Hydrogen is the body’s most needed nutrient. When you hydrate the cells they plump and become healthy and the body goes into an anabolic state – when the cells become dehydrated, the body goes into a catalytic state and eats its own muscles. Crystal Energy lowers the surface tension so that the cells get hydrated and the water gets fully utilized by the body. Megahydrate or Mega H releases tons of needed H- negatively charged electrons into the system and increases the absorbability and aliveness of the other nutrients that you take. Eight glasses of good low surface tension water a day, exercise, good nutrition and a natural diet truly are the basic keys to a long and healthy, happy life. You’ll be amazed at how you feel after taking Crystal Energy for even a few days!

Free Radical:

1. An atom or group of atoms having at least one unpaired electron, which makes it highly reactive.
2. An organic compound in which some of the valence electrons are unpaired, occurring as a normal byproduct of oxidation reactions in metabolism.

Author: Life Enthusiast