Amino Acid Reviews

From: Dr. Ben Eversage, to the inventor of Doc’s Aminos.

I recently ran into your information on the web. I talked to you on the phone in 1994 or 1995 when you were selling your practice. I was just out of school and couldn’t put 2 nickels together but I admired your work and what you have built. I am 51, studied AK (100 hours); studied CRA; have a SpectraVision EDS; use acupuncture and believe it or not I was ready to give up chiropractic. I knew that I wasn’t getting it done. I didn’t have a clue what the causative basis of my patient’s illnesses were. I knew I was dancing around the issue and couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

“When the student is ready the teacher appears”. Thank you. I have ordered some of your product and it has changed the health of my wife and myself dramatically. Because I am healing and getting my energy and old vigor back I have the juice to give my patients. I am getting my patients on the amino acids. I am going to order your video tapes soon. And I would like to know when you are having seminars and if the information you cover is different than on the tapes. I want to master TVM. I respect your 50 plus years synthesizing all this cutting edge knowledge and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I just want to do what the master does. I’m eager to learn so let the download begin!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep the faith. You are being heard and your voice is not falling on deaf ears; rocks are melting. May God continue to inspire you with the Truth of Healing so you may spread the Light!

With love and deepest respect,
Dr. Ben Eversage, Fairfield, Iowa

From: Dr. Ben Eversage to the inventor of Doc’s Aminos.

You have my permission to put my email up on the web site and with my name on it. I want to stand up with the man that is changing the face of healthcare. I think this is Nobel Prize winning stuff. The message needs to get out. I can’t believe we haven’t seen this before now. It is so obvious. Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound.

I really enjoy your expressions; I swear I hear myself talking. When I went through school, I would often turn to my best friend at the time and say, “This is nothing but a vocational school. They approach their education as if they were preparing to become diesel mechanics. No one here wants to be a doctor and go to cause. They want the diploma and license so they can go open up a ‘stop and pop’.”

Your solution and analysis is at the heart of America’s sickness: two out of three people overweight, one half of those are obese, diabetes, insulin-resistance, chemical toxicity, metal toxicity, chronic fatigue, neurosis, psychosis, bacteria /yeast /mold /fungus /virus /parasite /cancer complex, etc. – affluent malnutrition and resultant protein deficiency is at the heart of it. Genius! And that is only the front end of it. Because the body is the temple of the spirit when people’s bodies are so off center and imbalanced then the mind, emotions, spirit, values, morals, and level of consciousness is altered! Lack of amino acids not only causes deteriorated anatomical structures and impaired physiology and pathology in the human body but projects into the deterioration and decay of society as well.

I’m placing my second order for the aminos and the first video tape tomorrow! I can’t wait to get started.

May the angels be with you and may God make your voice 1000 times more powerful. Rocks are melting!

Warmest regards,
Ben Eversage

Inventor’s Patient Notes

Case # 1. Mrs. E.P. Initial Exam 11/30/98

This 65 year old patient came with a diagnosis of FM and a possible peripheral neuropathy of the nervous system. This was a surprisingly good diagnosis considering the diagnostic tools available to these previous practitioners. They demonstrated the reliability of a careful neurological exam although they didn’t come up with the foggiest idea of what was going on. This patient had in the last ten years seen forty, FORTY, doctors! A history of very severe attack of scarlet fever – Pain and aching everywhere. Allergy testing previously targeted eggs, mushrooms, kale, kidney beans. She herself recognizes no allergies. Her main treatment was Ibuprofen. She attended the local FM support group.

Findings: TMJ, Sulfur deficient, protein (amino acids) deficient, Positive BEV Tests (The entire spine was in a state of degeneration), osteoporosis positive, Multiple vitamin deficiencies, had depression, salt deficiency, possible infection in teeth or jaws, all glands malfunctioning, fatty acids deficiency, positive Epstein Barr Virus, positive Herpes Simplex Virus all joints and spine, Mercury poisoning (8 level), Strep infection all joints and spine. Treatment This was nutritional as any physical work is extremely painful to these people and for that matter any protein deficient person.

