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Biography: Jim Carter

We have reproduced the first chapter of the book “Holy Water, Sacred Oil” by C. Norman Shealy that is no longer available.

Since the time this book was written, Jim Carter has developed the Twilight products and made them available to the public in November 2001.


The search for youth and eternal life is perhaps as old as civilization. Ponce de Leon’s worldwide trip to find the Fountain of Youth, the search for the Holy Grail, the alchemist’s attempt to convert lead into gold, and most especially, the Philosopher’s Stone are all variations of a grand search for the secret of life. The Philosopher’s Stone was thought to cure illness, to prolong life, and to bring about spiritual revitalization. It is interesting that in their search for this unknown mystery, evolving alchemists became scientists and out of their work came chemistry, metallurgy, and pharmacology. In the intervening several hundred years, these sciences have dominated the Western world, but in the past decade, even some medical scientists have turned to anti-aging research and others to spiritual revitalization.

Suppose there is a mysterious path to health and longer life? A true Fountain of Youth? Jim Carter is a modern Ponce de Leon, a mystical wizard in search of the Secret of Life. His is a rare tale of intrigue, mystery and to some extent, science fiction so realistic that it sounds like Jules Verne’s tales. A little about the background of Jim Carter is in order. He was born in San Francisco Municipal Hospital on December 21, 1947. At that time he lived in Oakland. His father was 48 when Jim was born. Jim has two full sisters and five half brothers and sisters. Jim was the “middle of the second litter.” Jim’s mother died at age 80 of pernicious anemia. His father died at age 78 of unknown causes. One sister has three Ph.D.s and was a Professor of Zoology at Maryland State University. The other sister lives in Wisconsin and is married to an engineer of the Burlington Northern Railroad.

Jim says that he never read a book or studied in high school. He “intuited” his way through high school. After that he got interested in reading the Encyclopedia Britannica and has read every issue from 1875 forward. The first one he got was the 1911 edition. It was a “handy” version, 5-1/2 x 9 inches with small print. He read all of 32 volumes and began to run into unusual facts, which have long since been “forgotten.” As he began reading voraciously these many volumes and many editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica, he began to see changes and noticed that history is always written by the victors and never by the losers. He took a correspondence course from 1976 through the International School in Mining and Metallurgy.

By 1980 he became intrigued with the history of mining and he had three of the recipes, which had been lost to the mining industry. He learned that he could extract gold when no one else could and over the years, he has supported himself with this. He has used his earnings from mining and refining gold to sponsor the extensive research that he has done with this product.


About twenty-six years ago a dear friend gave him a unique piece of stone. In the beginning he thought it was concrete. He was certain it was man-made and there was no doubt that it was “full of magic.” There was no “owner’s manual” and his friend could offer only two clues to its use and power: “It had a dynamic effect on water and this water had a dynamic effect on plants” and “the secret of this action was Solid Sunshine.” The dynamic effect about water was true and he grew his first tomatoes that had a shelf life of about six months without refrigeration and could be frozen without damage. He was certain of this. The issue of “Solid Sunshine” was another matter that would take nearly eleven years to resolve.

Jim went back to his friend and began putting the pieces to this puzzle together. Mrs. Evans was a “great lady” who had known Jim’s family since she and his father went to grammar school in the times of slate and chalk. She could never refuse help to anyone, even those who were coming and going from the ether. The stone had come to her as a repayment of a loan, in fact there were three stones that eventually came to Jim. The loan had been to a retired Federal Judge named Kearns and along with the stones came boxes of esoteric information and the names of a few people who were involved with Kearns. The Quest was on.

The name that appeared most often was that of Swanton, a lawyer and on contacting the stones. Kearns had a partner named Owen Waltrip and Mr. Waltrip was an engineer for a railroad, not the driver of trains but a tunnel builder. Now, in building tunnels through mountains it is not unusual to intersect with caves, and sometimes these caves appeared to be “man-made tunnels” themselves. For obvious reasons the railroads seal up these tunnels and do not allow any exploration. In the early 1960’s such a tunnel was being built by Waltrip and such an intersection had been discovered and sealed up.

This particular railroad tunnel ran into water and had to be abandoned. Waltrip was at retirement age and he would retire and with his friend Kearns, they reopened the cave and proceeded with what would become a very successful “treasure hunt.” What makes this treasure hunt unique, besides the concept of “man-made tunnels” is that Waltrip was an engineer and his hobby was the newly developing science of “solid state electronics.” In 1962, solid-state systems were laboratory phenomena and Waltrip was a pioneer in this field. What would be recovered were gold and silver metal objects, tablets, and parts of what Waltrip was sure were “solid state machines.” Waltrip and Kearns went down into this cave or man-made tunnel and returned with a fortune. They resealed the entrance and knew that whenever they wanted they could come “back to their bank.”

Introducing himself to Mr. Swanton, who had been their lawyer for nearly ten years, did not instantly open any doors for Jim. When Jim told Swanton that he had the stones, they began to talk. Swanton had joined Waltrip and Kearns during the first year after their TREASURE had been found. Money was no object. The stories began with “black Cadillacs” and hundred mile per hour trips across the mountains. When the money ran low, Waltrip and Kearns returned to the tunnel to find it flooded. The bank had literally “gone under.” Swanton had a “full wall” of file cabinets that told the stories of the years to follow. There were stories of “world class” industrial events that were powered by the “magic of the stones” and the unending litigation between Waltrip, Kearns, and vested interests that were offended by new or perhaps “very old” technology.

At any rate, they had built a water purification plant suitable to supply the city of Detroit, apparently succeeded in using common water as a fuel, and finally built a plant to rehydrate coal into fuel that produced four times the BTUs of the original coal and had no environmental impact, and the MAGIC INGREDIENT IN ALL THESE EVENTS was the stones. See at the end of this chapter the summaries of two patents issued to Waltrip which confirm this part of the story very nicely.


It is important at this point to provide you with other details of the Waltrip – Kearns connection that I obtained from Bob F. (This is a pseudonym and you can understand as you read his strange story why he has declined having his name used.)

I spent a fascinating afternoon with this delightful 77-year-old gentleman. Bob F. worked for an aerospace company in Sacramento, California where he was a master welder. There he met John Stacken from Nebraska who was an excellent machinist, in fact the best that Bob F. ever met. A nephew of Stacken, Nyfert, had met Owen Waltrip who wanted to explore some very unusual concepts and needed a team. Both Stacken and Bob F. were doing “bootleg stuff.” That means they did not have government clearance but actually worked on projects for the military, which were behind schedule. Stacken came to Bob F. and said, “We may not make much money out of this project but my nephew wants to talk with you.” The deal was put together between Nyfert, Stacken, Whaley, and Bob F. that included the concept that if Waltrip’s team made money in a big way, all would share in the results. The fourth person, Whaley, was extremely sharp in electronics. Stacken and Bob F. did the welding and machine tooling and Whaley did the electronics. Nyfert was apparently the major organizer.

Several months into the project Bob F. met Waltrip for the first time. He says that Waltrip was not easy to figure out. He would come up with an idea but depended on the four of them to set it up. The three engineers behind the project, John, Bob F., and Whaley put together a piece of equipment about four feet wide and ten inches high. On the bottom, water ran down a chute and across a flat surface of lead. The top was stainless steel plates. By feeding a DC current with an AC carrier they were able to extract metals from water.

The plates could be moved up and down depending upon the size of the flow and the amount of current desired. They set up a plant on the American River near Sacramento. The stainless steel plates would pick up, out of the water, “colloidal gold” and turn the stainless steel plates yellow but when they reversed the polarity to remove the gold, it disappeared. They then went to a flocculation procedure and the water would turn yellow and they could then skim it off with a cloth through the sluice box. The cloth would be yellow but when they tried to use mercury to extract the gold, the cloth would turn yellow but they couldn’t get any gold out. Instead, they got platinum, the “wild metal.” Interestingly they also found that they had to do the extraction under either a full or new moon. That was the only time they could get the platinum to come out. Bob F. was told that they ended up with two 65 lbs. bars of platinum but he never saw the bars or any money from them. This was about in 1963.

Around that time, the Robertson Sand and Gravel Company was extracting sand and gravel from the river and got in trouble with the State of California’s water pollution division and the four originators of the equipment got together and ran the dirty water of the river through their equipment and the water came out crystal clear. The State of California apparently told Robertson that he could continue his operation as long as he would clean up the water and he ran it for some five or six years but was never making any platinum as far as Bob F. knows.

In 1968 a Harold S. came down and Bob F. was told that they had a job up in the Yukon for a major British mining company. The four original team went to the Yukon and apparently they were able to extract gold or platinum there. Two lawyers, Waltrip’s lawyer named Kennedy, and another one the name of whom Bob F. cannot remember put together a contract. The “other” attorney from San Francisco was a tax attorney with great repute, charging even at that date $500 just for a minimal discussion. In the Yukon they set up and ran and collected many barrels of a concentrated black sand (could this be the gold iodide we will talk about later?). Harold S. brought all of that down to Sacramento in the winter. Suddenly Waltrip brought in a man named K – and things went hush, hush.

