Bacterial Warfare vs pH Balance

I believe we are on the brink of the most devastating war our planet has ever experienced. Millions of people will die if we do not change the way we live our lives. The enemies have no conscience. They are invisible, invincible and believe it or not, we created them.

The worst part of this is that those we trusted have misinformed us, leaving the majority of the population defenseless against our worst nightmare – Killer Mutant Viruses & Bacteria. This is no time to be a crowd follower or a crowd pleaser. This booklet is a wake up call. The fight is already going on around you and maybe even in you.

It is called Bacterial Warfare.
– Darrell Wolfe, Health Practitioner

The Return Of The Killer Bugs

The man who follows the crowd will only get as far as the crowd. What do we mean by this? All we have to do is turn on the TV or radio or open the newspaper to hear about the mutant killer viruses and bacteria that are resistant to any type of drug therapy. What about the flesh eating bacteria and the avian virus in Hong Kong where over a million chickens had to be killed due to the threat of spreading it to the human population?

What about the comeback of diseases that have supposedly been cured? ‘USA Today’ ran a story entitled “Ancient Ills Return with a Vengeance”. Eleven diseases believed to be gone are back, including Ebola, Hanta virus, and even the Black Plague.

There is a pneumonia that even the young are now being afflicted with. The twenty-four hour flu is now the two week or one month flu. The killer bugs are becoming stronger as our immune systems are growing weaker. If we continue on our present path we will always be prone to these diseases.

Let’s tell it like it is. Super Bugs are winning the war. Drug resistant bacteria are breeding everywhere. They are infecting our hospitals at an alarming rate, preying on the weak and vulnerable due to nutritional mismanagement and overuse of antibiotics. Infected patients are put into isolation due to bacteria that antibiotics cannot treat effectively.

This bacteria is Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, commonly known as MRSA, and is mainly caught in hospitals. Six hundred cases were reported in Canada in 1994. Ten thousand cases were reported in 1997.

These hospital-bred infections are an epidemic, which have lethal side effects. What we have seen is only the tip of the iceberg.

Antibacterial cleansers and antibiotics have turned our hospitals into a treacherous war zone due to these Killer Bugs and their ability to mutate and adapt like the cockroach.

Is your inner terrain ready for these invaders?

Where are the so-called miracle cures? Many well-known researchers and doctors believe that antibiotics have created these monsters. Foolishly, we have over-used our so-called magic bullets, arrogantly underestimating the ability of bacteria to mutate and adapt.

The parasites, viruses and bacteria are all coming back with a vengeance, armed with the knowledge of what killed them before. This time they are not going to be affected by the same thing. I ask you, “Did we ever kill them?”

We are at the end of the antibiotic miracle age. It is payback time. We are at the end of the age where we think we can beat the bacterial evolution.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be found in all North American major intensive care units. This is a no-win situation for the doctor, the patient, and the health care system. If you have a chronic condition, these killer bugs may play the decisive role in whether or not you recover.

Yet another resistant strain of bacteria on the playing field, Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus, has not yet been treatable with any antibiotics.

Doctors are saying that chances are, you would not be susceptible unless you have a serious underlying disease or have been on antibiotics. If you are in good health and not in a hospital on antibiotics, then you are at low risk.

Doctors are saying that if your strength returns it is believed our bodies can fight off VRE. What does this say about the importance of our inner terrain – the importance of an alkaline pH?

These super bugs (that are striking younger & younger people) were made public in the summer of 1997. For the first time, the staph infection MRSA was found in a Toronto day care centre. There is no doubt that having children on antibiotics is a huge problem. When it comes to antibiotics vs. bacteria we know who the winner is here.

The protective measures of washing hands, isolating the patients, and screening new emissions are the only real weapons that medicine has against the antibiotic-resistant super bug. This is like driving a car without a seat belt.

VRE does not affect healthy people. So what do you think your next step should be?

In 1997, a new Super Bug was diagnosed in Japan with properties of MRSA and VRE. It is what doctors have feared most. You say, “But it is an ocean away”. Dr. Victor Yu, a leader in the field of infectious disease, states that the war is clearly being lost. There is no doubt in any biologist’s mind that it will be on our shores soon. The enemy is called Visa.

Over the years, I have read and studied a broad range of subjects relating to health. The more I research, the more I find overlap and repetition. The terminology may be different but, after you see through the camouflage and confusion, there is usually very little mystery left.

1919 YEAR 2003
1.8 Billion WORLD POPULATION 5.9 billion
Gauze Masks, Disinfectants PREVENTATIVE MEASURES Vaccines
Bed Rest, Aspirin TREATMENTS Some Antiviral Drugs
20+ Million ESTIMATED DEAD 50 Million

The Battle Cry

I believe the battle cry here is to reclaim our inner terrain. We have now entered critical mass when it comes to bacterial warfare. Our greatest weapon against this is an alkaline body. The pH balance of your inner terrain is your first and major line of defense for your immune system. The creation of an alkaline body is the single most important thing that you can do.

This must never be overlooked if health and vitality is your goal. Everyone has heard about the germ theory but I have to tell you that germs do not cause disease. Everybody believes that germs cause disease but this is only a half-truth that has been perpetuated into a whole truth.

These are the dying words of Louis Pasteur, who actually made vaccines what they are today. “The germ is nothing, the inner terrain is everything.” I will prove to you in the next few minutes that the theory of trying to destroy bad bacteria for better health is not only temporary but can dangerously threaten your health and life in the future.

What we are looking at is a whole generation of health practitioners who are trying to manipulate the immune system into health. Scientific research and logic shows us that creating a system that manages our inner terrain through pH balancing is the greatest weapon for the health of mankind.


The Inner Terrain we are talking about is our digestive tract, our lymph system, our blood and interstitial fluids. All of these things must be managed properly through pH balancing. How many people and practitioners do you know who believe that the immune system is the body’s first line of defense? Well it isn’t. It is just a glorified janitorial service. What we need to recognize is that your first and major line of defense is your pH balance. There is only one sickness, one disease, and one cause.

You have to ask yourself, “What is this? What is killing us?” It is acidosis. Acidosis is the main cause of all illness. When I say this, I mean ALL illness, because your inner terrain holds the secrets to whether you are going to lead a healthy vital life or whether you are going to live in sickness and disease.

It is scientifically proven that an acidic environment breeds fungus, mold, bacteria and viruses. Right now, you will find many health professionals and patients trying to attack the mold, the candida, the fungus, and the parasites. Understand that all of these things only come along for the parasite party. If you can get your pH in proper balance you can send these bugs packing and they will leave out of any orifice possible and never come back, because environment is everything.

Alkalize Your Body

Let’s talk about your refrigerator. Go home, unplug your refrigerator, and find out what happens. Now remember that before you unplugged that fridge there was no mold, no bad bacteria, and no bugs. By pulling the plug you change the environment. Watch what happens. Your food will start to break down through fermentation and then putrefaction. Things start growing and crawling around. Where did they come from? You know that they didn’t sneak in. The door was closed. They were always there. It is just that they have gone through metamorphosis and they have changed due to an environmental shift – in other words “a drop in pH”.

These parasitic invaders are made up of the same material on which your immune system is built. If your body’s environment is not in proper balance it will mutate and possibly kill you. If it does not kill you immediately it will keep you in a state of sickness that will pull your immune system down gradually and continually until it does kill you. If you do not believe this, pull your refrigerator plug and see what happens. Prove it to yourself.

Age Spots – Your Body Is Talking

Let us take another example – a banana. Take a banana away from its life source and you change its environment. The banana starts to get brown spots on it. What are these brown spots? They are actually mold. The internal environment is becoming acidic. The banana is going moldy. How many people do you know have brown spots on their face or the back of their hands, or on their entire body? We are talking about mold on the inside of the body causing external symptoms we call age spots.