12/21/98 most of the spinal disks had healed except in her neck (this was corrected as the healing nutrients were not able to enter this disk) Mercury had moved favorably to 10 level. She developed “cold sores” in the last battle with the Herpes Virus and it was no longer present in her body! Neither was the Epstein Barr Virus! This patient was still depressed – added additional B vitamin.

1/7/99 No more depression. No spinal disks. Silver amalgam 15 level! (over 50% mercury removed) This patient reported the last time seen that “she felt like dancing” and she has not detoxified all the way as yet. ( We moved to a new area) All of this was accomplished in five weeks after 12 years of misery. This was all done with Doc’s Aminos, 6/day, professional grade multivitamin mineral formula, and Essential Fatty Acids also professional grade, with additional B support.

Case # 2. Mrs. A. S. 53 years old 4/9/99

Pains for the last several years – primary recent diagnosis possible recurrence of Lyme’s Disease. Legs swell when walking, never feels well, no energy and depressed. When doctors make up their mind as to whether or not Lyme’s is the culprit would have been placed in hospital for three weeks antibiotic treatment IV. Examination revealed: BEV Tests positive all spinal areas, active Lyme’s disease, positive Epstein Barr virus , yeast/fungus infection bowels, vagina, head. Amino acid and suffer deficient, multiple vitamin-mineral deficiencies, mercury poisoning (level 6), fatty acids deficient, depressed. The Doc’s Aminos, Flax/Borage, Multivitamin-mineral and other items were sent to her today – a month’s supply. We will assess her progress in two weeks. It has been our observation that when a person with yeast fungus infection already is present and massive antibiotics are administered they do not always leave the hospital by the front door.

Case # 3. Mrs. L.M. 38 years old – 12/4/98

Her diagnosis of osteoporosis from surgical menopause was largely correct. This diagnosis did not explain however that she had classic symptoms of the newest disease in town, FM. By this time you will know some of what to expect. You will not be disappointed. Failed 14 BEV Tests (whole spine going down the tubes) does not sleep well – sometimes a few hours a night. Reviewed bone density study – not good – glands swollen and very painful, taking Congaplex , Calma Plus, homeopathic lymph drainage formula, had massive ear infections. Osteoporosis neck, lower spine , left hip and femur, positive Epstein Barr Virus, mercury poisoning (8 level) Cytomegalo Virus, sinus lung infections (pneumonia) Strep infection ears, sinuses, spine, most joints.

Infected teeth, depressed, lymph blockage, amino acids and sulfur deficient, fatty acids deficient yeast infection bowels, vagina, tonsils, both ears. Salt deficient (thank the medical profession ) This girl (mother) had more species living inside her than the inhabitants of New York City! Furthermore she had a provocative attitude and had learned to use her symptoms to control her husband. When things didn’t go her way and she’d cry. She did that when we assured her that we were in charge – not her! She was placed on Doc’s Aminos 6/day, MV-minerals, fatty acids and more special things because of her multiple and overwhelming infections and infestations. It took her two weeks to get up to full dosages, which is sometimes the way it has to be.

12/30/98 Now able to take full amounts of nutrients. Erupted with cold sores all around the mouth and lips. Her body was now fighting for the first time – lymph glands more swollen, hot flashes much worse, silver amalgam moved to 10 level. Cytomegalovirus also. Spinal disks healing except for mid spine. Upper jaw still infected. Continue.

1/11/99 Great five days, glands reduced in size and tenderness, sleeping well and she had a better attitude, did physical correction of dorsal disk and solved that problem. This patient is continuing on the program and is doing well.

Case # 4. Mrs. M. S. 9/12/99

This 47 year old woman came to me by way of the web. She used a public library. She has had fibromyalgia for fifteen years. She reported that a year or so ago her hair analysis had mercury going off the chart! I explained to her that was good and confirmed the diagnosis but that the problem was with the mercury that the body could not eliminate (Her level was a very large D6). Her virus was the Epstein-Barr. She read and re-read the information that was provided and felt that on a gut level that it was indeed correct. The chiropractor consulted was seeing her daily which at once was reduced to “as necessary” since the treatments were making her even more inflamed but relieved her respiratory problem for a short time (sometimes only hours) as she had a severe dorsal disk lesion which was effecting her diaphragm.

