What Are You Getting For Your Money?

Do you know if you are getting real value in the health products you buy? Or are you getting seduced by fancy advertising to buy the next flavor-of-the-month silver bullet? Have you seen the chart that shows the cost of ingredients used to make popular prescription drugs? If not, take a look at this report. I knew all along that the pharmaceutical companies were making their billions because of the mark-ups. Does it not give you a reason to stop and think? How else could they possibly afford all the TV advertising? Recently I received an offer in the mail that had me really shake my head. Let me explain why? The proposal was that I can become wealthy selling health products following the exact process successful online marketers use. They call the process How To Make Millions Making Your Own Health And Wellness Products. The following is a quote from the newsletter:

One of my products costs me $4.90 to make, $1.00 for the fulfillment company to package it and get it ready to ship, and $1.50 to ship it to the customer. Add that up it costs me $7.40 per product for EVERYTHING that’s it!! I ask the customer to cover a small fee of $6.95 for the shipping and handling when they order the product this nearly covers my costs for the entire product, shipping and fulfillment! ALMOST EVERYTHING!!
I get to keep about $50.00 for the product!!! Its perfectly legal, totally moral, and you’re adding an incredible value to the lives of your customers. Why? Because these products are ALL made of the highest quality and by the top labs and manufactures in the WORLD. We NEVER skimp on product We don’t have to.

It’s no different than the companies and products you see every day in health food stores around the world. Amazing, I know. I was blown away when I found out how cheap it was to get into this business and how MASSIVE the margins can be. End of quote. So that’s the type of supplements you have been buying in the health food store, and from the well written online promotion. Paying $50 for a $5 product. May I tempt you to try something different? How about some products loaded with high grade effective ingredients that nourish you?

Recently I received a call from a man who excitedly asked: Are you the same Exsula I used to get from Life Enthusiast Co-op in 1992? Do you still make the same formula? I have been looking for something like it ever since I lost track of you 12 years ago. I have tried everything. And let me tell you, there is nothing like it out there! To which I replied: Yes!, Yes! and I know. And he was very pleased to order his 3 bottles to start for himself and his now grown children. I don’t think anybody should go without some Exsula for more than a day, he said.

Let me contrast that with another quote from the successful marketer’s letter:

One of my products is a weight loss product. My customers typically stay on my product for 4-5 months. (see the profit here!) Once they quit using my product they will move to another this is completely normal. It’s actually how I make a lot of money. You see, once they cancel with me, I send them a link to one of my competitor’s sites, and I make money as an affiliate. Think about it: what is the reason for the turn-over? Why do his customers quit after 5 months? Because the stuff works like a charm? Probably not. There is a lot of long-term value in a well designed and well made Superfood.

Whether you are just switching to a healthy lifestyle or want a formula for top athletic performance, you will be rewarded for taking the long view: do your homework, and find a brand with some integrity behind it. Nutrition is the best tool to address the three most common causes of death in America heart failure, cancer, and diabetes. I can’t (according to regulations) diagnose or treat these conditions, but I can tell you that the ingredients in our Superfood Blends have been shown to prevent and reverse these conditions. I see it demonstrated in real life all the time. People I coach tell me they enjoy a better quality of life as compared to what they had before.

Author: Life Enthusiast