When you talk about fungus, you are talking about athlete’s foot, vaginitis, thrush, eczema, psoriasis, ear infections, sinus infections, and even cancer. This is all about mold and you cannot have mold unless you have a drop in your pH. You have to be suffering from acidosis due to a lack of oxygen to your cells because your hydrogen pools are depleted and your water is not alkaline and clustered.

A Time To Clean House

Let’s take it a little further. I would like you to imagine something. Don’t clean your house for a year. What do you think happens if you don’t clean your house for a year and you live in that environment? You are going to create disease, in other words, a disease environment for bacterial warfare.

Take a look around. How many people do you know are suffering from allergies, asthma, arthritis, cancer, environmental illness, chronic fatigue, etc? If you have an acidic pH and putrefaction in your body, it is going to create various types of bugs: i.e. bacteria, parasites, fungus, mold, and all of these bugs are going to pull the immune system down.

Getting The Garbage Out

Let’s take a look at the garbage can. We have one garbage can that is full of garbage and another one that is clean. We are going to put a lid on both garbage cans. Now open up the full garbage can and reach on in. You are going to find worms, mold, bad bacteria, and decay. What is all of this? It is not fermentation. It is putrefaction. The terrain in the garbage can has gone into a state of acidosis.

Should we kill the bugs or change the environment? If we kill the bugs without changing the environment they will be back the next day. Open the second garbage can that was clean. It is still clean – no bugs, no mold, no disease. If you can have an environment that is in proper pH, or in other words is alkaline, you will not have these invaders.

We cannot go out and successfully attack mold, bacteria, and viruses with vaccinations and antibiotics because this does not kill them permanently. It makes them stronger and they learn to adapt just like a cockroach. These molds and bad bacteria were friendly at one time. However, we created the environment that became unfriendly and our unfriendly environment sent out invitations to join the parasite party that is going on inside you. What you have to do is change your inner terrain.

Take another look at the garbage can that is clean. It has no parasites, no bad bacteria, no mold, and no virus. They are unable able to exist in it. Now look at the garbage can that has these bug-like invaders in it and your first instinct is to use chemical sprays to kill those bugs and walk away. But guess what? Tomorrow morning, as soon as you get up, those bugs are going to be back. You did not change the environment and that is the whole issue – no environment change means no permanent change.

Life And Death Are In The Blood

We have to look at it this way. Do the mosquitoes create the swamp, or does the swamp create the mosquitoes? We need to look at things logically, from the global level to the cellular level. Everything revolves around the theory of an alkaline system. If you can understand that theory, then you know that germs are nothing and the environment inside your body is everything.

Life and death are in the blood. How are your inner streams? The most important thing is to “Reclaim Your Inner Terrain”. We talk about ecology, the air, the water and the land. There are no specific diseases, only specific disease conditions, and there is only one disease. That one disease is acidosis. When we think acid, we think of something that is corrosive and something that eats anything in its way. Think about ammonia or any other corrosive chemical. It can take the wax right off your floor. When you start building up acid in your body it will literally eat your body away.

Modern habits contribute to acidosis in the body – consumption of acidic food and drink, exercising improperly, drinking water that does not hydrate or cleanse thoroughly, inhalation of polluted air, mold, stressful situations. Proper periodic body cleansing is the key.

Cancer Is A Four-Letter Word

I say to you that cancer is a four-letter word and that word is acid. Cancer is a systemic disease that has localized and metastasized whether it is in the breast, prostate, uterus, ovaries, or any other part of the body.

A tumor is a storage shed for acid. How does breast cancer develop? Let us look at weight problems first. Take a look around the planet, especially in North America, and you will see weight problems in epidemic proportions. People are getting fatter. We work out. We count calories. We take protein shakes. We go on this and that diet system, etc. but we never ever lose the weight for long. It comes back and even more than before.

Now what is the forbidden secret? Do you know why it comes back? We never address the real problem and that problem is acidosis.

Acid Is The Killer

The human body is very smart. When you start becoming acidic, the human body says, “Acid is the killer and we cannot have it close to any vital organs. It will cause heart attacks, strokes, hardening of the arteries and almost any disease you want to talk about, from diabetes to psoriasis to allergies, to asthma, and cancer.

If we do have the acid too close, it will eat away at the organs. It will cause cells to mutate. It will reduce the oxygen. It will cause plaque in the arteries. It will deplete calcium and so on. What we have to do is get the acid as far away as possible from these vital organs.”

In order to protect the organs, the body creates fat cells to store the acid. Fat cells are cold because the acid in the cells eats up the oxygen and hydrogen. Without oxygen and hydrogen, cells lack energy and warmth. They are cold.

Don’t Count The Calories

What your body actually does is make fat. Whether you like it or not, fat and cellulite are saving your life. These fat cells and cellulite are packing up the acids and taking it (as far away as possible) from your vital organs. The more acidic somebody gets the wider they get, because the acid has to be moved away from the organs. So the more acidic you get, the heavier you are going to get.

The longer you stay acidic, the longer you keep these fat cells and the colder they become. What do I mean by cold? They are lacking the life force because they are not alkaline and because they lack oxygen. They are acidic and anything that is acidic is lacking in oxygen. That is why fat is cold. As soon as you can start to remove the acid from your body you will see that the fat cells will leave and not come back.

Try to starve your body into health if you want to, but the only thing that you are going to cause is a drawing of the acid closer to those vital organs and then you are going to end up in trouble.

We know that acid gets stored in fat cells. That is scientifically proven. When all is said and done, any really good health practitioner, or person who knows about health, is going to turn to this philosophy because this is the philosophy of truth and this is what is going to lead us out of sickness as a nation. I would like to finish the overweight issue with an article that I read recently in a newspaper.

Scratch Dieting Off Your List Of Resolutions

If your New Year’s resolution includes dieting, the top editors of the New England Journal of Medicine advise you to eat up.

“Until we have better data about the risks of being over-weight and the benefits and risks of trying to lose weight, we should remember that the cure for obesity may be worse than the condition,” Dr. Jerome Kasirer and Dr. Marcia Angell said in an editorial in the latest edition of ‘The Weekly’.

Breast Tissue – An Acid Magnet

Let’s get back to breast cancer. When we look at something like breast cancer, we see that acid is stored in the fat cells. The female breast is comprised mainly of fatty tissue. You may not realize this but that is where the acid goes. When the acid goes to the breasts it gets locked into the fat tissue. The one thing you will always see before a woman has breast cancer is calcium deposits in her breasts.

The other thing, which you may not realize, is that there has never been an association between calcium deposits in the body and high alkaline pH. It has always been calcium robbed from the body (not nutritional calcium) that has been found in the breast.

What does this tell you? We know that Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for proving that a lack of oxygen causes cancer. Further studies with Dr. Reich proved that it was actually low pH, or acidosis, due to depleted hydrogen pools, which causes lack of oxygen.

The Calcium Confusion

Many people worry about taking too much calcium supplementation with the belief that it may lead to calcium deposits. Let us set the record straight. All calcium deposits within the body have been found to be calcium that has been leached from the body and not from nutritional calcium, as we have been led to believe.

The true cause of calcium deposits is lack of hydrogen, alkaline minerals, and proper cleansing which causes the body to go into a crisis state pulling calcium from body tissues and bones due to acidosis. Body calcium makes a poor substitute for nutritional calcium, as it cannot be used effectively. So the calcium pulled from the body will deposit in the weaker joints, tissues, or organs of the body creating all kinds of complications.