9/15/99 Nutritional support was begun with 6 Doc’s Aminos, 3 BioMultiVitamins, 3 Flax/borage, 3000 mg. crystalline Cw/3 T1-T2 OPT or Ness 11’s. Every known nutritional need was met.

9/22/99 Only two chiropractic visits were given and her energy had greatly increased. Her sleep patterns were becoming better and she felt rested afterwards which is a reversal of one of the many symptoms.

10/3/99 Only one chiropractic adjustment and she had begun an exercise program walking four miles daily. Her mercury levels were down to D30 proving that she was RAPIDLY eliminating from her system. The EBV was gone. (It may reappear in some 30% of the cases but it is expected and prepared for). We increased her Doc’s Aminos to 8X/day as she habitually did not eat much protein food. Added protein to her diet in the form of two to four eggs per week which she had thought were bad for her as well as more fish and cheeses. This case is responding more rapidly than the average that has had the condition for this many years. The treatment is ongoing as of this writing.

Dear Dr:

I am writing this letter to thank you for helping me get my life back. I have suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for over ten years. I had given up hope of ever having a normal life or ever being healthy again. I knew I would never be a ” whole individual” again.

Last year during an unusually painful episode where I had already been totally disabled for over a month, I was fortunate enough to meet you. You tested me and told me I was full of all kinds of infections and diseases and then told me not to worry. You put me on your MEVY diet, gave me Doc’s Aminos and your FM starter package and told me that I would feel better in a few days. I must admit my husband and I were very skeptical but the price of these items was nothing compared to the mountains of money we had already spent to try to stop my pain and give me some kind of life. Two days later I woke up and said, Hmmm, I think I will put some clothes on. (My pain was so severe before that I could not wear clothes) Then I went for a ride in the car. Then I decided to tidy up my house, and four days later I cleaned my home from top to bottom. I have been going “like Gangbusters” ever since.

I have been on Doc’s Aminos and the nutrition for about six months now. This summer has been wonderful. My husband and I are doing primitive camping in the mountains. I have been white water rafting twice. I drove across the country by myself to see my family. The freedom I have experienced this summer has been a prayer answered. I am keeping myself busy this winter by caring for my four-year-old grandson. I know it is difficult to believe in anyone or anything when we suffer from this horrendous connective tissue disorder (lupus). Many times in my life I wanted to call it quits. Thank God I didn’t. I hope this letter will help encourage anyone who suffers from this disease (fibromyalgia) to try Doc’s Aminos treatment. If you are like me, it will give you your life back.

Sincerely, Patricia L. Drab

I ordered through your website the 120 cap size of Doc’s Aminos, (on sale), the 250 cap size of flax/borage (on sale), the 180 tablet size of bio-B 100 and the 90 tablet size of bio-multi plus vitamins. I am almost out of everything and do not want to relapse! Also, I wanted to let you know that my Cholesterol has dropped from 240 to 197 and my HDL and LDL are within normal limits now! I have lost another 10 pounds and I still feel like an eleven on a scale of 1 to 10! I have even considered starting a jogging program in the spring and I have not done that in over 6 years! Thank you so much for inventing the Doc’s Aminos and putting together the Fibro Package. I share your website and the nutrient information with everyone I know! Again, thanks. Caroll Keeney

Amino Acids Minimized Effects of Car Accident!

I was recently involved in a motor vehicle accident that totaled my car. I had been on the fibromyalgia cure intensive program for ten days. Except for a sprain involving one of the tendons in my hand, I was able to function and return to work only missing one day and I only needed to take the pain medicine and muscle relaxer the first two nights afterward. My hand, at almost three weeks, is almost 80% full use. That is impressive since it typically takes tendons even longer to heal than it takes bones! I believe that the damage done was repaired in such an efficient way because of this nutrition program. My thanks to you, Doc’s Nutrients & Goods for your tenacity in this endeavor and for making it available to the people who really need some help, some of whom have been unfortunately tossed aside in the world of traditional medicine. Blessings to all of you who are involved in healing the world. Keep up The Good Work. Teresa Borremans RN, Tahlequah, OK 74464

Correct Diagnosis, Supplements Improve Eye Condition Dramatically!

