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Eliminate toxins wherever and whenever you can: from your air, your water, your food, dishes and pots, clothing, furniture, cars, offices. The longer you spend in toxic environments, the more you add to your burden, and the more you will pass onto your children. Help your body get rid of the toxins it has already absorbed. It is quite capable of detoxifying itself from the poisons you absorb from the food you eat as long as you lighten its load. Avoid exposure to heavy metals.

Mercury in vaccines, or in dental fillings is deadly. Did you watch the Robert Kennedy video? If you live down wind from coal burning power plants, consider relocating. They put a lot of mercury in the air. Cadmium from cigarette smoke is quite something, too. If you are going to vaccinate, delay the schedule, and spread it out. Avoid the multiple convenient monster shots that will overload your child’s immune system past its breaking point. Watch this:

We offer several tools that deal with heavy metal toxicity quickly and effectively. One is based on a simple mineral that acts as the universal attractor of all things electro-positive activated Zeolite. It is practically miraculous in its ability to absorb toxins.

When I started taking it, I could not believe the colors and smells that were coming out of me in my urine. Zeolite binds toxins in such a way that they can be eliminated naturally. No intravenous chelation required.

A highly effective way to restore balance to the broken immune system is to make up the deficit of amino acids by supplying the missing free form amino acids and their required co-factors so that the nervous and immune systems can start functioning normally again. Doc’s Aminos originally worked on fibromyalgia patients, but later it was found that the same program was effective on all toxic load patients, including autistic kids.

The amino acids are non-toxic. They are not drugs and can be ingested in any quantity. We have had some kids take 20 capsules per day, and improve dramatically. That is a bottle a week (so about $200 per month), but compared to medical intervention or years of specialized therapy it is a real bargain.

Your cellular terrain will sustain viruses only if it is acidic enough for them to survive. So how does it become acidic? The list is almost comical the description of our modern lifestyle: stress, lack of sleep, candy, sodas, fried food, refined food (sugar, flour, salt, fat), cooked proteins (roasted and fried meat, and surprisingly also baked grains). Oh, and one more: lack of exercise. What does that leave you to live on? Salads, smoothies, stir fries. Plenty of variety, really.

We write about these lifestyle choices in our Health Education pages. When you are pH balanced and your immune system is strong, you will not catch anything, because it will not stick to you.

There are two ways you can help your immune system cope: supplement with Superfoods, especially XtraPure Lecithin to activate your viral defenses.

Dissolves away the cholesterol shield that cloaks viruses from your immune system, allowing recognition, targeting and destruction of the invader. Lecithin is essential for cell membrane fluidization that allows the cell membrane to stay flexible and youthful helping each cell resist viral invaders. The more flexible the membrane, the tougher it is for viruses to invade the cell.

An ion transporter integral for immune system communication and intercellular communication in all organs, lecithin helps coordinate cellular teamwork within your organs. It wont help you just knowing this. You need to be using a bottle of XtraPure Lecithin every two months. That way you will be ready to strip the sheeps clothing off of the backs of the little viral wolves.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff