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Are French Fries Vegetables?

Apparently yes! I learned that tonight on the American Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver (he’s lucky to have Ryan Seacrest as his producer).

Yes it is so, USDA guide that forces the people who prepare school lunches to adhere to very finely balanced and calculated guidelines (based on wrong premises) has them listed under veggies.

I found the show I watched two hours of it tonight oddly fascinating. I knew that things were not all that good out there, but I had no idea they were this bad. The thing that shook me most was the segment where Jamie Oliver asked a classroom full of six year old kids to name some vegetables. Not one of the kids recognized a potato, never mind something as exotic as a broccoli. Yet, they readily recognized pizza and french fries. This tells me that the kids do not see food preparation in their homes, and that is frightening to me. Why?

The gigantic divide between the raw foodies that are our typical customers, and the mainstream America that is microwaving frozen pizza boxes bought at a supermarket on sale for $0.50 each. Here we are feeling proud about offering high grade superfood blends that cost mere $2.00 per serving. What a disconnect!

I think many people have gotten the idea that saving on food is a smart thing. But when you buy cheap food, are you not cheating yourself in the most cruel way? Would you buy half-price weak and deficient lubricant for your car and brag about the great deal you got? Would you not expect it to wreck your engine?

I hear this during some of the coaching phone calls I do: your [chlorella] is more expensive than the one I can get at [my discount store]. My response is: Have you tasted the difference? Anyway, I hope you are getting the message: if you cheat yourself by purchasing inferior quality food, you will get inferior results, which means illness, and early death from the degenerative conditions that are undeniably on the rise.

I noticed that food these days is much cheaper than it used to be. Especially prepared food is cheaper than it ever was. The problem with it is that it is worth exactly what you are asked to pay for it: not much! Fields have become exhausted and the food grown upon them has only 30% of the mineral content it had 80 years ago.

I really felt sorry for the family they interviewed on the show: they ate such a large amount of fried processed food no raw food in their entire weeks supply. No wonder they were all oversize, with visible skin problems and life expectancy cut by decades.

Anyway am I preaching to the choir? I would so love to have our Exsula Superfoods promoted on the program. We would have the sick, tired, overweight, malnourished people in great shape in less than a month.

Author: Martin Pytela