Last fall, when my husband (aged 83) went for his regular eye checkup, his ophthalmologist discovered what he thought might be the beginning of macular degeneration. Not a good prospect for a man who is also extremely hearing impaired! We next visited an ophthalmic surgeon for a second opinion. He told us that it was not macular degeneration (whew!), but that a vein in the back of the eye was leaking fluid into the eye, interfering with vision. He suggested laser treatment to seal the leaks. This was done, and we were told to return in two months, as he preferred to do too little laser, rather than too much, at one time. When we returned in two months, he said that the vein was still leaking and that more laser would be required. He also suggested that, although he personally did not really believe in taking supplements, he had heard of a special preparation that might help the condition.

I told him that I would like to check with our nutritional counselor before adding a new supplement, and that I would get back to him about it. Meanwhile, we had a new laser appointment in two weeks. On returning home I called the inventor and told him about the problem. We were in luck in that there had just been a cancellation and we were able to get an appointment immediately. During that appointment my husband was diagnosed with triple infections of both eyes, which were coxsackie and herpes zoster viruses and a staph bacteria. These were also found to have caused some liver damage, arthritis and the neuropathy in the feet. He also had considerable levels of aluminum and lead in the eyes and elsewhere. He recommended that he increase his Doc’s Aminos to 6/day and start Essential Fatty acids 4/day, take additional vitamin C/3000 mg., and added Beta Plus, as well supplementing salt. We started on the new supplement regime, and I remember thinking, “Gee, it’s too bad we are returning to the eye surgeon so soon.

There isn’t time in 10 days for any changes to show up!- Boy, was I wrong! We entered the surgeon’s office 10 days later, and after preliminary testing were ushered into his office. With him was another, younger doctor to whom he introduced us, saying that he was there to watch the laser procedure. He then looked into my husband’s eye for a minute, then backed away with a startled statement on his face. He said, “I have never seen such improvement in such a short period of time!” He then went on to say that there was no longer any need for the laser treatment, and that we should return only for a check up in three months. I should add that we were all so stunned by this that he didn’t ask me if we had done anything special, and I didn’t tell him. But I will! The end of the story is that my husband’s vision is back to normal. And, as a little side benefit, when he went to his foot doctor, (he has neuropathy, which causes callusing and lesions on his feet) he was told that his feet had never looked better. So much so that his doctor called her partner in to show him the improvement in the skin condition. Those Doc’s Aminos are the greatest!

Sincerely, Virginia S. Bucklin, Narragansett, RI

Dear Dr.:
After months of complete relief, my wife’s fibromyalgia and ALL of her other symptoms (sleeping disorder, depression, back & front pains, lack of appetite, etc. etc) are gone & she now needs only one (1) Doc’s Aminos a day plus ALL the other vitamins & minerals required by you in the program.

We can’t thank you enough for this fantastic remedy of Amino acids, MSM & Molybdenum in Doc’s Aminos, which is a great complete formula, that only took 3 days for Rosie to start improving after a whole year of suffering (both of us), from this terrible disease; In seeing 23 MD’s, 2 ER’s & 1 Hospitalization, we were so frustrated & stunned at the lack of knowledge, diagnosis (only 3 mentioned a relationship between Myofascia Pain Syndrome & Fibromyalgia) and dedication to find a solution versus just eliminating the pains (Oxicontin, Vicodin, etc), the sleeping disorder (Ambien) and depression (Paxil), costing the Insurance Co. & us, thousands upon thousands of dollars (Oxicontin was over $130 in co-payments).