Warning Signs

Calcium Deposits

The scientific data is in. All that we have to do is use logic. When calcium deposits are found in the breasts, this is your first warning sign that you must saturate your system with a high pH level to pull that acid out as soon as possible in order to prevent breast cancer. The calcium was pulled from the body and drawn to the breast to help put out the fire created by the acid. This can occur anywhere in the body.

Logically we should replace what the body is missing. What is missing is your hydrogen pools, alkaline minerals, and a high pH. When you are talking about cancer of the breast, prostate, ovaries, or liver, or cancer anywhere in the body, these are the areas suffering from severe acidosis.


One of the first signs of disease is feeling continually tired. It does not matter what disease you are talking about. You have got to get your pH turned around.

Your Body’s Safety Mechanism

As your pH level drops, your body becomes acidic until you reach the condition we call acidosis. When that happens, we start losing our calcium and hydrogen pools and it starts being pulled out of the blood, the bones, and the tissues. This is a safety mechanism. Your body is trying to put off the inevitable unless you take action. Your body picks up the ball where you have dropped it.

What happens now is that your oxygen level drops due to a lack of hydrogen, leaving you tired and fatigued, allowing fungus, mold, parasites, bad bacteria, and viral infections to flourish throughout the body.

When people say, “I have candida”, you must know that you cannot have candida unless you have bad bacteria, fungus and parasites. They all come along together. One does not come without the other. What we have to do is get in there and change our inner terrain. How do we do that?

We must clean the body to get it under control. After it is under control, we can construct new healthy cells. In order to get your body under control, you can supplement to assist the construction of new cells.

Do you have what you need to reclaim your inner terrain?

Lots Of Food, But Very Little In It

Understand that we have come into an era of malnutrition, whether we like it or not. I tell my clients, “Look, if you don’t want to take supplements, you haven’t got a chance.”

Even when it comes to organic fruits and vegetables, the minerals must be in the soil to be absorbed by the growing produce. Due to increasing levels of nutritional soil depletion, our food is increasingly lacking in nutrients. If you think you are going to get minerals from your food, you had better get yourself a transport truck to visit the supermarket and fill it up every week.

However, this still will not solve this health crisis. We have lots of food with very little in it. Until the ecology of our planet changes (which will not happen for many years because those who really care are not in control) the only thing that we can actually control is our own inner ecology.

We have to get this information out to everyone. We are at war. Are you ready to win? It is bacterial warfare against the pH balance. Are you prepared?

Does Stress Cause Disease? Let’s Talk Headaches and Stress

As far as headaches go, we live in a very stressful society. For instance, how many times do you tell your children or your wife or anyone to “hurry up, hurry up”? There are also so many things that we can not change – the wiring in our homes, the radios, the TVs, the microwaves, and all the other things of which we are not aware that creates electromagnetic pollution. We cannot change most of these things. There is air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, and the chemical pollution in our food. Our bodies are stressed to the max.

When we are stressed, we release hormones. What do hormones do? After you utilize those hormones for your fight or flight response, they ferment and create an acid pH in the body. You will always notice that in people who are prone to headaches, just prior to the headache they had a stressful situation causing them to go into a fight or flight response. Their adrenals are dumping out hormones that cause acidosis. It cuts down their oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system eating up their hydrogen. So here comes another headache due to a drop in pH.

As far as immune system disorders, so many things are out of control. Most people buy almost every food loaded with chemicals. Most people will not buy food unless it is loaded with chemicals. We really need good supplementation, and we really need to saturate our bodies with readily absorbable nutrients, but buyer beware!

All supplements are not created equal. Misrepresentation in the supplement industry can lead to you believe that what you are taking is working in your body. Improper processing can affect the actual amount of any nutrient or vitamin in a capsule. For example, in a 500 mg capsule, up to 90% of the nutrient may never reach your cells because it is not bioavailable (readily absorbable by the human body). The nutrient may not have the capability of entering your cells, but will simply travel through your digestive tract (undigested), through your colon, and into the toilet. You will be literally flushing your money down the toilet.

Whether a person comes in with cancer, psoriasis, asthma, or environmental illness, it is all about creating an alkaline environment. It is all about getting their body alkaline again.

Let me tell you about the study where a tumor was cut it in half. Half of the tumor was placed in an acid solution and it doubled its size within a few hours. Then the other half of the tumor was placed in an alkaline solution and it died within a few hours. This study speaks for itself. Do you want to maintain an acid or alkaline environment in your body?

Nature’s Way of Telling You

The quality of your bowel movements is nature’s way of telling you the level of health you are experiencing. Just as you need to monitor what goes in your mouth, stool investigation will give you valuable information regarding your highway to health, the digestive tract.

Your digestive tract is the assembly line for the food you eat. Your bowel movements can give you a clear picture daily as to whether the most important process of health is functioning properly.

Learning what to look for in your bowel movements can prevent future illness and suffering. We have been taught to feel embarrassed about talking or even thinking about our bowel movements. Do not let this get in the way of your vibrant health.

The large intestine is the sewer system of your body. Mismanagement will only cause the digestive tract to become a cesspool. How does the rest of the body become toxic? The answer is mismanagement of the large intestine. You reabsorb your own toxic waste.

There is a reason for the large intestine to be the first organ developed in the fetus. It is the most important and influential organ of the body. Without proper sanitation, life cannot exist.

The best signs that your sewer system is not functioning properly are: bad breath, smelly stool, and you require the use of deodorant.

What indicates a good bowel movement is, firstly, that the stool floats. Floating stools are both a blessing and a curse. They can float because they are so full of bubbles and gas that they are abnormal. On the other hand, they float because they have too much fat in them, or they can float because they are high in fiber, which is the kind we want.

We want stools that do not mark the toilet bowel. We want them to hang together and not be pebbles, non-putrefactive, have no undigested food particles, a large volume, a wiping clean, and a sense of complete evacuation. Wiping clean should only take a few pieces of toilet paper – not a roll. It is amazing how often people do NOT have this sense of complete evacuation. We want one or more bowel movements every day.

How To Tell If One as Good Stool:

  • Is it soft, firm?
  • Color – is it light brown, medium?
  • Is it free from foul smell and odors?
  • Does it float?
  • Do you have to strain?
  • Does elimination take place 15-20 minutes after a meal?
  • Is it 5 inches long?
  • Is it 1 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter?
  • Is it banana shaped?

Stool Investigation

  • Bright red blood means that the blood is from the anus. It could be from an internal hemorrhoid or from a fistula or other rectal problem.
  • Dark red blood has come from farther up in the digestive system – could mean ulcers, or colitis in the splenic flexure area.
  • Blackish-red blood indicates ulceration and bleeding around the hepatic flexure.
  • Blood totally black in color could be from the stomach.
  • High protein diets with mostly meat produce a dark colored stool. Spinach and other vegetables containing chlorophyll can stain stools green; dark colored food such as blackberries or cherries will stain the stool a darker color.
  • Yellow or orange stool indicates insufficient bile and is mixed with intestinal contents, or a sign of jaundice or liver disease. Carrot juice can also make stools turn orange color.
  • A reddish wine colored stool can be caused from eating beets.
  • Iron medication or anemia could cause slate grey or blackish stool.
  • Excess protein stool is black.
  • Very dark, olive blue stool may indicate a diet too rich in protein and fat – too much putrefaction within the bowel.
  • Dark, hard, offensive smelling stool may indicate very severe bleeding high in the intestinal region. It may come from an ulcer in the stomach, duodenum, colitis, or Crohn’s Disease.
  • Grey or chicken soup-like stool can indicate liver or gall bladder trouble.
  • A hard, black stool means constipation.
  • Flat and thin-like stool indicates an obstruction in the lower part of the bowel or spastic colitis (usually around the splenic flexure of sigmoid area).
  • A stool with many small bubbles (bead-like) shows fermentative conditions.
  • A slick, slimy stool could be caused from jaundice.

