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Black Mica Extract Enhances Organ Activity

Black Mica Extract Enhances Organ Activity

Black Mica Extract Enhances Organ Activity

Interview with Asao Shimanishi – Translation by Hitoshi Sato, October 29, 2005

“Super Mineral Water: Minerals Extracted from Rocks, Activate Enzymes and Enhance Organ Activity”

This article is an interview with Dr. Asao Shimanishi, the inventor of Black Mica Extract. This article appeared as the feature story in the December 2000 issue of The Hado, a monthly publication in Japan. The following is a translation of the interview “Super Mineral Water: Minerals Extracted from Rocks Activate Enzymes and Enhance Organ Activity”.


There is no room to question that minerals are required by the human body. A mineral does not exist by itself. Their synergistic work has been noted for our health. In the beginning of his research, Mr. Asao Shimanishi became aware of the ionic power of sulfuric acid and this synergy of different minerals. He eventually found the patented key to creating what he calls Super Mineral Solution. Today we have decided to ask Mr. Shimanishi about the relationship between our body and minerals. Minerals begin their work by uniting with enzymes in our body.


My major field of study was not actually in mineral science, but pharmaceuticals. It was about 40 years ago when something attracted me to the mystery of the inner workings of the earth and rocks in particular. Rocks are by principle hard solids but through years of effervescence process, they eventually become topsoil. Minerals contained in these rocks are dissolved in water and help the growth of living organisms. They help break down these organisms when they die, and after making them inert, return them to earth as a cycle.

The relationship between water and minerals are symbiotic: as water contributes to the dissolving of minerals, it also performs as the courier. Without water, minerals become useless. These minerals are dissolved with positive ions making them electrically charged and a salt. These minerals perform an enormous task. And from this point on, the minerals and water share the same degree of importance. The problem is the degree of their contribution based on whether the water is “good or bad”.


Today, chlorine has been used in chemical industry for many purposes. It is used to disinfect our drinking water, but as you know, it has been used in other areas as well, such as with DDT and BHC, germicides and insecticides and in creating plastics. Chlorine in general is something that we can actually welcome in making tools and parts in the area of machineries, but when it comes to entering our body, it becomes a dangerous thing. Especially when chlorine mixes in water and foods, it invites a dangerous result. The USA and Japan utilize chlorine to reduce bacteria. Countries in Europe utilize Ozone for this purpose. This is what I recall … lately young children between the age of 7 and 16 commit crimes of “snapping” and are heavily involved in crimes.

We are told that in America youngsters are involved in incidents using guns. And yet we don’t hear such news from Europe. We don’t hear that youngsters use guns to commit crimes in Germany and France. In my opinion this may have something to do with the water that they drink. The disinfection standard for water in Japan is based on chlorine and this kills everything that is bad and good at the same time. This standard was introduced to us by GHQ- the American Occupying Force after WWII. The methods America uses are often based on total annihilation. There it is – either black or white. In Japanese tap water, scholars have pointed out that there are trihalomethanes (THMs).

Our politicians haven’t done a thing to legislate and renew existing Water Treatment Law. The fact of the matter is that if they did, all industries of Japan will go out of whack. Today, the soda industry imports rock salt from abroad and creates caustic soda by breaking them down electrically. The byproduct in this process is called chlorine and this thing is actually an industrial waste. This industrial waste has been used to make bi-chlorinated vinyl or to eliminate germs in our water. Japan’s water treatment, for both tap water and wastewater, has been done by using this chlorine. It is in this environment that these youngsters of Japan are driven to these “snapping” phenomena, while committing crimes.


First and most importantly we have to engage in a subtraction business of removing only villains from the water. There are 5 steps of subtraction we need to do.

  1. To remove those that cause water to lose clarity, namely insoluble substances.
  2. To kill dissolved germs.
  3. To remove rotten organic matters dissolved in water (biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) type). These organic matters can come from both meats and vegetables.
  4. To remove artificially developed synthetic substances like petrochemicals that did not actually exist in nature. This for example includes such thing as synthetically made detergents.
  5. Lastly to remove heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium.

When you do a thorough job of these 5 steps of subtraction, we create purified water or distilled water. But the answer as to whether this water is good for living organisms becomes no. There are many reasons for this, but subtraction is not good enough. Without beginning the process of addition, the water is still not good for living organisms. The addition is about introducing as many types of minerals into the water as possible.


A little while ago, I mentioned about youngsters’ “snapping” tendency. This has nothing to do with abnormality of our spirit, but a great deal to do with the management of environmental hormones. In a way it has a great deal to do with the mix-up in the substances of inner discharges in the body. Well over 50,000 different enzymes are being born in our body, but we only know the structures of about 2,000 of them. Using an analogy of the female as receiver and the male as the giver, we do know that all enzymes are of the female type. Enzymes, the female receiver, combine with minerals, the male giver. In this relationship, females are superior, and therefore get to choose their partners among minerals. But on the other hand, enzymes cannot activate unless they receive their specific mineral.

Minerals enter our body through foods and water and perform their function after this “docking process.” There are over 80 minerals on this earth. When enzymes begin the process of blood creation, for example, iron is required and other minerals are not needed. In a similar manner, male sexual hormones require only zinc. In other words, as in a marital arrangement, the male hormone is waiting for the arrival of the zinc. This is done patiently. Every living organism, be it an animal or a plant, continues their life cycle by absorbing minerals from water. When our bodies do not have the necessary minerals, our organs cannot function. The very enzymes that are supposed to do their God given functions cannot do their jobs unless they can receive the necessary minerals.