We have told many friends & co-workers (Solar, Fattore, etc.) who have ordered & taken Doc’s Aminos with very positive results (some Fibromyalgia, others back pain in disk degeneration, etc.) We’ll be ordering 2 more bottles of the Doc’s Aminos by next week. Hoping the very best to you and wife in these holiday season, Rosie & I, thank you very much for all your courtesies in responding to our e-mails, but most of all, being a human being & a Doctor, capable of honoring the work of Hippocrates (Ca.460-377 BC), in healing the cause, NOT the problem of a disease.

God bless you always,
Richard & Rosie O’Ryan, 2741 S. , Quebec Street, Denver, CO. 80231-4143

I have wanted to write you for a long time… to describe exactly how you have helped me with your formula for amino acids (Doc’s Aminos) and other advice. Letters like this can sound so forced and trite. This will simply be a personal letter which you can edit and use in any way which would be helpful to others. I know you are truly good people, tremendously knowledgeable and intuitive, and have been blessed with creating an amino acids formula which has helped me to a level of health which I have not experienced before in all the years I have been clinically depressed. I’m 54, a wife, mother and lawyer with all I could wish for. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed w/ a classic depression illness. I have consistently taken medication through the years and tried numerous times to stop the medication, Each time the result was a plummeting in my depression, a physical leadedness, a sadness & hopelessness, something akin to trudging through two feet of treacle (molasses).

I have been blessed to have known and been treated by Gunilla Norris for the past 19 years. Years ago Gunilla suggested that I call you. The reason is that even with medication and the improved health and well being it brings to me (and to the family!) I still have had a persistent low grade depression which nothing has been able to touch. I finally called you. If it were not for the implicit trust I have in Gunilla’s advice, I would not have called. I’ve heard of medical intuitives and have a strong sense that alternative medicine by Naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, etc. has been more helpful to me in maintaining health and preventing illness, than traditional medicine by MDs who simply diagnose after the fact. But intuitive medicine- Thank you God for helping me to suspend disbelief and contact you!

For 22 months I have felt the best I have in my life! I don’t feel that continuous low grade depression which was a physical lethargy and leadening of the body, and a sinking feeling of sadness (though certainly much better than before antidepressants). You recommended the aminos 24 months ago and I took them continuously until late winter, 2000. Then I went to my psychiatrist here in Greenwich and told him I feel very depressed. He questioned me closely and then said that I had to call you again. I had been out of aminos for 2 months. He said in psychiatry one looks for change. Nothing in my life had changed EXCEPT I wasn’t taking aminos. Since I began again I have felt great again!

You are a true and gifted medical altruist. You don’t charge for your appointments with us. There is certainly little profit financially with the products you’ve developed. Your dear wife told me you would sell the business if there was a company that would operate it without hiking the prices. (How about the Woman’s Medical Cooperative out West?) Quantum mechanics. How difficult it is to understand. You were shocked to find your diagnoses were accurate long distance with your wife as surrogate. This will all become clear and generally accepted in the future. You of course are pioneers and I am, through the grace of God, part of the cutting edge of medicine through you. Please use this, with my name, city and town, in any way which might help others. I am so grateful and send love and blessings to you both.
Susanna Nielsen, Greenwich, Connecticut

Dear Dr:
Thanks to you, I am feeling better. Pain reduced only once last week, and in depression improved. I am ready to order the 2nd & 3rd month supply now, my question is, do I get 2 months supply this time? Thank you for taking time to talk to me, you don’t know how much it means to me. God bless you and your Mrs! ~May

Dear Dr:
I am a 71-year-old woman who for most of my adult life (50yrs.) has suffered from fibromyalgia. Having gone to more doctors than I can remember, & being diagnosed with everything from rheumatism, to osteoarthritis, lumbago, migraine headaches and recently, just stress. I guess, because the doctors just didn’t have any more names for my illnesses. In 1997 I was fortunate to run into a rheumatologist who diagnosed my symptoms as fibromyalgia. Well finally I had a name for my disease, but still no help. His prescription was to take antidepressants. After walking around like a zombie for a few months and not being able to think clearly, I quit taking them. I think to, because I was scared, my strength was leaving me also. I had a terrible pain in my leg, which an MRI told a neurologist he may have to operate.

