Amino Acids: Foundation for Body Repairs

The American Chiropractor November/December 1998

Amino acids are the single most important nutrient in health.

Accurate knowledge of amino acids preserves health and heals degeneration and disease. Besides, it frees the practitioner from insurance companies. It is now known that chiropractic is nutrition first and foremost. This is not a theory but is based on the outcomes during our outstanding success in practice for the last twenty years, which enabled me to have one of the largest cash practices in New England before retirement. It is time to share this knowledge with you.

Chiropractic and medicine have been only partially successful in healing disease and preserving health because of the present ignorance of the metabolism of protein (amino acids), a macronutrient. The assumption has been and still is that if a person ingests thirty or more grams of dietary protein, it will be completely digested and utilized. This has been proven to be totally erroneous. The total protein blood test is virtually useless because the body will maintain the protein level at all costs, even at the cost of its structures. It is likened to trucks that stay on the super highway and never deliver the goods to the stores in the towns (cells). When this level can no longer be maintained, the patient will not be here much longer.

Amino acids are compounds of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and three which contain sulfur: Amino Acids contain an ammonia group NH2; and a carboxyl group COOH, sometimes described as an amine radical and a carboxyl radical, plus an organic side chain unique to each individual Amino Acid. “All living organisms, from protozoa to plants and animals, have in common the fact that they synthesize protein by using the same common 20 Amino Acids (including the essentials and the derived) even though, more that 100 Amino Acids occur in nature”.

Amino Acids are classified as essential and nonessential. As more information and knowledge become available, the original eight essentials are enlarged by some sources to nine, or ten, or even eleven. Nonessential Amino Acids are synthesized in the body by transamination. DNA directs the placement of Amino Acids in a specific sequence to form a protein molecule. Special bonds link these Amino Acids into long chains to form peptides (a few Amino Acids), polypeptides, and proteins.

These proteins formed function is framework (structural) and functional proteins or combinations of both. Examples of framework proteins are the collagen in bones, muscles, fibrocartilages, connective tissues, etc. Functional proteins are found in hormones such as insulin, melatonin, thirty four of the neurotransmitters in the brain, and glutathione. Glutathione, the body’s powerful antioxidant that protects against arterial damage, toxins and heavy metals, is essential for Phase II detoxification of carcinogenic substances. Without this powerful substance, these poisonous elements cannot be excreted and become deposited in the body tissues. Hemoglobin, which carries oxygen, is made out of 287 Amino Acids arranged into four chains. All of the above information is available in textbooks. Let us move on to that which is a virtual secret.

The Tools Of Discovery

My practice has spanned forty six years and is ongoing. Although retiring from a full practice in December 1995, I consult with doctors internationally and treat patients “hands on” when they cannot find relief. Thankfully, the education at Lincoln Chiropractic College planted the seeds of holism in its students. If Lincoln had continued as an entity, it is reasonable to assume that the diagnostic kinesiologies (Applied Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis, Clinical Kinesiology, and Sacro Occipital Technique) would have been included in the curriculum today. Lack of investigation of these tools is the stumbling block that has caused failure to breach the physical chemical barriers that prevent minute by minute assessment of the body.

The other method that allows for assessment of the body’s systems is electroacupuncture, particularly Electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV). It was my good fortune to study with Rheinholdt Voll, MD; the knowledge gained paved the way for our protein discoveries. It was also useful in cross correlations that proved out our theorems (kinesiological vs. EAV).

The study of Applied Kinesiology began in 1975 and forever changed our lives. We began as unbelievers as most at present. It was one of the most difficult, most exciting, and most stimulating times of our lives. Eventually, after years of doing over 2000 kinesiological tests a day, the answers to the questions that bedevil all of us became clear and were finally answered. We progressed from changing procedures everyday, every week, to an unchanging practice system which has stood the test of time and which we consider the beginning of a universal theory for the treatment of health and disease.

All of these procedures enabled us to tune in on the patient’s nutrition, acupuncture circuits or meridians, nervous system, condition of their spinal disks and, of course, muscle function and balance. We had to give it a name to set it apart from the techniques that abound in our profession, and since it begins at the beginning which is nutrition, and ends at our common goal which is a “straight patient”, we called it The Vickery Method of Chiropractic and Osteopathy”2.

It begins with the initial examination where the state of the degenerative process is assessed, the nutritional deficiencies are unveiled, and serious organ conditions are found. The patient’s progress is monitored in just a few visits; the entire list of problems is cleared along with the symptoms. While not widely known in professional circles, we consult with people across this country and internationally. The end result is a wellness practice that any doctor would hope for. Using these procedures freed us from the anxieties that come from uncertainty about what is producing the “subluxation listings” and freed us from any dependency on insurance patients so that we had one of the largest cash practices in New England.

