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EssenceSea Founders Testimonial


I was a sickly child from day 1 and up until age 17, I almost never went to school because I was a child genius who absorbed knowledge fast enough to be able to have a high school diploma without going to school much.

Continuing on in that vein, I was in poor health for most of my adult life. So, I retired at 59 to focus on my crumbling health, for, I knew that if nothing new happened, I would be dead by age 65.

But as I am writing this at age 68 in 2006, I feel better than I ever did in my adult life. This remarkable transmutation was a long and remarkable process, so remarkable that I want to share with you some of the milestones of this odyssey of personal healing.

The Early Years

As a child I had just about every communicable childhood disease that can be had without dying outright. Diphteria, pleuresia, scarlet fever, mumps, measles, tuberculosis, tonsillitis, I had them all.

By the time I was 20, I had severe allergies to everything, I was crippled in my right ankle and my left elbow as a result of the childhood bone tuberculosis. I was hypersensitive and high strung, sometimes unable to sleep for days, when exciting things would happen.

So, it should not have come as a surprise that at age 25, I broke my right arm while Indian wrestling with my kid brother. Already I was showing symptoms of osteoporosis. I was a mess.

By sheer will power, I continued to work as my vision got worse and worse. By age 40, I was wearing triple focal glasses, having lost all accommodation in both eyes.

Middle Age Duress

By the time I was 45, I started having problems with my knees and taking over-the-counter calcium supplements was barely allowing me to get around. At age 50, I moved across the country in a major career change. By then, my physiology was approaching total exhaustion. Indeed, a year into the new environment, I came down with mononucleosis and I lingered in bed for months, not able to sleep and not able to get up and go to work. At age 52, I had over a dozen mercury fillings removed and replaced by composites, but still, my energies would linger on the low side.

The recovery from this was only partial and by age 55, I could only work a few hours at a time without feeling exhausted. Fortunately, I was a computer consultant and I could mostly schedule my workload independently. Still, I felt miserable and unhappy.

At age 59 , I was able to retire. By then, I was borderline type II diabetic and at one point, an attack of high blood sugar was so strong that I was unable to enjoy a prepaid vacation and lost all the moneys paid out in advance. The way that this condition showed up was that I could not sleep, could not move, had absolutely zero energy to get up and move around. At this point, I decided that I needed to focus all my attention on regaining my missing energies and I embarked on a health rebuilding program.

My Healing Adventures

Soon after retiring, I started reading all I could find about health and diseases, hoping to find some solution to my desperate situation. I had the advantage of being a disciplined researcher, having spent a lifetime as a PhD. in physics and mathematics in advanced physics fields such as nuclear physics and theoretical physics.

I had spent a great deal of time in hospitals during childhood and I did not want to put myself in the hands of medical experts, if only because I could observe that my condition was not actually that different from that of the very medical experts that were reachable by me.

Early on in my research, I learned that the 4 minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are essential to regulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, who, in turn, govern the organs of our body. I also learned that there existed a collection of mysterious trace minerals with obscure, but probably essential roles to play in a healthy body. But what form should these be taken as?

Minerals are interesting in that they are not usually manufactured by our body. We must get them from the diet. Of course there are breatharians who need no food and no water to be healthy, but such magic and miracles was not in my realm of possibilities.

So, I looked for guidance in the history of our ancestors to see how they managed to find everything they needed from their food.

I found out that the Earth is rich with a mineral called Dolomite which has one atom of calcium, for every atom of magnesium, in the chemical form of carbonates. Indeed, most ancestral soils were rich with these minerals that had been processed over centuries by the local vegetation. I also found out also that vegetables are rich in potassium and that our ancestors highly prized their coarse sea salt to add to their food. So, since primitive sea salt is rich in trace minerals, I had found out how our ancestors found ways to supply the 4 primary minerals plus the trace minerals, in their diet.

So, I tried the same diet and the results were interesting, but incomplete. Now, why would that be? After all, I was following the same diet that had worked so well for my ancestors, so, why should it fail for me?

After further research, I found out that plants can supply many forms for the primary minerals and the trace minerals. There can be carbonates and bicarbonates of minerals and there can be amino-acid chelated minerals in healthy plant material. The carbonates and bicarbonates, when present in plant foods, are digested by the stomach, with the help of stomach acid, (an organic form of hydrochloric acid), and the resulting ionic minerals can combine with the amino acids in the plants to form amino-acid chelated minerals, all this happening in the intestine. These and the ones already present in the plant can be absorbed by the small intestine and distributed to the various cells that implement the processes of our bodies.