I wasn’t buying that story either. I finally found a caring chiropractor, Dr. Dan. Such a caring person he is. He worked with me for months and got me to walk again, with a whole lot less pain. One day he saw your ad for a seminar, for fibro & other diseases. He attended the seminar and came back with a world of hope for me. I immediately bought the Doc’s Aminos, took it religiously, and in five days my all over body pain was all but gone. I also take the bioavailable vitamins that go with the fibro kit you recommend. I’ve had terrible digestive problems all my life. I had given up many foods for years; so many I knew triggered migraine headaches for me. After only 5 weeks on the fibro kit I find I can have an occasional cup of coffee – a hot dog – a piece of chocolate, and I don’t get migraines anymore.

I sleep better at least 5 hours straight, opposed to the 3 hours I use to get. Very little horrible fatigue – more energy every day. My legs and ankles aren’t so swollen anymore, and no more leg cramps. I have had so many bladder infections, and many antibiotics, which I now know, did me more harm than good. I was always looking for something that might help me. Thanks to you Doc’s Nutrients & Goods my search is now over. I will forever be grateful to your wonderful product Doc’s Aminos. I only wish my mother had been able to experience your wonderful products. She sure could have benefited from your Osteoporosis Kit. She suffered many, many years. When I would ask her “how you doing today ma” she would always answer “tomorrow will be better”. Her tomorrows never got better, but I know mine will be. Thank you again, Dr.
E. Newman, Mesa, Arizona

Dear Dr:
For the last 12 years I have been going to doctors to no avail. Every time I told a doctor my symptoms (which were many), he concluded after running blood tests that all that was wrong with me was stress. Go home and rest was the best advice they could give me. In September of 1998 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and given an antidepressant prescription and sent home saying there was nothing they could do for me, I would be fine was the answer. After taking the pills for about six months with no real help I discontinued taking them and set out to fine an alternative way of dealing with my Fibromyalgia. With the help of my brother he was able to pull a lot of information off the Internet from people in similar circumstances. My mother is also a sufferer of FM so we were very happy to get any information that we could.

In the mean time my chronic fatigue was getting worse. There were days when I didn’t even know how I made it though work. I am only a 49yr old woman who was really beginning to wonder how long I would be able to work or function like a normal person. I was slowly getting sicker and not realizing how bad. In December 1999 I had a car accident and my mother encouraged me to go see her chiropractor, Dr. Dan Judge. Through his treatment and concern for my Fibromyalgia he also started reading articles on FM and came article you had written on how you could cure FM. He went to a conference that you held and was totally amazed by what he saw. Dr. Judge ordered me a FM kit to take right away and started testing me. He was unable to do a full test because he was waiting to get his test kit so I called and you tested me.

After testing me, I found out that I was sicker than I could imagine. Having hepatitis C, herpes zoster, aluminum, and arsenic in my system was slowing killing me. I started taking Doc’s Aminos and the other vitamins March 17, 2000. Today, May 3rd I was retested and found that I no longer have hepatitis C, aluminum and arsenic in my system. The only one left is herpes zosters and that one has much improved. My over all health has improved and much of my pain from the FM is greatly improved also. I can never thank you enough for every thing that you have done for me and having such a wonder product as Doc’s Aminos. Please feel free to use any information you have on me to help someone else. You may also use my name and tell anyone to call me if they like. If I can help someone else the way you helped me I gladly do it. Thank you again Dr.