A normal stool has no odor. If it is offensive smelling, then a lot of putrefaction and rotting has occurred and there is a digestive problem, which could include constipation or improper food combining. Bacteria, both dead and alive, usually constitute a quarter to half of the dried feces. Stools should normally be soft, a medium brown color, and should float.

Stool Status Check (regularly)

___ Hard
___ Firm
___ Soft
___ Loose
___ Smooth
___ Cracks

Shape ____________________________

Length ______ Width ______

Does it:
___ Sink?
___ Float?

Does it have bubbles on it?
___ Small
___ Large

Excretion Effort:
___ Slides out
___ Must push out
___ Forcefully

How often and when? ___________________________________________

___ Light
___ Medium
___ Dark
___ Black

___ Mucus
___ Blood
___ Strong Odor
___ Fluid
___ Jelly-like

___ Excessive
___ Belching
___ Heartburn

___ Pressure on Chest

Anal Itching:
___ Continuous
___ Intermittent

Protruding Rectum:
___ Continuous
___ Only after a bowel movement

Frequent or constant urge for a bowel movement? ___

Supplements – Luxury Or Necessity?

Acidosis is a silent time bomb. It is like an hourglass – only a few grains fall through at a time but before you know it, time has run out. Do you know how many people have come to me who had never felt sick but who woke up one day to their doctor finding a tumor or chronic disease in their body?

There are two different types of people. 1. People who are symptomatic; every time they do something off track, they feel it. 2. Then there is the person who feels very little. It is like your body tries to adapt to its environment – for example the alcoholic who never gets a hangover anymore. This body has adapted to its environment for better or for worse.

All I can say is that it is all about prevention. You have to look at where you came from, in other words – the earth. We must return to her for balance. Nutrition is the foundation of health. If nutrients are not found in our food any more how long will it take before the foundation of health crumbles?

If you are the type of person who does not experience symptoms (unlike those who do) from lack of proper nutrition, then there is a very good chance you could have a heart attack or a stroke – without warning. People give the old line, “I was feeling great, I never felt a thing and bingo, I was hit with the big one.” It is just a matter of time. Acid is the silent killer.

The only true life insurance plan is proper supplementation that will reach the cellular level and do the job that many nutritional products claim they can do but never succeed in doing.

We need a super antioxidant hydrogen product along with a product that will cluster and pH balance our water (like Hunza water) along with a spirulina product that is easy to assimilate and deliver the nutrients to the cellular level. Let us not forget about a great two-week bowel cleansing regime to reclaim our inner terrain. Studies have shown that the quality of drinking water has a direct effect on the quality and the quantity of life. One example of this is the Hunzas, who were shown to live longer because of the water they drank. Deliver the cellular nutrition your body needs. Logic tells us that if we want something to last, we need to invest in it. Your body is your temple, which is home to your spirit. What are you worth?

I operate a clinic in the foothills of Quebec and my telephone rings constantly. Why? Because if you have the right philosophy and you have the correct products then you are going to get results. That is what we, at The Wolfe Clinic, are doing and we are proving it. We are proving that with even the most chronic disorders you can use this philosophy. Once you start taking diseases and putting them into a hundred different slots is when all of the confusion begins. There is only one disease – acidosis.

If we do not get the message out there we are going to be in big trouble.

It Seems Normal To Be Sick

It is tricky out there and it is going to get trickier. We live in the most toxic time that this planet has ever seen. Right now, we have hit a critical mass whether anyone wants to believe that or not.

If someone had cancer twenty years ago, people would be leery about getting too close. When you heard about someone with cancer, it scared you. Now it seems that we always know someone who is battling this disease.

How many people do you know who are in good health? What is good health? Let us be honest, it is normal to be sick, so what is normal to us is actually abnormal. For example, when you go for a physical and they tell you that you are healthy for a 40-year old, they are comparing you to the average 40-year-old person. It means that your stomach is hanging over your belt; you are falling asleep at nine-o-clock at night; you can hardly get yourself out of bed; your sex-drive is gone; your teeth are falling out; your bowel movements smell terrible; you have to use deodorant because you are rotting inside and that is normal because everybody uses deodorant.

What we think of as normal is actually abnormal but because the majority of the population is sick, we are all well.

We do not even know what well is any more. Got a headache? Take an aspirin. Are you constipated? Take Ex-Lax. Do you have cancer? Have chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. So I guess logically speaking, lack of aspirin causes a headache, lack of Ex-Lax causes constipation and lack of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery causes cancer.

Therefore, the train of thought for the average person is, “If I take a little of these therapies everyday I will be healthy forever.”

Osteoporosis – What Is Eating You?

Osteoporosis is a very confusing condition for people. Most people think they can eliminate it with milk and eating plenty of dairy products. In reality, in countries where the people do not consume milk or dairy products, the instances of osteoporosis are very rare.

Osteoporosis is an acidosis problem. What I mean by this is when the body becomes so acidic, it says “Well, we have an alternative here. If this person remains acidic for much longer, we could have a heart attack or stroke and this may mean that our life is going to be terminated.” Instead of doing that, the body steals calcium from the bones, the blood, and from the tissues. As bone mass becomes depleted, this is what we call osteoporosis.

Now, just as you would see a raging forest fire eating anything that gets in its way, this is how an acid pH rages through your body. Similar to the way we put out the forest fire by drenching it with water, the only way to effectively treat osteoporosis is to change the acid pH in the body to an alkaline pH.

With a great super antioxidant hydrogen product, along with a product that will ionize and pH balance our drinking water, and a spirulina product our body can assimilate, we become efficient in doing this. Not only do we have to restore the pH in the blood and in the tissues, but now we have to restore it in the bones. We saturate the body with a super antioxidant hydrogen product because we need to rectify the severe pH imbalance. We already know that time is running out and it is a situation that is out of hand due to nutritional mismanagement.

The body is being eaten away. It is in a state of emergency. What we need to do is saturate the body. When we saturate the body with proper nutrition, it brings the pH up to an alkaline level, and drops the acid levels down. I know from my own clinical experience that ionic supplements and clustered water increases the absorption of antioxidants.

Most people who have osteoporosis have poor absorption. If we can saturate the body with proper nutrition, then we can put the fire out and increase alkalinity. However, do not cheat your body and fight a losing battle. Get the best antioxidant the planet can offer! Don’t cut corners when it comes to your health.

Alkaline Water – Essential For Good Health

The right water is critical for good health. This means alkaline water. The body is 70% water. When a person starts on a detox program they must understand this critical point. Some people will not want to do it because of the way they have been programmed. Those who will listen should drink a minimum of one gallon of alkaline clustered water a day – a few ounces every half-hour.

Understand that you need lots of water, because you are cleaning up a house that has not been cleaned in twenty, thirty, or forty years. Should you do it with a cup of water, or should you do it with a pail of water? The proper drinking water is healing water. You will never burn the kidneys out. They need that water, lots of it, and they need it now.

The human body is a large bag of water. Eighty-five trillion cells are putting their lives in your hands, hoping and praying that the fluid they are fed and bathed in is changed daily and has the proper pH, that being alkaline and clustered for vital health to exist.

