Beryllium Toxicity

Beryllium Toxicity Symptoms

Beryllium can reduce stores of magnesium and decrease organ function, possibly through interference with enzymes. Contamination with beryllium, primarily from it industrial uses, is becoming more widespread. Industrial smoke and rocket exhaust may contain higher than healthful levels of beryllium. Beryllium inhalation can cause shortness of breath, coughing, phlegm, and lung inflammation, which can lead to chronic scarring and disability. There is some question as whether airborne beryllium may accumulate in the lungs and create an increased risk of cancer.


Beryllium is very interesting as a metal; it is strong, light and heat resistant, and has a very high melting point. Thus, it is a good metal to use in airplanes and rockets. Its use has increased in recent years, and it is found in neon signs and some electrical devices. Beryllium is often part of an alloy used in bicycle wheels, fishing rods, and metal household gadgets.

Nutritional Support

Recovery, Amino acids, ozone, selenium, sulfur, vitamin C.

Author: Peter Carson