Sincerely, Pam Odgers, 480-699-4513480-699-4513

Dear Dr:
I have just ordered mo. 2-3 of your program for Fibromyalgia. I just wanted to say thank you for all the relief I am feeling. I got your name from Dr. Frank Stark after he read your article, “Den of Demons”. I have had this problem for around 10 years and nothing has given me any reason to even hope before. I am feeling so much better that my family doesn’t even recognize me. Thank you so much for all your help.
Carolyn Cook, 6612 SW Arborglade Lane, Topeka, KS 66619-1345

I don’t know if you remember me but I started taking your product, the back pain package, about a year ago and am still doing great since. Its been a miracle for me really. I have been healthy long enough that I fell comfortable recommending your product to others. Frankly, I am interested in convincing and selling your product to others in my area. I am looking for a job that is rewarding, not just one to make money, which I am in now. I get such a great feeling explaining to people how the product works and how they can benefit from it, now I would like to find a way to make financial gain at it while helping people at the same time. To be honest anyone can combine similar products to achieve results that will greatly improve their disk problems.

I believe though that your products are superior and I also believe in giving credit where credit is due. As far as I know you have come up with the combination and you deserve to benefit, so I don’t want to just come up with a similar product from a health food store to recommend. In short if at all possible I would like to distribute your product in my area.. Again my degree is in physiology and have a in-depth knowledge of the human body. Coupled with that I have great selling capabilities and like my mama once said to me, “you could sell ice to the eskimos”, which is a great thing if your selling the right thing! Please write back if you are interested, hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely, Jason Marzullo

Severe Back Pain!

In April of this year, one day I woke up with such severe back pain, I could hardly get up from the bed, chair, or even stand up. Even after taking Advil (extra strength) , it did not alleviate the stabbing pain. I went to my old chiropractor and after an hour a day each week of being worked on, I was still in pain. This continued for many weeks and needless to say, was very scary. After approximately only 2 weeks on the Doc’s Aminos, The pain started going away and has not returned since. Anyone that is afflicted with back pain should definitely take Doc’s Aminos!
Sincerely, C.D. New York, NY.

My name is Dominic Chiricosta from Montreal (Roxboro) Quebec Canada. I’ve spoken and bought your very good products for the last year and a half. I need to order- Doc’s Aminos. I apologize for not e-mailing you earlier I value your products the Doc’s Aminos has helped me heal my herniated disc problem. There was a time I had wondered if the pain in the back will ever go away. I did not want to take inflammatory pills for the back. I wanted something natural and good I know Taking your Amino acids and some physiotherapy has helped me lead a sporty lifestyle. Through luck I found you through the Internet under Herniated Disc -search. I read your information then e-mailed you after your e-mail response. We talked on the phone I liked the way you presented yourself. I felt your products can help me after our discussion.

Now Doc’s Aminos has made my mothers life bearable again my poor mother has endured unbearable pain from her arthritis for many many years. I don’t want to sound exaggerating but it is true – she would get pains all over her body especially during damp temperatures. In Quebec Canada we get some real damp temperatures during the year. My mother at times would become totally immobile and with severe pain. Her wrists and legs would become inflamed due to the arthritis. She had tried every damn drug from her doctors.


I remember asking you if your Amino acids can also help people with arthritis problems and you said yes. Then I mentioned to you about my mothers case. You advised me what to order for her and I did. NO BULL – What your product – Doc’s Aminos has done to my mother is short to a miracle. It has been a consistent year+ since my mother starting taking your pills. She is like a new woman her pains have subsided. This is my mother I know what she has been through over the years. Her pains would come without warning or mercy. It is no coincidence that after taking your amino acids my mother looks and feels like anew woman.

Her arthritis pains has become bearable to non existent. Now when I call my mother there is very much less talk about how much pain she feels and how much I felt sorry for my mother because there was nothing I can do to relieve her pains. Your products has really helped my mother. Yes she still gets pains at times during damp temperatures but nothing compared to how she felt before taking your pills. Even my father in law who has arthritis in his knees has started taking the amino acids Vitamin A + C . My father in law is 77 and he has a virus in his knees. He has been taking your pills for the last month and half its too early to give a accurate judgment but he tells me that he is starting to feel better in his knees.