The four critical questions to ask about your water are:

1. Is it clean? 2. Is it clustered alkaline water? 3. Is it electrically charged? 4. Are the minerals ionic?

I was reading a remarkable study from the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research by Dr. Alexis Carrell, who attempted to demonstrate that, under suitable conditions, the living cell could live a very long time, perhaps indefinitely. The heart tissue was immersed in a nutrient solution from which it obtained its food. Likewise, waste material was secreted into this same solution. Everyday the solution was changed, taking away waste substances and providing fresh nutrients. It is amazing to report that this chicken heart tissue lived for 29 years in this fashion. It died one day when the assistant forgot to change the metabolized polluted fluid!

In other words, autointoxication claimed this great masterpiece of experimental scientific investigation.

“The cell is immortal”, said Carrell of this experience. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cell something upon which to feed and, so far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.

Understand that the alkaline/acid theory is going to be the foundation that people are going to gravitate to within the next three to five years. However, you do not have to wait until everybody lines up and decides that it is the real thing. You are not going to have the majority of society or so-called health system coming out and telling us that – at least not until we see our brothers and sisters falling by the wayside.

Our health system is structured for the benefits of the few, not the many. I know that you have made the right decision because it is really going to pay off and you are going to do a lot of good work for people.

Products that affect the pH balance in ionic state, which are saturated with hydrogen, electrons, and alkaline minerals, will be your foundation. There are other products that you may use, but you have your foundation. Now some people are going to say “Yeah, but I am deficient in this nutrient or I am deficient in that nutrient”. Understand this. First we get the body alkaline and then we see what we are deficient in. The problem is, nothing functions properly when we are acidic and you are going to get all of the wrong messages until we alkaline the system.

The most important thing is to Reclaim Your Inner Terrain and once you do that, you will send the parasites, fungus, mold, yeast, and bad bacteria (therefore all disease) packing because they cannot exist in an alkaline environment.

If I can say one last thing, this story will not end with a super hero or a cure to save the day. It is about getting the proper nutrition on a daily basis. We need to get the message out there.

Spoiled “Rotten”

Looking After Your “Internal” Environment to Achieve Vital Health

The “intestinal well-being” of the average person amazes me as I walk through the busy crowds of downtown this morning. As a health practitioner of 25 years I shake my head at the obvious. For a society so advanced and in search of health breakthroughs, why can’t we see, feel, or smell the obvious? We are the nation of the spoiled rotten.

Abnormal has definitely shifted to normal when it comes to how people feel and look. Putting it more to the point, most people tell me they feel “crappy”. This may not be a good word but it suits the topic. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If so, keep reading and I will attempt to give you the most valuable health information there is.

We have been educated into weakness. Statistics show that the average person is overweight, and one in four is carrying and extra 25 pounds of not just weight, but toxic waste. As I walk through the crowds I see the average adult looking overweight, displaying the middle age bulge (otherwise known as the spare tire, Molson muscle, pot belly, the roll, the pregnant look), but in reality these terms are slang and improper.

What we are really dealing with is the large intestine (which is a muscle) that lacks tone, has fallen down, and bulges out of the abdomen, filled with stagnant waste material. Did you know that the average person has eight to twelve pounds of fecal matter putrefying (rotting) within their bodies? This is the origin of the term “I feel rotten”.

But, don’t get me wrong, you can still have eight to twelve pounds of rotting fecal waste even if you don’t have a protruding abdomen. Your intestines are falling down and in. The Royal Society of Medicine did a major study and found that a dysfunctional large intestine (colon) is the major contributor to 85% of all disease and illness. I truly believe and will prove conclusively that a dysfunctional colon is the major fuel to the fire of all illness and disease. And until this organ gets your full attention and co-operation, not only will you not prevent or reverse illness, you will remain sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So why is this newsletter called Spoiled Rotten? Because without knowing it, the average person is, in fact, spoiled rotten. They are rotting from the inside out. This is a breeding ground for disease. Your large intestine is the mother of all organs. It is the first organ developed in the fetus. Why? Because it is the most important. Without a proper waste disposal (sewage system), life would cease to exist before it even gets started.

Just picture the catastrophe or epidemic state we would face if our cities’ sewer systems backed up into our streets and homes. Where do you think the average so-called healthy person stands in this situation? They have turned their bodies’ sewage systems into living breathing cesspools of toxic bacteria, gases, viruses, fungus, and worms, living off stagnant putrefactive waste. This is the first and foremost toxic dumpsite that you should be concerned with if you are an environmentalist or should I say “survivalist”. There’s a little saying I use that goes like this… “cars rust… people rot”.

Isn’t it amazing how we are all so concerned about the state of our planet? We should be, but first things first. If you look after your internal environment you automatically support your external environment. First let me say that the planet is millions of years old and is much wiser than us. We will die out long before she even gets indigestion. We poison her and she gives it all back. We eat the chemicals we dump in the soil. We drink the chemicals we put in the water. We breathe in the chemicals we put in the air. We are our planet’s purification system. We die first… and the problem is solved!

That is the way things will continue until man is forced down on his knees begging for help, because when it comes to health, we do not use common sense or even education, but only pain and suffering. Most people only consider taking care of their health when they start to hurt. They quit smoking only after the x-rays tell their ugly story. It’s the old story that everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

We have the viral, bacterial frenzy. The old ones that were supposed to have been eradicated are back with a vengeance and immune to the drugs that were supposed to wipe them out. They are called super bugs. We more than likely would not have them now had we been armed with the right tools and knowledge in the first place. These super bugs are back with a vengeance and are now armed with the knowledge of what supposedly destroyed them in the first place.

These mutant microbes do pose a threat but only until you reclaim your inner terrain. Our first focus must be to create an internal environment that does not welcome these mutant microbes – an environment that promotes the proper pH – an environment with no stagnant waste. We need an intestinal tract with an immune system – not a limb, spastic muscle lacking in tone, which breeds deadly infectious microbes which leak into the body’s blood system like some toxic waste site – a site for which no one wants to take responsibility.

I call this newsletter ‘Spoiled Rotten’ because just as a child may develop bad habits, eventually he/she will run out of control and chaos will result. Similarly, from improper training of very basic health rules, we find ourselves out of control, lacking discipline, and unable to apply these rules of nature. It is no fault of our own, but is our responsibility to correct. What we sow, we shall reap. Only you have the power to choose between a life of health and happiness or what we see all around us – sickness, disease, premature aging, etc. Don’t rely on your doctor or health care professional. It is up to you.

Your body is a temple for your spirit and emotions to find balance in the physical plane, but it must be in a healthy state in order accomplish that balance. That healthy state is delivered to you along an amazing assembly line know as The Digestive Tract.

It starts at the mouth and goes down the esophagus to the stomach and then to the small intestine, which is five to seven feet long. In total we are looking at thirty to thirty-two feet of intestines. That’s a long way for your food to travel. Everything has to be digested in its proper time. To have a better understanding of the whole digestive tract, please see our email newsletter of July 2001 entitled “The Highway to Life”.

The process of eating and digestion is a work of art, simple and effective. Improper eating throws all sense of discipline and rules out the window causing grief, and eventually disaster to your body. Most people are only conscious of the first five inches of the process, only aware of the taste and texture from the mouth to the throat. So what we have is five inches of delight followed by thirty feet of misery.

Most people have three rules when it comes to choosing which food to eat – how it tastes, how it looks, and how it smells. Unfortunately, more important health issues such as how it will react on the body, the content of toxic chemicals, the food’s nutritional value or quality, or even its digestive ability, take a back seat to the taste, look, and smell of what we put in our bodies. Most often the food ends up rotting along the way. A few negative symptoms you may experience soon after a meal if you have eaten incorrectly are headache, nausea, bloating, cramps, gas, and fatigue. We also waste money, life, and energy. If we eat for energy then we should feel energized. Ask yourself, are you absorbing nutrients or toxins?

If we live without food rules and discipline, satisfying only the mouth, our digestive tract becomes out of control from our throat to our rectum. What happens between the front and back door becomes the primary factor of health or disease affecting the rest of our lives. We must learn to become a guard dog and be conscious of what foods are detrimental to our body and which are supportive.

Let me ask you a question. Why do you think children have so much energy? Yes, they are young, but most importantly, they are not toxic. They have not had thirty, forty, or fifty years of absorbing toxic waste migrating from stagnant fecal debris in their large intestine polluting their blood, lymph, organs, and tissue cells.

Let us focus on the mother of all the organs, the large intestine (colon). The large intestine is the last five to seven feet of the digestive tract beginning at the ileocecal valve and ending at the rectum. The large intestine is a muscle and if it lacks tone, then every other muscle and cell in the body will have the same problem.

You should drink two to three liters of alkaline water every day, and try to follow an alkaline diet comprised mainly of fresh (organic if possible) fruits, vegetables, and grains, and reduced in animal protein. For information about how toxic chemicals (ingested from inorganic food sources) and antibiotics and hormones (ingested from treated livestock) affect our bodies, please refer to some of our previous newsletters: May 2000, Sept 2000, Nov 2000, Feb 2001. Is the greater weight (and volume) of your diet coming from food that is fresh and raw? There is a saying that goes like this… “The more you cook the worse you look, the more you fry the sooner you…” You fill in the blank.

In today’s stressful society, even if you have a good diet, bowel management should be top priority, because we do not exercise enough, and stress (all around us) destroys digestion and messes up the elimination process.

Do you have bad breath? If you do, it is not because of what you ate yesterday. It is what you have eaten days, weeks, months, and even years before. It radiates from your private manure pile. Remember that hot air rises and it is rising from your abdomen and out through your mouth. Mints, toothpaste, and mouthwash are only temporary measures which mask the symptoms and never get to the cause.

Why do people so heavily use underarm deodorant and perfumes? To hide the truth. The truth is they smell. Young children do not smell because they are not rotting inside. Why does body odor increase as we age? The answer is – we are spoiled rotten. We rot from the inside out. You should know that almost all bathroom toiletries and perfumes are toxic and harmful to your body – even some of the so-called natural products. Underarm deodorants may be a contributing factor to lymph problems and breast cancer.

Why do most people avoid going to the washroom when away from home? Because of the odor they leave behind. Imagine walking into your own house and being confronted by a foul odor and not knowing where it was coming from. You would not rest until you found it. I’m sure you wouldn’t spray deodorizers through the house to mask the odor. So why is it that when we smell the odor of sickness from within our body, do we hide it pretending it doesn’t exist, or further still, make jokes of our friends when they leave this horrible smell in the bathroom? They are actually sick inside.

We have not only been educated into weakness; it is much worse. We have been educated (or advertised) into ignorance. Most products advertised on television are designed to mask the symptoms of a more serious problem – body deodorizers, breath deodorizers, air deodorizers, headache pills, lotions for dry skin, topical creams for yeast infections, arthritis pain relievers, weight loss programs, hair care products, allergy relief, gastro-intestinal disturbances, and many more – and none of these products address the origin of the problem, because if they did, you wouldn’t need to buy the product any more. Marketing teams are highly paid to convince you that “instant” (and temporary) relief is what you really want and need… a quick fix until the problem rears its ugly head again in a week or another month… when you’ll need their product yet again.

Statistics show that 90% of the pain people suffer is from the abdomen, more specifically the large intestine. Stagnation of fecal waste due to gas and inflammation causes this. The large intestine has pockets (called Haustras) from the beginning to the end. They contract similar to the movement of a snake pushing the waste along for elimination.

The beginning of the large intestine is the Ileocecal valve, which can be found just above the right hip half way between the hip bone and belly button. It allows the foodstuffs to come through on a gradual basis. When pain is experienced here, it is usually gas. This gas can hold the Ileocecal valve open, causing waste to back up into the small intestine. This is a one-way door that can malfunction when fecal debris stagnates in this area. Even worms can enter the small intestine when this occurs.

The average person, as I stated earlier, has eight to twelve pounds of old stagnant fecal debris and excess mucus hardened along the walls of the large intestine. Here’s an interesting fact – John Wayne donated his body to science and was found to have over 40 pounds of dried fecal waste lodged in his intestines. The most important step towards getting the ill to a healthy state (or never getting sick) is to learn the true art of cleansing.

Even if you change your diet and start eating properly, and you do not clean out that old toxic waste material that is rotting inside, you will never experience vibrant health. This toxic fecal waste is the home of worms, viruses, bad bacteria, and fungus. We must break their foothold and serve these mutant invaders their eviction notice.

What happens when the food passes through the Ileocecal valve and enters the ceacum? Our food travels twenty-two feet through the small intestine to the rectum. Because of the so-called SAD (Standard American Diet), it is so sticky it does not flow at a proper rate through the digestive tract. It turns into advanced putrefaction, because the large intestine is a living-breathing organ made of millions of cells bathing in a fluid of toxic waste, which in turn pollutes the cells. This causes the colon to degenerate, losing tone and becoming spastic due to excess infection leading to inflammation. How many people do you know whose stomach feels mushy, and their back muscles are always tight? Another condition could be a super tight stomach protruding because of so much trapped gas coming off all this toxic fecal congestion lodged in their large intestine.

How do you think the large intestine is feeling? Like a paralyzed limp, comatose muscle. About two inches past the Ileocecal valve, you have the appendix. This is an endocrine organ that protects you by creating infection fighters for the large intestine. Many children and even adults get appendicitis. Appendicitis means inflammation. You can’t have inflammation unless you have infection. You can’t have infection unless you have putrefaction (rotting). You will not have rotting if you understand the art of cleansing.

So now your foodstuffs are sitting in the caecum. Hopefully the Haustras (bowel pockets) are not encrusted with fecal waste and your colon has muscle tone to start the last seven feet of the journey to the rectum where it will be eliminated.

But what happens in the so-called average normal person? Just like wallpaper, layer upon layer upon layer of dehydrated fecal waste is built up inside the wall of their large intestine. This toxic waste will gradually leak back into the blood stream. This is called Toxemia.

Think of a garbage truck working all day. Where does the garbage go? They have a compactor. Your body is no different. If it cannot eliminate the fecal waste, it dehydrates it and stores it into the Haustras of your large intestine. Cleansing is essential for good health.

Most people do not want to talk about their fecal matter. They stick their head in the sand hoping it will go away. A toxic colon is the breeding ground for disaster. There is one major cause of disease and this is acidosis. Do you know that its major cause is putrefaction of fecal waste reabsorbed into your system? This causes toxemia which means dirty blood.

Let me pose a question to you. Do you believe that you could have systemic candida, chronic fatigue, headaches, sore throat, skin disorders, heart disease, gout, arthritis, sinus problems, even cancer – without your blood being dirty and toxic? The list of illnesses is endless. The only way for your blood to become toxic is by reabsorbing your own toxic fecal waste from the waste line (large intestine).

What are the chances of your body breaking down if your blood was pure and oxygen/nutrient rich? As reality would have it, I don’t know of anyone who does not suffer from toxemia on some level. This condition is of epidemic proportions and getting worse because of processed fast foods and our toxic external environment.

Let us talk about the domino effect. What’s the major cause of toxemia (dirty blood)? Absorption of toxic fecal waste from the large intestine (colon). So if you can get the large intestine operating properly, you won’t absorb the fecal toxic waste. That is not the case with 99.9% of the population.