Nyfert was in on the signing of a contract and went to the office of the attorney in San Francisco. Nyfert was apparently extremely intuitive and he intuited that the check for $250,000 that was being offered for some portion of the ownership of the equipment was not a legitimate check. He refused to sign the contract, checked with the bank and found that no such money was available there, so the four original builders of the equipment refused to sign a contract. Fortunately Bob F. had insisted that Whaley build into the equipment a secret with requirements of double switching so that anyone who did not really know the equipment would not be able to make it run. About this time as they were supposedly extracting platinum and possibly gold from the black sand and/or the water, Nelson Rockefeller was brought into the deal and Waltrip was trying to get Nelson Rockefeller to pay $35 million for the process. Rockefeller’s engineers watched the equipment running and his engineers told him “anybody can do that. We do it all the time. Why pay $35 million?” Apparently, the story is that Rockefeller went back to New York where he had a contract for $1 billion to clean up the Hudson River. He spent some $200 million but could never make it work, the reason being the secret switches that only Whaley and the inside group of four knew about.

During all of this time, it appeared to Bob F. and the other three in his group that Waltrip was carrying on a lot of double dealing behind their backs.

There were rumors of the Mafia being involved although Bob F. is not certain; but on one occasion when he and his three colleagues were working on a water project in Colorado, “a bunch of guys came out of the woods with shotguns and said they were taking over.” At the end of his association with the Waltrip team, K -who had been brought in by Waltrip, discharged the four original builders of the equipment apparently because they were near a profitable venture. Nothing ever could be done with it after that because no one but Whaley and his three colleagues knew about the secret switches!

Bob F. says he has no hard feelings about the whole thing. “The way I look at it, everything that goes around comes around. If you treat people right, you will be treated right.” Obviously the entire project with Waltrip APPEARS not to have been treating some people right!

During his years of working around mines in the West, Bob F. also met a really wonderful man, a geologist with several generations of geologists in his family, who taught Bob F. that every mineral affects and changes the color of the trees which grow on top of it and Bob F. eventually was able to see that for himself. This, of course, is very interesting because mineral content of the earth varies very considerably as you will see in our chapter on magnesium.

Meanwhile, let us take our story back to that of Jim Carter. Jim came into this well after Bob F. had been excluded from the project. Jim continued to encounter various people who had been associated with Waltrip and Kearns.

Jim had accumulated some very interesting stories. It was clear that the difference between this event and other “treasure hunts” or “Archeological episodes” was that this time the parties involved had a background in physical science. Jim still did not know what was meant by “solid sunshine” or have any clue as to what made the stones work. In the early 1980s he broke one of the stones into many pieces and sent them to as many colleges and testing laboratories as he could get to examine them. The net of this exercise was as many different opinions as there were examiners. Then he talked to people at the Field Museum in Chicago, who said if he would bring in the stones, they would compare them with other artifacts and do a carbon dating.

Three days in Chicago and Jim was “cooking.” Not only were his stones over 5,000 years old, but they were part of a CLASS OF ARTIFACT that had been found all over the world. Even more, and this was the big one, the little stones were made of the same material as the “Casing stone” of the Great Pyramid and the ritual founts of the Early Catholic Church. Jim had been given part of an ancient “solid state” technology that was in use before the “flood of Noah.” Thousands of similar artifacts had been found and the net result was the assumption that 6,000 years ago, people knew how to make very good concrete. Despite having the makings of a second book, Jim still did not know what “solid sunshine” was or what made the stones work. In 1988, Jim was working with a friend in Montrose, Colorado. There were two interesting and phenomenal stories that the people of this area liked to relate. The first was of a “silver mining” camp where interesting spring water had caused those who drank it to develop the power to levitate. This was a little too far out, even for Jim. The second was called the “San Juan Weather Phenomenon” and has been the subject of study by the best meteorologists for the last fifty years. Basically it goes like this: The major storms that impact the Midwest and East form over a spot in the “San Juan Mountains.”

Jim’s work location looked right at the San Juan Range. One very clear day as the sun was setting, Jim noticed a small cloud that seemed to appear from nowhere. In a matter of a couple of hours, this cloud grew until the whole sky was clouds and in the days that followed this “storm” pounded the Midwest. A few weeks later it happened again. This time Jim drove to the location of the forming cloud and on climbing to the top of a relatively small mountain, he found himself looking up at blue sky through a hole in a rotating, and forming storm. He also found himself standing on a mountain of material that was very similar to his stones. His stones changed the character of a barrel of water. What happened when a mountain of this material impacted the water of the atmosphere? “Well, it was called the San Juan Phenomenon.” Jim had book three but this time he connected the event with its cause!

The little stones were very similar to concrete, only much stronger. Scattered in this “concrete-like matrix” was a laminar crystal. It was the same with the stone of the mountain; only the laminar crystals were much larger. Here is where it all began to jell. The crystals of the mountain had the same effect on water as the stone. He had found the “solid sunshine.” He still did not know how it worked but he did know what was doing the work.