So, I had my answer as to why my mineral carbonates diet was giving incomplete results. The stomach often gets exhausted to the point where it almost ceases to produce hydrochloric acid. So, I added betaine hydrochloride to my diet and that helped some, but not as much as I wanted, because when I took too much of it, I encountered all sorts of digestive disturbances, such as flatulence, bloating and sometimes constipation followed by loose bowels.

I went back to the drawing board and concluded that I needed to help the digestive system overcome the stomach acid exhaustion problem, before the carbonate supplements could be completely effective.

The solution showed up in the form of ionic minerals that are the same as the ones that result when the stomach digests the carbonates. With some further adjustments, the Green Ionic Minerals were born as a thick, strongly flavored, green liquid with plenty of high quality vegetable amino acids in it. The GIM tasted best when diluted as 1 tsp of GIM in cup or more of vegetable juice, such as V-8 and other mixtures. At this point, I was coming home and my aging symptoms began to recede as I combined the GIM program with the mineral carbonates program.

This was around 2003 and at that time I discovered that there was a generalization of Einstein’s theory of relativity that I baptized Tetrahedral Relativity, which allows for the existence of bioelectric and biomagnetic fields, in addition to the usual electric and magnetic fields. This was truly a unification of physics and biology. This new science I now call Substratum (S2) Science. Out of this unification came the knowledge that there is another form of chemistry beyond electro-chemisty (the chemistry that allows one to make fabulous plastics!). I call it S2 Chemistry and it takes place in the dark, light-free environments of living systems, such as deep inside the Earth or inside our bodies.

Around that time also, I got interested in water and after some research came to the conclusion that there were ways to “build” a water machine, using the principles of Tetrahedral relativity and S2 Chemistry that could produce spring water that would be far more potent than the best mountain spring water available anywhere. Of course I got very excited about that and tried to contact my old physics colleagues, but they would shake their head and conclude that I had lost my marbles. So, I turned instead to exploring the fitness benefits of this most remarkable technology.

My Age Reversal

One of the first things that happened is that I lost all my allergies. I could not believe it. But after several months, I was able to consume alcohol in moderation, mosquitoes no longer bothered me, insect bites no longer produced giant welts that lingered for weeks, I was able to smell the flowers without breaking into a debilitating sneezing fit. In other words, I was a changed man.

But things did not stop there. One time, I noticed that brown age spots were falling off the skin on the top of my hands. Now my hands look and feel like that of a 20 year old, with smooth skin and supple fingers without the knobby, sometimes deformed joints that can afflict old age! Of course, my knees regained their smooth action and silky feel that we took for granted as teenagers.

Then another magic-like piece of healing showed up. I reasoned that if the GIM program improved the operation of my digestive system, it might also improve the workings of herbal remedies. So, I obtained a broad spectrum herbal eye supplement and I added it to the GIM and the carbonate program all blended with my water technology. After a few months, the accommodation in my eyes that I had lost 25 year ago began to return, so much so, that I now sometimes get up in the morning with 20/20 vision, even if this does not yet last all day.

A 4th area of healing then started to develop. After getting tuberculosis in my right ankle as a child, the ankle joint became calcified and rigid, the usual healing of tuberculosis. But now, the motion in the ankle joint is returning as the calcification is receding from the joint.

I look forward to returning to a state of health that I am calling the “ageless 30 something”. In this state, one does not look like one did at age 30, but rather one looks as if one could be 30, or 40… or any age, really! Of course, I am aware that I will not live forever, but I can now see that I will feel good as long as I am alive, which makes living a very interesting proposition.

EssenceSea was founded by Dr. Ron Cusson, Ph.D., a retired scientist from Orlando FL, with the intention of supplying the 4 primary mineral ions calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, the two basic radicals CO3-2 and HCO3, and 60+ trace minerals.

Dr. Cusson noticed that most calcium and magnesium supplements would help him for a while and then would stop working for him, leaving him with a long list of complaints that appeared to be related to mineral deficiencies that would not respond to any of the many supplements that he tried. Dr. Cusson believes that proper understanding of human physiology would contain the answer. After a lot of research he developed the EssenceSea formulation and used it on himself extensively. The results were amazing and the long list of his complaints shrank away after a few months as the mineral deficiency diminished. Even conditions that were not supposed to be related to mineral deficiencies disappeared, such as lifelong allergies of various kinds. Age spots began to fall off his hands. Joints damaged by childhood bone tuberculosis began to heal and recover their lost mobility.

After many request from friends who were also responding favorably to his home-made products, Dr. Cusson agreed to share his discovery with the public and EssenceSea was founded. Dr. Cusson died in 2014, and his legacy is maintained by his niece.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff