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Author Farrell Brenner

These pages are dedicated to the true being that dwells with everyone. With all respect to that Christ, Buddha, higher power by whatever name you call it.

As I hope will be clear from the rest of these pages, one does not have to be a Saint or Holy person to avail themselves of our indwelling reality, the Higher Power.

Anyone can, through various means reconnect to It and experience what I call simply, ordinary enlightenment.

Some call it the Source, the One, the Creator, or God. Others with a different orientation refer to an Implicate Order, Morphogenic Field or just The Field. Whatever It is, it is the birthright of every one of us and can be experienced as part of our lives to varying degrees through higher consciousness.

When science and religion or spirituality view the same thing, ultimately there is no conflict. So thought Einstein and so do we. The study of Levels of Consciousness is an area where the two are coming together.

We honor the cultural revolutionary, David Hawkins, who, in his seminal book, Power vs. Force, introduced the concept and methodology of Levels of Consciousness in a manner consistent with the Western mindset. The Levels describe qualities of consciousness. They open a vista before us that includes a broad spectrum of human states that become increasingly profound and extraordinary. The scale Hawkins developed of Levels of Consciousness gives us a handle on the ineffable, a means to talk about and observe reliably, what has hitherto been the realm of mystics.

“Thou hast rubies in thy bundle, Oh Rabia,
But how to untie the knot….” Rabia Basra

I have tried in these pages to introduce the method that came to my hand for untying “the knot”. Insofar as I have been able, the conversation is that of the behavioral sciences, a merger of science and faith, of method and mysticism. I call the method M-3 for Higher Consciousness.

Farrell Brenner

“In 2005 I had a revelatory experience that guided me to devote myself entirely to working with people to raise their LOC (Level of Consciousness). The higher the LOC the better everything human seems to be. The more open a human being is to the Higher Power, the higher the LOC. The revelatory experience referred to above, was a culmination after years of research, meditation and learning from the Higher Power how to effectively communicate with the various human mental components in order to align with the Will of the Higher Power.”

Those of you with any knowledge of the Twelve Steps made famous from Alcoholics Anonymous will recognize that alignment of personal will with the Will of the Higher Power is the means it uses to attain sobriety. Twelve Step programs have helped many thousands and continue to do so. They employ a series of exercises and special group dynamics to get the result. I heartily advocate that those with substance abuse problems avail themselves of this excellent resource.

“The approach I personally use with my clients (which is not for addiction or other medical concerns) is called M-3 and uses an entirely different methodology that you can read about elsewhere on this site. It is not meant to treat any medical or mental condition. I cannot say that it might not help a person to maximize their resources in dealing with those problems and I cannot say that it will. The goal instead is to raise the LOC. The purpose of M-3 is to not only align with the Will but to allow one’s self to be remade by it. The measurable result is an increase in LOC. Put another way, the result is that the recipient is more open to the Will and perfection of a higher truth. Unlike the twelve steps, much of M-3 happens outside of consciousness. The conscious parts of the session to allow the participant to co-create along with the Will. It is not a set program, I access that Will and report what it is in that moment, for that person. You get to choose whether to align with it or not. You also get to see how various (unconscious) aspects of the mind respond to that Will. It can be very surprising.”

Unlike counseling, your story is not relevant in this process. M-3 operates all on an essence level. If you need to talk about your life with someone, then counseling is definitely indicated, (and I would not be the one to do that). If you are out of control and need medication please do get it (elsewhere). If you are a danger to yourself or others, please get the help you need right now from a trained and licensed professional. Those medical and counseling methods are all valid for some of the people some of the time and have saved many lives. On the other hand, for those not described in the preceding, M-3 is for the people who believe or suspect that they can go directly to the Source and get help. You can. With M-3 or without it. This is one means. M-3 is a communication and communion process that allows you a direct window into how you are blocking that help from within and sets the stage for having the limiting factors changed right here and now. The Higher Power is the actual doer! I witness this transformation in people getting the M-3 sessions day in and day out. It is quite wonderful. I am both uplifted and humbled by it.

“Until recently, I was a professional in the field of behavioral sciences (since 1969). While working as a psychology professor, I co-founded and directed a free youth drug abuse facility, in 1974. The city of Abilene got the spirit and donated a building and MHMR funded it. It is called Our House and was still operating the last time I checked a couple of years ago.

“In 1970 I went to study in the foothills of the Himalayas. I went to study meditation with a great teacher there. Through a series of synchronicities, I had the privilege of becoming a direct student of Randolph Stone, the father of Polarity Therapy. This put me on a path to studying and researching the subtle anatomy of man and energy healing. I undertook a prolonged study and research into oriental healing modalities, studying with Mary Burmeister, 1977, the Jen Shen Jyutsu master of Japanese energy healing. Ayurveda, meridian energies, Taoist alchemy and advanced yogic practice became my pastimes.

“Over the many years, until 2005, I integrated Western thinking and methods with Eastern body-mind technologies. During that time I also studied more in the Western tradition of new therapies such as Behavioral Kinesiology, Thought Field Therapy, NLP (through the advanced level) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). But more and more I found myself drawn in another direction away from all these external approaches. The means I was drawn to works from the core outward. It is not just that I was not interested in what is wrong with people. I realized that I am not even interested in what is right about them. I am interested in what is Divine about people and assist them to reconnect with it.

“Before I got to the point described above I held at times a variety of research and college-level teaching positions, certifications or license. This is all in the past for me now. My whole focus now is on teaching, training and supporting people for energy development, consciousness cultivation and to attain higher Levels of Consciousness.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff