ANCHI Crystals Research

Several researchers have looked into the properties of ANCHI Crystals. Dr. Al Faltser of the University of New Orleans, Professor Rustum Roy of Pennsylvania State University, and physicist Dr. Claude Swanson, have made contributions to the body of information about ANCHI Crystals.

Their findings are in agreement with what ANCHI users have been describing for years and they attempt to provide scientific explanations for some of the users’ experiences. We believe that the important aspect include biological flows, connections, and harmonic factors; how these affect our health; and how the ANCHI Field can be a source of energetic support.

In the current scientific method knowledge is isolated from the holistic view.  Scientists may need to consider the effect of the consciousness of the observer or their interaction with this Field. The material world interacts with this Field.

We know the Sun and Moon and other celestial bodies affect us here on Earth. There is not a cell, atom, or electron in our body that is exempt. We are made of the atoms of elements born of the stars. Without the previous explosions of the stars, we could not be here. Everything in our Universe is affected by everything else.

The principle of fractals explains that the world we experience is a reflection of a larger fractal. All parts of us are connected and affected by the largest fractal.

This ANCHI Field resonates with the Cosmos.  The Field can interact with our intent. This is a very big challenge, because it will interact with ALL our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The ANCHI Field affects everything – humans, animals, plants, foods, water. The interaction between the total biological life cycles involving minerals, weather conditions, soil and other requirements contain many hidden and still unknown factors. The experimentation with ANCHI Crystals may give us insights in how to create an optimum growing cycle.

Biophotonics have helped us to shift our focus from looking just at the chemical compositions to understand how light and subtle energy may play a significant role in food quality.

The energy emissions of ANCHI Crystals could be used to improve the energy field of other biological systems. Their positive effect on biological systems are being studied. We think of minerals as static, stable, but the subtle energy studies showed us something different. After exposure to sunlight ANCHI Crystals return energy emissions into the environment. If you place ANCHI Crystals on acupuncture points, you can experience positive effects from this bio-photon interactions.

We can demonstrate that ANCHI Crystals can affect the way seeds will sprout.  We now think that ANCHI Crystals and their Field have the ability to communicate, hold preexisting information, and pass it onto its surroundings. We believe this Field is natural, beneficial, and in alignment with higher consciousness.

The more we understand the laws of the ANCHI Field, the more we will understand how to harmonically solve our environmental problems. When we are connected to the Universal Field in harmony our quality of life improves.

The range of applications for the ANCHI Field is virtually endless.  We can use it for medicine, healing, cleaning soil, energizing water, and much more.

ANCHI Crystals can be very helpful in that they give people and animals a greater connection with the higher order. When loss of connection occurs there is often a sense of loneliness. People can have a feeling that they stand by themselves and the people around them have the same feeling that they are standing by themselves. With ANCHI Crystals you get a better feeling that you are connected to everything, that you are a part of everything.

ANCHI Crystals can help people find their path in a positive way. Working with them purifies your mind, thereby also your body and your energy field. You start living differently. You start recognizing more what’s good for you and what’s not good for you. It helps you to find your path, your blueprint of what you are going to do and what you have to do. If everyone lived according to their blueprint, most destructive tendencies would decrease. This is one of the ways eve ANCHI Crystals can benefit our world.

Your body has many functional aspects, an electrical, magnetic and . The light will affect the chemical interactions. The chemical transaction are physical, a more dense form of energy. Because the body is constantly recreating itself, the energy fields will have an effect on the outcomes. The body will rebuild itself depending on the quality of food, water, meridian flows, and emotional activity. No part is separated from the rest. We interact with our surroundings and our emotions will affect the people around us.

ANCHI Crystals can pass its frequencies through water. Most water that we get through the pipes is dead water. The ANCHI Field restructures and restores water. When we use the crystals the plants change, out thoughts  change, and we change. This is one of the fastest ways to go balance to reach a healthy state, a more happy state, and a more connected state of being.

The plants we grown in our fields now are not as powerful as they used to be. Our herbs are less potent. The soil is depleted, and the water is not right. They are energetically and chemically deficient. We found that combining the ANCHI Field with herbs makes them more potent. The positive action of herbs becomes a lot stronger, not only on an energetic level but on a physical level.

The ANCHI Field clears you up so your body is more capable of healing itself. One of our biggest problems now is that we are surrounded by negative frequencies. They come from our technologies that are harming the natural fields. To think that we only need food, air and water to be alive is not enough. Life Force comes as what China calls Chi and India calls prana. Early Europe called it vril.  This Life Force for can be delivered through water and plants.

ANCHI Crystals are interacting with the unified field. There is more than enough energy there. They can work over and over again. Never throw away an ANCHI Crystals.

ANCHI Crystals came into my life. I don’t know everything about them at this time but I know they changed my life. My way of thinking is also changing. What I know that changed is that I was looking all of my life to work with this cosmic energy because I’m convinced it’s the most powerful energy there is.

We have to stop trying to be more intelligent than nature because we’re not. Mother Nature is a far better teacher than years of university training. The truth is in nature. At some point mankind decided not to listen to nature anymore and wanted to be better than nature. Well, we’re not and we will never be. ANCHI Crystals bring your mind back, energy flow back and they also bring the natural order back.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff