What Are the Benefits of Ellagitannins?

When some of your cells become overwhelmed by toxins, or become malignant through permanent low availability of oxygen, it is your apoptotic system that is supposed to steer them into shutting down and making room for new, normal cells. If this apoptosis process fails, you are faced with an uncontrolled growth of malignant cells.

Ellagic acid is an excellent stimulant for the apoptosis the natural recycling process of your cells. Your body converts ellagitannins found in berries into the ellagic acid much the same way it converts beta carotene into vitamin A. When you ingest about 40 mg of ellagitannin complex every day, the natural cellular turnover will keep your body free of malignant cells. You may need a slightly higher dose to overcome existing tumors.

Ellagitannins are found in fruits, berries, and their seeds raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, pomegranate, and others. You can eat about a cup of raspberries, or take four teaspoons of the concentrate, to get the amount to realize the ellagitannins health benefits the protection from aging, and protection for malignant cellular growth.

Let me quote a study done by Dr. Daniel Nixon, as published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology:

When we exposed these cancerous cells to ellagic acid in the amount that one gets from eating a cup of raspberries, DNA synthesis basically stops for a period of time, and in our study, a very profound apoptotic cell death occurred among human cervical cancer cells approximately 36 hours after being exposed to ellagic acid.

Ellagitannins convert in your body into ellagic acid, which is very good at helping the cells that have become sick to either repair or to shut down. This process called apoptosis, relates primarily to the renewal of tissues. Cells that stop reacting correctly to these signals can turn cancerous.

Use the ellagic products to realize the Ellagitannins Health Benefits and to restore normal function in every cell of your body.

Author: Life Enthusiast