The Discoveries

Using kinesiological means vs. EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll) vs. standard laboratory tests, and by deductive reasoning, we discovered:

1. Most patients are active or passive hypoglycemics and this is directly protein related.

2. Nine out of ten persons were protein deficient. This is verified by the Vickery-Voll Test, the Gland Scan test, the HOG Test, (Hypoglycemia) Six hour glucose tolerance tests, the CRA Pancreas pt 6, the acupuncture pulse pt. Spleen/Pancreas, and the stress receptors, neurolymphatic reflexes of Applied Kinesiology for Pancreas 5, as well as the readings of the Dermatron and other Voll electroacupuncture, instruments.7

3. The primary and most important lesions in the spine are diskal, whether intradiskal or advanced to the point of discovery by ordinary means (CT Scan, MRI, Thermography, Myelograms, Ultrasound).

Some acupuncture points were omitted. They are all neurologically active by connections of the recurrent meningeal nerves. They are mostly multiple. 3,4
4. The amino acids used in treatment must be essential, in free form, in adequate amounts, and in their proper proportions to one another.
5. The diskal lesions respond to amino acid therapy within 12 hours.
6. The diskal lesions cause muscle weaknesses and hypertonicity with alterations in posture and limb imbalance. They also are the main cause of trigger points or myofacial fibrositis.
7. The diagnosis of protein deficiency made diskal lesions predictable.
8. The first signal of protein deficiency is the presence of a Category 1 Distortion z as described in the annals of Applied Kinesiology and SOT (Sacro Occipital Therapy). This is best described as a functional scoliosis involving the body from the cranium to the feet.
9. There are 15 reasons for Category 1 Distortions and the fast and most important is protein deficiency.
10. The Category 1 Distortion and its absence are an ideal criterion of health illustrating the absence of diskal lesions and of any major nutritional deficiency Therefore, it is an ideal basis as a monitor for a wellness practice.

Lack of this fundamental knowledge is the basic reason that chiropractors give endless adjustments without any hope of keeping a “Straight Patient”. There are many more discoveries, but we are limiting this discussion to amino acids.

Diagnosing The Protein Deficiency

The Vickery-Voll Test: This test is simple and easy to use. The classic acupuncture points Sp.1, Sp.3, and Sp.4 are described by Voll as the protein, carbohydrate, and fat digestive functions of the pancreas (in its simplest interpretation.) I renamed them for ease of use and instruction as Vickery-Voll 1, 2, and 3. 7

An inexact tensor fascia lata test is done for strength. Then the patient is tested for “switching” or neurological disorganization. (Note Most beginners fail to obtain accurate information because of this mechanism.) We found in our classes that in failure to obtain accurate results, lack of knowledge about neurological disorganization was the first cause. The second cause was the doctor’s own physical condition. We now spend a good deal of time on this in class as most new patients are switched. This means that the information may either appear on the opposite side or not at all. In this case, the answer should then be searched on the other foot if not found where it belongs, which is the right foot. A good source of reference on this subject is the applied kinesiology series by Walther.’ 8

The tensor fascia is usually tested by raising the right leg approximately 30 degrees and against the patient’s resistance the doctor presses inward and downward while placing the first and second fingers of his left hand on the points to lx tested (acupuncture points can be tested by the doctor touching whereas many reflexes must be touched by the patient.) This can be done with the doctor standing alongside of the patient facing slightly footward. The alternative is that the doctor stands at the foot of the table, uses his left hand to test with, and touches the points with his right hand. Usually, all three points will test positive but even if only one tests positive, the patient can be considered protein deficient and can be tested with amino acids which will be found to make the patient absolutely strong.

The Predictable Results

Using the BEV (Brice E. Vickery) Tests (5) (faster than EAV), we have seen disks start healing in 12 hours. Often, with simple diskal (intradiskal) lesions, they are all negative by the first week. Without tools like these, the profession will never be able to appreciate the wonders that amino acids perform because they have no good tests to measure with! The orthopedic tests that were positive become negative when the diskal lesions are healing. Our profession has been overlong like carpenters trying to assemble furniture without glue – collagen glycosaminoglycans, etc.

It is simply and absolutely enjoyable to practice with the knowledge that everything that is being done for the patient is absolutely to the point; and the patients know early on that you are doing something for them that no other doctor has even contemplated. The first outward signs of change in the patients are their color. They turn from gray, bluish white or wan, to pink. You are giving them oxygen through increased hemoglobin and glutathione. Also, the body’s best antioxidant (made from cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine it is thought to carry oxygen also). Patients that were grouches and had pain, smile. The reason for their mood is that besides the pain, many people are depressed or negative because they are low in 34 of the 36 neurotransmitters that are made from amino acids! Many of the amino acids themselves are pain relievers. I never had to use pain relievers in practice.

The Place of Amino Acids in Practice

The place of amino acids in my practice was first. In my opinion, they are more important than your adjusting table. When compared to any other single nutrient they are still first. The first problem, lack of protein utilization, which we have shown you how to identify, is caused by the body being depleted of enzymes. Enzymes are made from protein. Without proteins the body is in a state of slow, chronic degeneration. Protein is digested by enzymes into amino acids from which enzymes are made. This is a chain that, according to Dr. Edward Howell, man broke by destroying the enzymes, processing and cooking the food. He postulates that we have only so many enzymes in our body, we need the enzymes that are contained in unprocessed food to augment those in our body.

Our solution is to supply a seed amount of the necessary amino acids the pancreas and small intestine immediately begin to make the digestive enzyme necessary to digest the intake of dietary protein. With the protein test that we have described in this article, you will be able to determine that this is indeed true. With this accomplished, the body replenishes the tissues and makes some 80,000 enzyme systems work. The result is natural normal health. The therapeutic world has turned to glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. The best that they can do is to supply some of the sulfur that is found to be low even in many persons using amino acids. It is not understood that the problem is lack of digestive, ability and utilization of the amino acids to the tissues. They are therefore burned as sugar. Both of these compounds do not have the ability to solve the digestive problem.

Chiropractic has golden opportunities in the 21st century:

Back pain: By using this new knowledge of the cause (and prevention) chiropractic could at last become the undisputed leader in back pain treatment. This includes diskal lesions of all descriptions, tendonitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel, and myofacial fibrosis.

Osteoporosis: Chiropractors, who normally avoid patients in this condition have the unexcelled opportunity to treat these cases with the best of therapeutic options. Since every patient that is protein deficient is calcium deficient (in the tissues), the nutritional options of Amino Acids plus fatty acids can reverse this condition and grow new bone. To paraphrase Dr. Turek, the protein goes in the bone and so do the calcium and phosphorus. We have bone density studies that proved we regrew bone in ninety-year-olds. (No adjustments for the first six months!).

Rheumatoid Arthritis: This condition which has become an auto immune problem still has to be attacked where it began. Bacterial infection of the joints. It requires patience, but good results are obtained.

Allergies: Most allergies clear up with Amino Acids and antioxidants primarily, but again all the nutritional bases have to be covered. The universal reactor type of patient may take up to two years of treatment.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: This medically incurable problem is always associated with the Epstein Barn Virus and routinely clears in the course of treatment. I Some 30% may have are occurrence. On the initial re occurrence, step 2 is taken by adding the homeopathic BEV remedy. Likewise, in other viruses like herpes, the appropriate remedy is used. In very rare instances we use a step 3 and have step 4, I which I will not discuss here. These treatments have never failed.

Osteoarthritis: This condition was relieved or cleared so often in the course of I the treatment of other problems that it was ‘ not considered too important.

Coronary Condition: Neither qualified nor equipped to be primary coronary physician, treatment of other conditions caused marked improvements inpatients with coronary problems. Consider that taurine derived amino acids have been suggested by many physicians.

Chronic Infections: Some 40% to 60% of new patients are found to have chronic infections. Some dating back to their last surgery. Unless threatening or causing pain, no additional treatment besides the amino acids, the multivitamin-mineral, and fatty acids, were added unless the infection did not begin to clear in a week or two. Generally, no corrections were given for the first week of nutritional treatment. Millions of atlas adjustments have been given for undetected (both by the patients and their doctors) sinus infections.

Health Maintenance: When your patient has experienced the improvements by testing (which he/she is part of), and they receive the fastest results that they could hope for. They do not have to be “sold” merely enlisted.


The knowledge of the necessity for amino acids in treatment and prevention has existed for over 15 years. There has been either an inertia or a resistance in the chiropractic profession all of this time. It is interesting that doctors of medicine are more open in receiving this information. This is true also of pharmacists who upon researching our information are now stocking their shelves with Amino Acids alongside other natural nutritional products. I would urge the doctors who do not have skills in kinesiology or electro-acupuncture, to just try Amino Acids on their patients and observe their results. Remember that according to Klein & Sobel, the chiropractor that uses no modalities achieved only a 6% success rate in serious back pain while his colleague using nutrition achieved a rate double that of 13%.

Brice E. Vickery, D.C. graduated from Lincoln Chiropractic College in 1951 and took post graduate work at Lincoln College and Spears Chiropractic Hospital. He has appeared on radio and television and has authored The Pocket TS. Line Manual as well as numerous magazine articles. He also served two terms on the Board of Directors far the Connecticut Chiropractic Association. He is a Certified Applied Kinesiologist and has accreditation in Electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV). He is listed in the 1999 Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare. After practicing for 43 years in Connecticut at the CT Holistic Chiropractic Offices, he is now a nutritional consultant and teaches his methods in seminars.


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Author: The American Chiropractor