When the blood becomes over-burdened by these deadly toxins (poisons) the liver has to pick up the overload. Your liver already does over 500 different functions for the body and now must pick up the slack and handle the toxic waste from the large intestine. The liver says, “I can’t believe this. What is wrong with you, colon? It’s your job for sewage disposal… are you trying to exhaust me, and poison this body?” “No of course not”, replies Colon… “I can’t do my job. The owner eats glicky sticky gooey processed, fried, chemical-laden food and I’ve got twelve pounds of toxic fecal waste stuck to my walls. I lost my muscle tone and I pooped out.”

Well the liver, being a team player, works overtime until it becomes chronically fatigued and then the owner of the body starts experiencing an array of negative side effects from this and goes to the doctor. The doctor says, “You’re doing fine for the average person of your age.” He says it is normal. Thanks!! but… I am not normal… or average. We have been sold down the river!!

The liver had to do much more than its share because of the toxic blood situation caused by the encrusted fecal waste in the large intestine. Now the liver must pass on this burden of toxic waste caused by a sluggish large intestine (colon) to the kidneys. But the kidneys aren’t so happy about taking on this extra burden. They already felt the added pressure for the last few years due to the colon being dysfunctional prior to the liver plight. So the kidneys scream out, “Our job is to purify body fluids. We’re not meant to take on these heavy bowel toxins. What are these?” (These aren’t even toxins from metabolism. They are chemicals and toxic waste from the large intestine that should never have re-entered the body’s system.)

The liver answers back, “I have done my best. Talk to the large intestine. But I doubt he will answer. He is comatose.” So the kidneys do their best, but as time goes on, chronic low back pain sets in due to these unwanted toxic poisons. Other symptoms are showing from the over-worked kidneys like sweaty palms, bags under the eyes, frequent urination, and bladder infections. The kidneys are now taking the brunt of this toxic waste. Where does it go from here? To the holding tank called the bladder.

Now lets talk about the bladder. It sits just in front of the last part of the large intestine known as the sigmoid colon. So being one of the closest organs to the large intestine, we know there has been an overload of toxic fecal waste being absorbed into the body and attacking the tissue of the bladder for quite some time now.

How many people do you know who find themselves going to the washroom two, three, or four times a night? Remember this toxic waste that has been forced on to the kidneys will irritate and inflame any tissue it comes in contact with. So now we have this toxic sediment flowing into the bladder and settling to the bottom of this sac-like organ where it will irritate and inflame the tissue. When this happens, the tissue will react by contracting into spasm causing hypersensitivity from the inflammation.

So now you know why you have to urinate so much. It is 3:00 o’clock in the morning and the fourth time you feel pressure in the bladder area. So it’s out of bed and to the bathroom. Relief is only seconds away. Finally you get to the toilet but – what’s this? – only a few drops come out. Remember your bladder is hypersensitive and can take hardly any pressure. It takes very little to set it off. Then there are those people who now have to wear ‘Depends’ because the valve that holds the urine back has been infected and inflamed for so long they now have a faulty valve.

This is what we call the domino effect. First toxic colon, then the blood, liver, kidneys, bladder and now the lymph system become toxic – all because you do not understand when your body is talking to you. Pain is a signal from your body crying for help (proper detoxification). It is not telling you to shut it up by using drugs. This does not make for a good relationship. Where couples do not communicate they divorce, when you do not communicate with your body you cause disease and maybe death. I think it would be wise to have a heart-to-heart talk with your body, mainly your large intestine; this is where things started to go wrong.

So here we go again. There is still no proper communication happening between you and your body. The most basic simple logical step has not been taken and that is detoxification. Now the kidneys can no longer take on this extra burden of re-absorbed toxic waste. They are overworked and malfunctioning.

The burden is then pushed on to the lymph system – the last major foothold of your immune system. This will also affect your skin in a very negative way. Welcome to the puffball age when you look and feel puffy!! When the body reaches a state of toxic overload, it will retain water. And why? Because it is trying to dilute the poison hoping to put off the inevitable – cellular degeneration, disease, organ failure, and maybe even death – if you do not start communicating with your body.

Let’s talk about the all-American meat and potatoes man. “Hi honey! I have had a hard day and I am starving!” Well of course he is starving. He doesn’t eat right and he’s unable to digest, assimilate his food, and excrete the waste efficiently due to his lifestyle – which I will explain. But before we get into that, let’s feed that starving tired meat and potato man. So being a loving wife, she gives him a large serving of meat and potatoes.

Well the first golden rule for effective digestion is NEVER MIX A PROTEIN AND A STARCH. Meat requires protein enzymes for digestion and potatoes require starch enzymes. When these enzymes are put together they neutralize each other and your food putrefies (rots). Instead of being digested by enzymes, it putrefies with bad bacteria. Also, mixing different types of concentrated cooked foods takes more energy to digest than energy given in return. Another problem – not only are the body’s internal enzymes neutralized, but cooked foods have had their naturally-occurring enzymes destroyed through the cooking process. Your food has a greater chance of putrefying because of this. This means the food is not being digested through the enzymatic process, but are now broken down by bad bacteria, which leads to ulcers, inflammation, infection, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc. etc. – digestive disorders from the mouth to the rectum.

Another important rule is ALWAYS TAKE A QUALITY ENZYME PRODUCT AT EVERY COOKED FOOD MEAL, if health and vitality is your choice.

So let’s get back to our meat and potatoes man. He starts eating his meal and yes he starts to feel better because his sugar glucose is climbing and he is feeling more energetic. His wife says, “Honey, do you think you would like to come with me for a walk tonight? We haven’t for a while.” “Sure honey,” he agrees. His wife finishes eating and starts cleaning the dishes and our meat and potatoes man is just finishing his supper and his wife says, “Dear, are you full yet?”

But as the meal goes on, he starts becoming more tired. Poor guy! No matter how much he eats he can’t get his energy back. Poor habits have spoiled him rotten. And with that he burps. His food has already started to putrefy due to an already broken down digestive tract. Remember that we either digest our food with enzymes or it breaks down through putrefaction (rotting) with bad bacteria. The purpose of eating is to feed the body, not fill it.

“Honey, I’ll finish the dishes and we’ll go for that walk!” she says. “Gee, Dear. I don’t know, I just feel too tired to go for a walk. I think I’ll just sit here for a while to see if my food digests,” he replies. You see, our M&P man has not eaten in an effective way, and blood flow is decreased in the limbs and organs and increased in the digestive tract in an effort to reduce the putrefaction (rotting) of his dinner so that toxemia (blood poisoning) does not escalate. By reducing blood flow to the limbs and organs there is a reduction in oxygen in his arms, legs, and head, causing him to be very tired. His body does not want him rotting anymore than he already is.

Let’s get back to the meat and potatoes man, who is still sitting at the dinner table. By now, you probably realized he has had to let his belt out a couple of notches. The food rotting causes bad bacteria, and the bad bacteria gives off gas that will blow him up like a balloon within minutes.

After a few minutes a rumbling starts, the dinner table starts to shake; his wife turns in fright to see her husband with one hand on his waistline and the other over his heart with a look of distress on his face. And…KA-BOOM! He lets one go from the back door. The gas was so fierce it shot him over to the couch. Maybe it’s a good thing for three reasons – he may not have moved all night – he can now pull his belt in an extra inch, and – the pressure came off his heart.

Well, meet the couch potato guy who holds a PhD as a Remote Control Coordinator.

“Are you okay, Honey?” she asks from the kitchen. “The pressure is gone but I still feel a little rotten. I think I’ll just stay (lay) on the couch and rest for a few minutes (hours)”, he replies.

