Arthritic Joints

There are literally hundreds of problems that could be included under Specific System Breakdowns. However, the purpose of this book is not to document them all – even if this was possible. My message is to highlight the indisputable fact that, basically they are ALL caused (genetic Inheritance aside) by our toxic environment and toxic and nutrient depleted food and water chain; and that we can do something about it – simply.

Please think about this: If the substances that nourish, support, build and repair us are heavily contaminated, how can we not also be contaminated? I have previously stated that millions of us are walking time bombs, waiting to explode. Thousands of men, women and worst of all, children, are exploding every single minute, every hour, day, month and year. Please don’t be one of them. Take action now.

Arthritis comes in many forms. Osteo, rheumatoid, juvenile rheumatoid, gout, etc. These conditions cause immense pain and suffering. In the USA, around 50 million people suffer from some form of it. This represents approximately 21% of the population! Arthritis is basically an inflammation of the joints. They swell and become extremely painful, stiff and immobile. Needless to say this is an awfully debilitating condition. As always, with any form of this disease, many factors are involved. Again, nutritional depletion on all levels is at the forefront. These include, mineral deficiencies, essential fatty acid deficiencies, a lack of stomach acid, food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, improper immune response, prescribed drugs, chlamydia, and even silicone implants, etc. Robert Bingham, M.D. reported in the journal of the Academy of Rheumatoid Diseases that of 250,000 arthritis sufferers treated with supplements, 80 to 90 per cent were corrected!

In my view, digestive function and essential fatty acid intake is of the utmost importance when treating arthritic conditions, in the long term. Fatty acids are required for the body to be able to make the lubricating material that ‘oils’ our joints, to build up and deposit bone and carry the fat soluble vitamins and minerals. Essential fatty acid (a blend of flax and hemp oil) intake should be in the region of twenty – thirty grams daily, together with the other nutrient requirements that are outlined in The 24 Seven Health Plan.

As of summer 2004 the supplement Glucosamine is enjoying massive sales in many countries of the world. This substance is classified as an amino sugar. The scientific explanation is that it combines a molecule of glutamic acid and a molecule of glucose. It is a natural body constituent that is found in very high concentrations in cartilage, tendon and ligament tissue, and it has been described as the glue that holds cartilage tissue together. Although some Glucosamine is supplied in the diet, it falls well short of daily needs, therefore the body has to manufacture the bulk of its requirements.

In one clinical trial, Glucosamine was pitched against Ibuprofen, Glucosamine took a little longer to work, but produced much better results thereafter. The beneficial results increased with prolonged use. Another double blind placebo-controlled study on patients with osteoarthritis showed that Glucosamine produced significant improvements in the symptoms of pain, joint tenderness and swelling compared to placebo. Many other studies have confirmed these findings. Please see the services section of this book for suppliers of this highly recommended supplement.

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease, which is rising at an alarming rate and is strongly linked to PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease).

Note: A tick carried by deer and mice cause Lyme disease. It can cause symptoms not unlike those of arthritis.