Amazing Soak Relieves Pain

Amazing Soak oxygenating bath transfers bioactive oxygen from the bath water directly to the body fluids that surround tissues. This task is normally handled by the respiration (oxygen uptake by the lungs) and the circulation (oxygen delivery by the hemoglobin). When health is compromised the body needs extra oxygen and the regular amount that can be supplied by our metabolism cannot overcome this challenge easily. When there is chronic inflammation, it becomes impossible. Inflammation affects the circulatory system and impairs the oxygen delivery process, thus reducing the availability of unbound oxygen in the body fluids, which is where the cells get the bioactive oxygen needed for energy. If lungs are also inflamed, the situation is even worse.

Understandable, the person does not feel good, and it is harder to engage in activities that may help improve health. Supplements do not help much because when there is generalized chronic inflammation, the mitochondria are underperforming and cannot properly absorb nutrients. It is a dead-end cycle. To help the body out of this trap oxygen bioavailability must be restored so the mitochondria can produce energy and take in necessary nutrients to support cellular metabolism.

With transdermal oxygenation, therapeutic amounts of bioactive oxygen penetrate the skin and travel by ionic diffusion to where there is oxygen deficit. These oxygen molecules are in the native form that the body requires at the cellular level; therefore, there is no spend of energy by the mitochondria and production of ATP for cellular energy maximizes. Rehabilitation of cellular metabolic functionality can happen within minutes. At the same time, redox homeostasis is being restored. When redox equilibrium is reestablished in the body fluids the inflammatory process is reset, with disregard of how much time it has been active.

Amazing Soak oxygenating bath boosts the immune system by replenishing oxygen deficit and restoring cellular metabolism. When cellular health is repaired the body can heal itself.

In the case of Fibromyalgia, pain relief can happen after the first bath, and in some cases, it is eliminated after three or four sessions. We have feedback of fibromyalgia sufferers that have been able to control the disease by taking regular oxygenating baths, while others wait for the first signs of symptoms reappearing. In some cases, all it took was soaking once or twice a month, and sometimes even longer. There are several moving parts leading to a successful protocol. The more the inflammatory process is a causative component of the illness, the more transdermal oxygenation can help.

Amazing Soak is not an analgesic. Pain is eliminated when the cause of the pain is inflammation. The oxygenating solution helps with relieving symptoms of conditions caused by inflammation. Physical conditions can be helped with regional treatment, like wet compress and wet wrapping; health conditions will need whole body soak for effective systemic delivery.

Amazing Soak can Relieve Intense Pain

Author: Emma Flanagan