Well you guessed it. A few minutes later and he is sawing wood – just snoring to beat the band.

Do you know why he’s snoring? The food did not digest with enzymes. It putrefied with bad bacteria. So the bad bacteria broke the food down leaving behind toxic gas and waste, which causes increased acidity (pH imbalance) and decreased oxygen. The snoring is caused by his exhausted state and lack of oxygen. He is fighting for his life – whether he or anyone else realizes it.

So it is 11:00 o’clock and time for bed. His wife gently wakes him up but he’s grumpy like a bear – and why? Because nobody feels good when they’re tired and toxic. Remember his sewer system has backed up and it’s a cesspool.

And you know how the story ends. Another fulfilling night with his loving wife – and of course the walk is on hold. The cycle has started. He wakes up the next morning as tired as when he went to bed. His body could not rest, recuperate, or repair because it was working overtime in this toxic state. Oh, and by the way, you had better not speak to him until he has his morning coffee. He feels he needs coffee to motivate his exhausted state before he can participate in life. Coffee is a stimulant. It neither gives oxygen or nutrition to the body, but when it hits the liver it increases his metabolism giving him a false sense of energy that is stolen from the liver. Eventually, something will have to give if he continues down this path (rut).

Here’s an interesting quote (source unknown) to ponder… “The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.”

What are some of the symptoms that come with a toxic lymph system? Symptoms you may experience are, foul smelling armpits, profuse sweating, never sweating due to lymph system blockage, toxic waste overflow to breast tissue, breast problems, water retention, swelling of face, hands, feet, legs, abdomen, dry skin, and skin diseases.

You know what happens when you eat or drink something not good for you; you swell up like a balloon. Today your belt is in the third notch – tomorrow it’s in the fourth. Today you can take your rings off, and tomorrow you cannot. This morning your dress is loose, but tomorrow it is tight. This morning your shoes fit, but by supper they are too tight. When you are tired the problem is worse. You go on a weight loss program and lose ten pounds in the first ten days but the following week you gain a couple of pounds because you have not opened the door of detoxification, so poisons must be diluted again. This is a built-in safety mechanism for your own good. This is what we call water loss not weight loss.

You’re up and down like an elevator due to a compromised immune and detoxification system. Welcome to the world of the human YO-YO. You must learn to communicate if you want out of the puffball syndrome.

Well we’ve come to the end of the road. You’ve hit the wall. You are incapable of hearing or listening to your body, and it’s screaming bloody murder. If that’s not the case then whoever is giving you guidance is badly misinformed on the natural process of life. Whoever said that ignorance is bliss….

So you have all the major eliminating organs up in arms and one is comatose. First your blood took on this toxic fecal waste from the colon and then the burden went to the liver, kidneys, bladder, skin, and lymph. Refer to our email newsletter entitled Acidosis, What’s Eating You? (May 2000) for details about how acidity affects your organs.

Your body has more built in safety mechanisms than you may realize. I guess the creator knew how slow we could react to toxic fecal waste. So there’s a meeting called by the brain of all the organs – oh except for one and that one is the large intestine (colon); remember it’s been comatose probably for years. Very little movement from lack of tone just muscular spasms here and there from inflammation caused from chronic infection.

The large intestine has become a breeding ground for parasites, viruses, bad bacteria, and fungus that will eventually filter into the body systems. So a decision has been reached by the brain to help remove the burden from the other organs caused by the large intestine. Whatever water we can get from the organs or the body’s tissue without causing dehydration must be sent down to the large intestine to flush out the encrusted fecal waste that caused the problem in the first place.

Guess what? Now you have diarrhea. And why diarrhea? Well almost all cases of diarrhea are caused by chronic constipation. This does not mean you do not go to the washroom. It means your waste is not being eliminated effectively and a little is staying behind.

I know diarrhea is an inconvenience, but don’t we feel much better when the cause of the problem is eliminated. Tired but relieved. I know you feel tired but now you can restore and regenerate with this toxic load eliminated.

So now your large intestine is eliminating loose stool. This will continue until the pressure comes off the other organs until they get relief and your bowel is detoxified. So let’s take the average person who has no intestinal health. This toxic situation will repeat itself until they have suffered long enough. The greatest cause of acidosis is a malfunctioning digestive tract. The state of your inner terrain will be a major contributor to a happier life.

Whenever I ask people how their bowel movements are, I know the answer I will get is not the whole truth. People are educated to lie without even realizing it. The average doctor will say it is normal for some people to have a bowel movement once a day and for others, every few days is normal. Please check our “Reclaim Your Inner Terrain” booklet for the facts on proper normal bowel movements.

So let me say one last time that diarrhea is a symptom of constipation caused by encrusted fecal waste, which breeds parasites, bad bacteria, viruses, and mold. These deadly invaders give off gas and toxic chemicals, causing infection leading to inflammation, resulting in bowel disorders and a toxic spillover into the blood. This is the beginning of disease.

You will not have disease unless you have the environment to support it. As I stated before Death Begins in the Colon. You have seen people who look like they are six months pregnant. Their abdomens stick straight out like a balloon. Just think of how much rotting has to go on for that type of swelling. Their abdomen is filled with toxic fecal waste and gas. All this hot gas creates much pressure on the back, kidneys, liver, uterus, prostate, bladder, and heart.

Have you known people who think they are having a heart attack so they rush to the hospital and the doctors can’t find anything wrong with them? This is no heart attack. This is a gas attack. This gas rises and puts pressure on the lungs and heart. And the absorbed poisons eat up minerals and oxygen in the lungs and heart causing a weakened state in this area.

And what about the physical and chemical pressure on the kidneys, adrenals, and spine? So you go to the chiropractor every two weeks because your hips and spine are frozen or out of place. What about cleansing and toning your digestive tract? Weak and toxic abdomen muscles will create many problems for the hips and spine. Another abdominal problem is where the intestine is falling down and out. This is where it hangs down over the belt and pants. The large intestine and the abdominal muscles have very little tone. These two abdominal situations start or escalate hundreds of disturbing problems.

Stand up and touch your toes. See where the body bends in half. This is approximately the belly bottom. The transverse part of the large intestine runs horizontally under your ribs from one side of your abdomen to the other. When your transverse colon loses tone and fills with gas, it will cut off the main flow of blood to your hips, legs, and feet. So now your heart must pump harder.

What about your prostate, ovaries, and bladder? They sit immediately in front of this toxic waste dump. So why not have varicose veins, cold feet, poor circulation, sex problems, gout, and achy joints. If you dam up the blood, nerve, and lymph flow, expect alarms to go off from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

And then there is Candida Albicans, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia – three illnesses all stemming from the same problem – a toxic body with a low pH level and a malfunctioning digestive tract.

I hope I have brought to you logic and a clear understanding that the majority of all illness comes from a malfunctioning digestive tract.

Before we wrap this booklet up. I’d like to tell you something. Did you know that the large intestine has less pain fibers than the rest of the body? This is the reason you may experience pain somewhere else in the body, but the cause may be coming from the large intestine.

This is why you can have so many other disorders and never understand the true cause. All digestive diseases are a result of long-term infection and inflammation. They are found in different locations in the digestive tract. Some of these are: Crones Disease, Colitis, Mucoidal Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulosis, Fistula, Fissure, Hemorrhoids, Ulcers, Hiatal Hernia, and Cancer.

Remember it’s not what comes out – it’s what stays in that kills us. We can complicate our lives or get back to basics. Is all this complicated? Yes, it is, but when you understand how it works, it all makes a great deal of sense and to know where you are and where you are going.

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Author: Darrell Wolfe