Thanks again Dr. Keep in touch – again please mail me one month supply of amino acids to my mothers home address not mine. My e-mail address [email protected] my company web is

Yours truly Dominic Chiricosta

My name is Xen Traylor white male 45 years average height/weight good health. I have suffered from back pain since ’80. Trouble at L-5 S-1; leading to a lamenectomy in May ’88. I had no trouble for several years in the last 3 to 4 years I have had to have treatment for pain in my upper back. I seemed to be receiving good treatment. In my last occurrence which started in Dec. ’00 I became unable to sleep for any length of time due to the pain and seemed to received no relief from treatment. It became so bad that I walked in to see a MD and was sent to the ER where I was treated for a heart attack. I explained to all involved that I had been in this kind of pain before and was not having a heart attack but that I needed something to relieve the pain and allow me to sleep.

So that my body would have a chance to heal itself. I ended up signing out against medical advice. At this time my temperature was 101 heartbeat 130 with severe pain. I was referred to Dr. Jerry Wolf by family and his treatment of my problem in the last 3 weeks has relieved me of my back pain and allowed me to continue my normal routine. I can not say enough how much his listening and his treatment have helped. His treatment and the supplements recommended have restored my health. I am now able to think that there is hope that I will be able to continue on with his help into the far future.

Thank you Dr. Wolf
Xen Traylor Vandalia Illinois

Dear Dr. Jantz:

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with the new supplement Doc’s Aminos. Since I have been taking it for approximately two months my adjustments have been holding better and longer. I no longer have any pain in the lower back area. I have resumed weight lifting and jogging with no adverse effects. Thank you for keeping up on all the latest ways to improve my quality of life.

Sincerely T.J. R. Ph. P.D.

I have been having severe low back right hip and lower abdomen pain for years. It has been a very chronic condition and chiropractic adjustment helped a little but after taking Doc’s Aminos for one month I noticed a huge difference. I am finally pain free thanks to this wonderful supplement. Thank you Rochelle Everhart

Unrelenting Spinal Pains AFTER Surgeries!

By Dr. Michael E. Whitman U.S. 40 East Brazil Indiana 47834 812-448-8404812-448-8404

Female age 52 history of being disabled and not being able to drive or shop etc. This patient had two spinal surgeries in the lower spine and was eventually told that there was nothing further that could be done for her. Examination revealed that she had degenerating disks in the tree areas of her spine as determined by the BEV Tests pos. BEVL ( lumbar) pos. BEVT ( thoracic) and a large bulging disk at C6-7 on the right. The patient had severe neck pain radiating all of the way down her right arm. She also had tachycardia ( racing heart) hypertension gastrointestinal complaints and many emotional issues ( depression). Using the proper indicated nutrition Doc’s Aminos vitamins-mineral fatty acids and homeopathics chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy this heretofore impossible case was completely relieved of all of her ailments slowly and progressively in the course of a few months treatment.

Hi Dr. Here is my case history.
A few months ago I had some nagging low back pain. I started taking the amino acids for that. It took about 6 weeks for the pain to go away. But the really amazing story is that I had had a real bad tooth infection for over a year. Sometimes the pain was excruciating. The tooth is broken to the gum. I had been controlling the pain with magnets but the infection was still there and I could feel the nerve pain going all the way from my upper gum into my right cheek and almost to my right eye. Wee after a couple of weeks on the amino acids I noticed a small lump in my gum. I checked and it was like a pimple with pus. I squeezed it to drain the pus. I kept getting the small lump for weeks and I kept popping it. After about 2 months there is no more infection no more pain whatsoever. To me that was even more dramatic than getting rid of my low back pain.

Carlos Colon M.S. Rehab Specialist Longwood FL.

Dear Dr:
Thank you so much for the quick reply. I would also like to thank you for the best birthday present ever. My friends and family kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday (today) and I kept saying I just want to be well… I would like to be free of pain… I would like my life back!!! That was all I wanted… And you gave that gift to me!!!! I am depression and anxiety free!!!! I have clarity where there was only fog… Headache/migraine free!!! My neck and shoulders hips elbows arms… legs… pain free!!! My energy has improved so much… I am beginning to live again… and I am getting 6-7 hours of sleep a night!!!

Thank you!!! ~Wendy
I just came back from a nice evening walk with my 15 year old daughter… something I haven’t been able to do for years and years!!!

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