The impact on water was dynamic. Contact with what had now become known as “The Crystal” changed the thickness of common water into the character of a very thin Oil. This altered water not only had a remarkable impact on plant growth, it also was very healing to the skin of people. Just to give you one example: The stone or a small amount of “The Crystal” in a swimming pool, even in 110 degree desert sun, prevented those who used the pool from receiving a sunburn, even after eight hours of exposure. Even more, a person who had been at the lake all day and was burnt to a crisp, would be instantly soothed and totally healed in a matter of minutes from the water in the pool. This he now called “Crystal Magic Water.”

Eleven years after the gift, Jim had found that the little laminar plates in the magic stone were capable of changing common water into other forms. The magic of the stone was really the way NATURE DID HER basic business; a law of nature. Was the missing link in our understanding of nature the fact that WATER CHANGES? Could we have entirely missed the “forest for the trees?”

This was the 1980s. We had split the atom. We had gone to the Moon. Man had conquered the world and was learning the absolute lesson of all great conquerors: When the wars are over and there is no one left to steal from you, you still have to EAT, DRINK AND BREATHE.

If it was true that water could change or be changed into distinct PHASES then it could also be true that the origin of matter was better defined by the Book of Genesis than by our highly advanced convention of science.

Thanks to a 5,000 plus year old artifact, Jim was now completely at odds with virtually every scientist in the world. If what he had discovered was true even in the slightest degree, the leaders of science were not going to be happy to hear about it. After all, they had paid a lot of money for their educations and Jim had barely escaped from high school.

In 1984, everything was still phenomenal. Jim had used the stone and now the crystal to thicken water to the point of it being an Oil (Magic Oil) then a Wax (yet unnamed and still unavailable) and finally heated it to produce a solid (the Crystal). He had taken more water and this newly generated solid and repeated the cycle. He did know that the “solid sunshine” was an operative part of nature. He could mine the Crystal from the mountain in Colorado or he could make it by duplication from common water and he had at least ten major storms a year to keep his attention. He had become an apprentice and the master had died before the flood of Noah. He was learning lots of new scientific terms as he contacted “triple Ph.D.s and Nobel Prize Winners.” Highly scientific terms and phrases like: Foo Foo, Lunatic, Space Cadet, and many more.

Stories like those of Henry Ford driving to work and being fired because he had made a car were his companions. Thoughts like: I have been given a “Bic Lighter” in a world that has yet to discover fire floated in his mind as he received a load of new scientific jargon from those people who “should have had all the answers.”

We had worn out the 1980s and by the 1990s Jim had developed enough practical evidence and learned to use “foo foo” and “lunatic” in the proper context, so that he could at least talk to the KEEPERS OF WISDOM without hurting their feelings. In the 1960s we were faced with the threat of nuclear war and the warning of “failing water supplies.” By the 1970s it was clear that food “would never be used as a weapon” and those who died of starvation were no longer an issue. By the 1980s bottled water had become a more important subject than nuclear war and we had achieved the conviction that unless we learned to “car pool” we would surely have to use respirators by the year 2000.

A new refrigerant had been discovered and fluorocarbons had been blamed for the destruction of the environment. We were into the 1990s and it was becoming clear that the solution to our failing environment was going to either require “alien intervention” or the “second coming of Christ.” By this time, Jim’s options were getting better. He could not qualify as the representative of an advanced “alien” civilization and anyway there were already thousands of applicants for this position. Obviously he was not the reincarnated Christ, and if he was, there was no reason to expect a different reception than he received 2000 years ago, which was enough to keep even a lunatic from seeking that job!

There was, however, another hope. It seems that if you get a hundred monkeys together, some kind of magical enlightenment takes place and all these monkeys become extremely smart. Jim wondered, “I could be the monkey with the Bic Lighter.” All he had to do was burn 99 other monkeys and they became very smart, the “triple Ph.D.s and Nobel Prize Winners” would come and round up the monkeys and dissect them, finding out what caused all the screeching and with this information, THEY COULD SURELY SAVE THE WORLD.

The plan was good but there was a flaw. He did not have access to monkeys and the ones that he did know about were already scheduled for dissection to prove some other theory. Now he knew that a hundred monkeys qualified, so he thought maybe a thousand people would have the same effect. The attention span was much shorter than that of a monkey, and they were much more dangerous to work with, but they did make almost the same noise when they were burnt, and it did not require a “triple Ph.D.” in order to get them to submit to dissection. Even better, the monkeys cost money and people would pay for the same experience.


So in 1991, Jim began making his version of the “Bic” and giving it to people so that they could have their experience. He cast the Crystal into a ceramic matrix. He used a cupcake tin to make the plaster molds, which he still has. He called these little ceramic cup cakes “Water Pearls” and over a year he produced and gave away nearly 2,000 pieces to over 1,800 people. They put them in water and drank it or used it to treat all manner of ailments.

The response was wonderful. It was obvious that these people had become enlightened, because when the only monkey in this experiment began explaining, it seemed like “MAGIC” that caused the wonderful effect that everyone was so excited about. These people had all learned the highly scientific words that were commonly used in discussions with “triple PhDs” or “Nobel Prize” winners. He was teaching the world to use “foo foo”, “lunatic” and “space cadet” outside the sacred “halls of science.”

It was at this point that Jim decided that the problem must be due to the shape of the “Water Pearl”. It is really hard to accept that a ceramic cup cake has any particular magic power. So he stopped making cupcakes and started using the ceramic with the crystal to make various shapes: Bowls, Pitchers and Vases. His family cat still drinks from the first bowl he made and she would say it is still remarkable. These things were pretty and there was excitement. The bowl was being called the “Grail” which was really pumping Jim’s ego, which his wife assures him that he has.

The water from the pitchers was being used to rehydrate orange juice, apple juice, etc., producing juices that were as good as those from tree-ripened fruit. Flowers placed in the vase continued through their growth cycle and even produced viable seed or root. This was magic. The monkeys were dancing and Jim could explain the effect as magic and everyone believed him.

This was a lot of work but he soon solved this by letting everyone make their own. He had plenty of people who knew how to do ceramics and all he had to do was mix the crystal into the ceramic bisque. Everyone was making bowls, pitchers, vases, but something was wrong. As mentioned before, “this quest has been loaded with phenomena” and magic. It has also always been influenced by what Jim’s wife calls ego.

Anyway, the ceramics made by these people did not generate the calls of praise and wonderment. In fact, in a little while people quit showing up to get the ceramic crystal mixture. Something was seriously wrong and since the ceramic pieces Jim personally made still performed their magic, he came to the conclusion that HE WAS THE MAGIC INGREDIENT. Something caused Jim to overlook the obvious. The ceramics made with the crystal have a huge shrinkage factor and if you don’t leave the kiln closed until they are room temperature, this shrinkage will crack the glaze and this is what holds the water in. No, Jim was not the “chosen one” or the “second coming,” it was just that everyone was PEEKING. Everyone was opening their kilns before they were cold and their creations were leaking. If Jim was adding anything personal to the equation, it was just that his “Phlegmatic Personality” was too lazy to look at his creations before they were completely cooled.

This whole episode ground to a halt because when people said the “CRYSTAL CERAMICS DID NOT WORK” he did not know they meant they would not hold water. He was back dealing with the “triple Ph.D.s” and “Nobel Prize Winners.” The monkeys had all gone to play with someone else, and it was not until a year or so later that Jim discovered the root of the problem.


Jim had moved from Springfield, Missouri to Boulder City, Nevada in August of 1991. The previous event took place after he had given up living where palm trees would not grow. Anyway, six months after Jim and his wife escaped the cold, they were given a late in life child, a granddaughter that had just turned six years old. This wonderful little bundle of energy came to visit for a month, SIX AND A HALF YEARS AGO. There are four steps going from the driveway into Jim’s house. Picture if you will a sixty-pound baby being carried up these steps as she slept. Now, picture her deciding to change shoulders in mid stride. The sound of vertebrae slamming into each other must be among the ten most unique noises in the world. Jim had his first grandparent sports injury.

Every week for the next several months he incorporated a trip to the local osteopath, which gained Jim several precious hours of relief from the pain. Jim had made numerous ceramic pieces in practically any shape you can imagine, and some of those who had used them quoted pain relief as one of the attributes. Jim suffered with this chronic and persistent pain for nearly six months, burned out several million brain cells with pain relievers before he was driven to try something that had never failed him in twenty years. So one night as he was lying in agony waiting for the hour or so of sleep that he had become accustomed to, he laid one of the longer ceramic pieces across his hipbones. In a matter of minutes the pain was gone and he wakened eight hours later with the ceramic still in place. This would be a good place for some highly scientific phrases and words if it were not for the rest of the story.

If you haven’t guessed, there is one more round of trying for a mass enlightenment effect. This time it is monkeys and mattresses. For the next several days, the ceramic piece offered continuing relief. Sleeping flat on his back was never his choice so it was time to invent another magical device. The “Crystal Sleeper” is just a bag of the laminar Crystal spread evenly on the mattress under the sheet. It had the unique quality of fitting into everyone’s lifestyle rather than competing with habits and the time allotted to them. Jim’s first experience with the “Crystal Sleeper” was unique. The absence of pain was great and he could sleep in any position but there was another phenomenon. In fact there were many. About 1:00 in the morning he awoke with the sensation that he was freezing to death. He put on more covers and got through the night. The next night he had the same sensation. This time he took his temperature and found that the thermometer did not know he was cold. He began a diary on the third day and in a matter of a week, the cold was no longer an issue. What was happening was the “most vivid three dimensional, full color dreams.” They were so totally real that he had total recall of them the following day. And there was another sensation that he coined as “dampening,” for the first few hours in the morning he had the feeling that he was slightly perspiring. Six months into this event, he had increased the amount of crystal in the “sleeper” from the original eight pounds to twenty and then to fifty. Each increase had produced the cooling, dampening and the dreams continued to be a nightly theatrical performance. In time he would learn to control the dreams and pass into a real sleep state that most people probably never experience.

Over the next several years, Jim made and gave over a thousand of these devices to people who had one complaint or another. This time the number of people who wanted them simply outgrew his ability to supply them as gifts. We don’t know how many people are required to achieve what can be done with a hundred monkeys. When it got to where he had several hundred people who had complained that they had to smooth this device once a month, he quit.

For eleven years Jim looked for the secret of the stone. Then another twelve years seeking acceptance of what he had found. All the time, even he questioned the obvious power of the Crystal. All the time he was offended by those who would discredit it, because he simply could not accept that “it did not matter how many monkeys you had in the test, if they were in a zoo, the enlightenment would never come.” The last few years have been even more dynamic. He found natural sources of the magic things in virtually all its phases and in amounts suitable to change the world. Piece by piece the mysteries became the reality.

Jim can explain why some cultures live “longer than normal lives” and hopefully he can make it possible for you to do the same. Recently he connected the dots in such a way that they intersect with the aspects of convention and because they may help a few other good people, we are merging the ancient science of the stone with the modern need for answers. The magic that may really make your life better begins with “Magic Oil.” See the testimonials later. This world is “hot and burning” and all burning is dehydration. Magic Water, either Alpha or Beta, moisturizes and soothes.


[The CWR was an earlier version of Magic Oil or Magnesium Oil] If you have read the story of the stone, you probably have some idea of the uniqueness of this entire project. How does a person explain something, i.e. Cell Wellness Restorer or Wellness Water, when there is no peer or comparative? You just tell the story and let everyone come to their own conclusions. Obviously, your personal experience will go a long way towards clearing up many of your questions and as we share experiences, we will all gain more insight. We have been on this quest for a very long time, and we would only hope to tell you that we appreciate you coming on board. The truth is that we are learning right along with you. Every day we hear many stories that are similar to what we have heard before, but every once in a while we are amazed at what is going on. Most of us have always had a desire to live a very long life and to enjoy every minute of it. Wellness is a very serious issue.

Cell Wellness Water was originally named “Magic Water” by Jim’s granddaughter; children are really very smart. It is a form of water that is readily accepted by living cells. It is a wonderful moisturizer. If you had enough of the Prills or one of the magic stones, or a supply of the unique Crystal, and you allowed your “Wellness Water” to stay in contact with the influence these substances convey for a longer period of time, you would see your Cell Wellness Water (CWW), first become very thin, about half that of common water, and then become thicker, about like a fine oil. Jim called this second phase “Magic Oil” and now Cell Wellness Restorer (CWR).

At any rate, the magic was good enough to gain my attention and with my research, and the input of thousands of users, we put to rest any concerns that these substances could in anyway harm anyone. Now, if Cell Wellness Water and Wellness Restorer could only do good, their merit would have to stand on the “level of good” they could do. Unlike anything else in this world, these products would have to prove themselves to every user by results. Does CWR work? How many success stories would it take, for Cell Wellness Water and Wellness Restorer to get past the point of a phenomenon? Does it really matter what the explanation is if it makes people feel better?

The prophecies that were presented by me in my most recent book, SACRED HEALING, went something like this: These substances were of a sacred nature, I guess calling them Sacred Water or Holy Water would be saying this. The use of “Wellness Water”, either in its thin or thick form, could dramatically reverse the aging process or offer hope in what are termed chronic conditions or those conditions that defy most if not all medical approaches. Becoming younger would be the best approach to the issues of destructive aging. Beyond the prophecies, these substances could be and had been proven to cause alteration in body chemistry, and although the alterations were initially different than expected, they did without fail happen and they were without fail accompanied by enhanced states of vitality and general well being.


Going on with the story. Thin water or Wellness Water could be made by a number of artisans; one of which we call “Prills.” Better said, the alterations were caused by a natural influence that we call Life Force, or YINERGY, and this energy could be transferred to liquids indefinitely and continually with the support of nature through the right carriers. CWR was much more difficult to make and since it was soon to be a product, it needed to be definable by the convention of science.

In the early days, Jim added soluble magnesium compounds, which theoretically had beneficial value and provided the analytical people something to evaluate. Soon it became clear that he was actually duplicating an aspect of seawater. If you removed the salt, sodium chloride, from seawater, it was very similar to what Jim was compounding. Could it be that nature was prepared for what was coming? Could it be the restorative potential that the world so desperately needed was stored in the oceans? Why didn’t everyone who swam in the ocean receive these beneficial properties?

To make a long story short, Jim believes that nature was prepared, and that all that had to be added to the equation was the knowledge of the energy that animates life, or Life Force. Why did Jim receive this knowledge? Was he special? Actually I don’t think so. I think he was just desperately seeking and isn’t it said that “if you seek you will find?”

Our oceans were full, actually about six ounces in every gallon of sea water, of the most wonderful restorative compound. This compound was mostly a form of water, and since we are mostly water, water very similar to seawater, this seemed to make sense. This compound came with substances to analyze and they were among the most beneficial and least offensive compounds known to man. Our oceans were also full of all the waste of man. We had used them for septic tanks for centuries and even the thought of this offended me. Jim could supersaturate any seawater with the energy of the stone and make it work, but wasn’t there a better, a more pristine source? If Jim was going to go to all of the trouble to produce “the most remarkable substance in the world” couldn’t he find a source that hadn’t seen the foot print of man? And when I use man, I mean the male! Hopefully, most women are too smart to contaminate their home.

Considering that the entire world was at one time or another covered by the ocean and considering that the moisture of CWW is truly unique and that it does not evaporate in the same manner as common water, wasn’t it possible to produce something truly wonderful, from sources that were actually and naturally clean?

The answer was yes, and this is why we now use the terms “Ancient Ocean” or “essential oil of sea water” in connection with CWR, or Magic Oil. For now we will leave the details of this source undefined, but we can tell you that there are magnificent, and pristine reserves of very regenerative and restorative substances that science is just now coming to know.

Here is how we describe what CWR or Magic Oil can do: There are two issues in the restoration or maintenance of a living cell, the cell membrane and the fluid that fills it. Both of these materials are principally forms of water. To stay with the simplicity of this presentation, we will simply say that water comes in many different thickness and to be a bit more complex will say that thickness is an aspect of science and probably should not be confused with viscosity, another aspect of science. There are many things that change the viscosity of water, some are called surfactants and alterations in viscosity have much to do with surface tension, while alteration in thickness are generally seen as the product of filling a solution with something that occupies more space, in this case a unique energy.

The water that makes up the parts of living organisms called fluids or membranes are thick waters, while those that fill cells are much thinner. CWR is a thick substance that seems to be easily utilized by living organisms to produce the more dense part of its being. Going out on a further limb, the calcium in bone is held together by something; cartilage is made of a thick substance, fluids are thicker than waters, and so on. Regardless of the other constituents found in the more dense aspect of living organism, they are considered to be highly composed of water or something similar. Cell Wellness Restorer is “something similar.”

CWR may be a truly universal building material and the living organisms may be able to use it to enhance rapid reorganization, loosely called restoration. If you can fortify the skeleton, you will by this act alone improve the strength of the entire system. If you can increase the cartilage, you will improve the flexibility of the entire system. If you can restore the integrity of cells on an individual basis you will improve the elasticity of soft tissue or muscle. If the little balls called cells have strong membranes and are perfectly inflated, you will improve their ability to handle the energies that are compatible with it and to repel those that are destructive.

We consider CWR or Magic Oil, or YINERGY Oil to be a supplement, as we continually replace the waters of our “living organism” just as we think we do with vitamins and minerals. We believe that CWR is part of the truth and perhaps the missing link in a very serious aspect of maintaining well being. We believe that this liquid is as necessary as water and stand on this necessity.

Almost everyone who has used CWR, and has been evaluated according to good scientific procedure has shown remarkable improvement in well being. The rule of thumb appears to be that if you are not getting the results you wish, if you use more you will. If you treat this simple substance as you would a friend, you will soon find that you truly have one, and that this friend will support you in your quest for life.


If you have the Prills, then you have a piece of Jim’s technology and the ability to make your own thin water. The thick water or as we call it the Oil takes far longer to make and this technology is not something that you could use at home.

The objective of these two items is to provide you with replenishment for the forms of water that compose most of your body, with the express intent of aiding in your regeneration into the state of life that is known as youth. There is no precedent for growing younger. In fact this concept is forbidden by the statements such as “if people did not die, our world would soon be over-populated, resulting in insufficient resources and ending in death for us all.” “The two immutable truths are death and taxes,” and a hundred more. All we can say is that if you have accepted your mortality, if you are planning to grow old and die, then these products should not be incorporated into your life, as they may seriously interfere with your graceful aging and demise.

We cannot yet tell you that using these products will stop the biological clock; only time will tell this. After years of watching people become visibly and structurally younger, after hearing them tell us that their pains had gone away and their vitality has returned, after running numerous tests that show alterations in the blood chemistry that could not be attributed to any other reason or cause, we are sure that the use of Thin and Thick Water will improve the quality of life for almost anyone who chooses to bring them into their lives. Will we live forever? Well it is said that we do anyway, so we believe that it makes perfect sense to attempt to make the quality of this part of our lives as high as possible, and this is what this is all about.

If you are reading this, then you either have Thin or Thick Water or both, or you are getting ready to make the choice to get them or forget them. In the following words, we are going to offer a couple of analogies that may ring a bell with some, and some tips that have developed from our experiences and from those of others who have been using the materials over the last few years. The magic in these substances is real: it can be and has been demonstrated under good scientific criteria. Even more, we challenge everyone to be part of the proof. If you would like to have scientific proof and you are willing to pay for this evidence, you can demonstrate an increase in DHEA and magnesium. That story will unfold later.

There are two stories, two analogies that I like to use. The first is that of a brick building and it is very simple and to the point: Building materials are specific to the structure. If you build a brick building, as the bricks fall because of age, you replace them with new bricks and good mortar; such a building will last a thousand years; there are such structures in our world today. If on the other hand, you don’t have new bricks and proper mortar, temporary repairs can be effected by filling the holes with mud or plastic, but the building will degrade and eventually fail. A building is specific to the materials of its structure, brick buildings are not totally composed of brick and mortar, but this is the main part of their matrix. Living organisms are not totally composed of water but water, or forms of it, obviously are the single largest constituent.

It is our position that the Thick Water is the appropriate form to replace the moisture that the body uses in the formation of thicker materials, cell membrane, cartilage, and to hold the calcium and magnesium in bone. Thin water is the appropriate material to fill these cells, whether these cells be part of soft or hard tissue. These appear to be primary building blocks of living systems, the bricks and the mortar if you like, of life. The proof of these words will only be known by your own personal experience, and a good healthy skeptical logic should move you to have this experience.

Living organisms are extremely similar to rechargeable batteries, and there are constants in such batteries that have been accepted as laws, Galvanic Laws, for a very long time. The best example is the battery of your automobile, but all rechargeable batteries work in the same fashion. There are five constants and if these constants are abridged, the battery will soon fail.

All rechargeable batteries have:

  1. A case: in the car a battery and a skin in the human.
  2. A grid work: the lead plates in the car battery and the skeleton of a human.
  3. An electrolyte: sulfuric acid and water in a car battery and types of water, Thin and Thick Water, and magnesium, in a human.
  4. A specific type of energy: say six or twelve volt direct current in the car battery and Life Force in a human.
  5. Probably the most important aspect in either case is “flow regulation” or voltage regulation as it is generally called. So a voltage regulator in the lead-acid battery and the primal brain or Medulla Oblongata of the human.

Very simply either system, if it is maintained at peak operating efficiency will last a very long time, theoretically forever. If on the other hand, a galvanic system or rechargeable battery is not maintained, it is destined eventually to fail. That these systems are specific to their design is obvious to anyone who understands galvanic law. That the human version must be governed by this law should also be obvious. As far as we can see, the mystery of life, is simply a matter of our failure to recognize the specifics of the system that we live with, or die from.

The fact that we do not know the design of the human battery appears to be responsible for the “mystery of life” and since life is a mystery, and a mystery by its own nature is simply “something that is unknown” developing the understanding that resolves the mystery may lead to a dynamic alteration in the potential and future of mankind. This new science may also provide an understanding of the issues that are damaging our lives and our environment and perhaps even lead to reconciliation of such issues. This would seriously alter the future, especially of our heirs.


U. S. Patent Number 4,130,483, December 19, 1978. In accordance with the present invention, a high sulfur content coal is ground into particles and undergoes a coking operation in the presence of steam to form a particulate coke product and a gaseous product including sulfur dioxide and steam. The particulate coke is charged into two settling tanks to form filter beds therein. The aqueous sewage to be treated is introduced into one of the settling tanks for passage through the filter bed within which it reacts with the particulate coke both physically and chemically. A liquid effluent is withdrawn from the bottom of the settling tank while a settled solid product is periodically removed to deplete the filter bed requiring periodic recharging of the settling tank. The liquid effluent is conducted into the second settling tank for passage through the filter bed therein. The gaseous product from the coking operation is passed through a condenser and the condensate conducted to the second settling tank. An electric field is established in the second settling tank in order to electrically charge the particular coke bed. As a result of the foregoing conditions within the second filter tank, the filter bed is operative to remove from the liquid effluent nitrates, phosphates and other such pollutants as well as bacterial contaminants. A liquid product in the form of potable water is accordingly extracted from the bottom of the second settling tank, suitable for irrigation purposes.

U. S. Patent Number 4,214,046, July 22, 1980. Coal converted to coke and ground into particular form, is mixed with an aqua regia solution resulting in a slurry from which solid matter settles out and volatiles are withdrawn. The pH value of the aqua regia solution is so modified by dilution to control reactions within the flurry resulting in a liquid phase that is suitable as a battery electrolyte.

Author: Jim Carter