Once people have begun using the Super Mineral Solution, there have been numerous cases of recovery from various illnesses. Unfortunately, it becomes unlawful for us to say that Super Minerals would cure diseases. I have been trying to suppress people’s urge to make a huge claim such as this. But in truth, why did Super Minerals contribute to the recovery from illnesses? The key is in the way the minerals activate enzymes within the body and help awaken the organs’ innate activity.

For example, a diabetic has high blood sugar count. Diabetes is a state in which the insulin created by the pancreas is not spreading well in the diabetic’s body. If you go to a hospital that practices Western medicine, they administer insulin through syringe to balance out the blood sugar count. But the problem is when you do that, you are further discouraging the pancreas from doing what Nature assigned it to do. So the pancreatic function worsens. On the other hand, Super Minerals contain the mineral that activates the enzymes required for the pancreas to function normally. In this way, the pancreas recovers its original function.


There is another important factor in regards to water. Water is a courier that delivers important minerals within the body. The smaller the cluster of water, the better the water is. Clusters are a bunch of water molecules stuck together. The smaller the cluster, meaning the fewer number of molecules attached to each other, the faster the minerals can be delivered throughout the body’s cells. Our Super Minerals break down water clusters to about half the normal size. This means that average water which would have 12 water molecules per cluster would be broken down to about 6 water molecules per cluster. And with fewer molecules, toxins are not able to hang onto the cluster. The result is cleaner and more easily absorbed water that easily hydrates and delivers nutrients to the cells.


Water is a wondrous thing. Two highly flammable elements – namely – oxygen and hydrogen are combined to become an inflammable substance called water. Here then we need to discuss the subject of ions, which are electrical energy. When this electrical charge is introduced to water, elements in the water will either be inactivated or activated. When mixed with water, our Super Minerals act to catalyze and start the process of changing oxygen in the water into Activated Oxygen, an extremely powerful oxygenator. There are many people today who treat radical oxygen or activated oxygen as a villain.

Do you realize that people cannot live without this activated oxygen or free radical oxygen? The oxygen in the air is quite weak in terms of its ability for activation. We breathe the air, namely, oxygen, and then the oxygen goes into our blood. When the oxygen in our blood mixes with minerals, a combustion or catalytic process occurs and changes the oxygen to free radical oxygen. This is the free radical oxygen that oxidizes and burns up organic matters within the blood, and thus enables the body to maintain the temperature of 36 C or 96.8 F.

This process occurs because there are minerals in the blood. What is aging? What promotes aging? The cause is oxidized remains of burned organic matters within the blood. In other words, the remains are like burned ashes. We need Super Oxide Disputes (SOD) to break down these burned organic ashes. Once broken down, we can flush these organic matters out of our body. However as we age, not enough SOD is secreted, which is the beginning of the aging process. Super Mineral Water provides the activated oxygen to break down these burned organic ashes, thus allowing the body to easily purge the remains.


We are supplied these minerals from plants, and plants themselves must get them from the soil in which they grow. Can we expect the creation of carbohydrates if we only had carbon dioxide, sunlight and water? The answer is No. Photosynthesis occurs only if there are minerals to act as cofactors. Plants use their roots to shoot acid; the acid dissolves soil and then the plant absorbs the minerals contained therein. These minerals reach leaves and then photosynthesis naturally occurs. The central mineral of the leave’s green pigment is magnesium. If magnesium is not abundant in a garden, the vegetables will not taste good. In previous times in Japan, we used human waste as fertilizer. This allowed the recycling of minerals. Today we use chemical fertilizers. The result is we are eating mineral deficient vegetables.


Lately water from the depth of oceans has commanded some attention. Among minerals in these salt waters, there are lighter types like sodium and magnesium and then heavier types. Minerals needed for our body are heavier types. In this respect, water from the depth of the ocean does contain heavier minerals in abundance. And in this respect without a question these minerals are good. The problem is that a mineral does not exist by itself. It exists always attached to something else. Minerals in deep-sea water are attached to chlorine. So if it is sodium, it becomes sodium chloride. Magnesium becomes magnesium chloride.

While ionized, metals (or metallic minerals) are always attached to something else. The question is what each mineral is attached to that has a minus ion. In the case of minerals that are attached to chlorine, we will need to study further as to how they change their behavior once they are in our body. It is wrong to place an importance on them only because they are minerals. In the case of the Super Minerals, sulfuric acid and ions are combined together. Sulfur is the 5th most abundant mineral on the earth. Japan sits atop volcanic veins and therefore many places are full of natural spas, and smell of sulfur. Sulfur when mixed with minerals creates amino acids in living organisms.

Edible vegetation containing these amino acids becomes the tastiest. Many minerals are mixed with sulfuric acid, and they are very stable minerals. When seeking their mates, minerals mix themselves with the best and the most compatible. As an analogy, they are like the best man and wife. But if the marriage is not compatible, minerals will keep on switching mates until they find the most compatible ones. This is almost like having a marital affair or a divorce. This compatibility is referred to as “ionic tendency.” Sulfuric acid and minerals are very, very compatible. But in the case of chlorine, their unions may be easily achieved, but they often get divorced from each other. In other words, they tend not to be true to each other.

Super Minerals are mineral liquid extracted with sulfuric acid from black mica embedded in granite. When the Super Mineral Solution is mixed with tap water, oxygen within the water reaches the stage of activation and creates an oxidizing phenomenon. The origin of life derives from this oxidization phenomena. The water itself now is activated and its cluster becomes smaller. When the cluster of water is big, sundry organic matters, or trihalomethanes (THMs), are dissolved therein. But when clusters are small, the organic matter such as THMs cannot hang onto the water; in other words, they lose their union. This will translate to losing toxicity. With this logical step, tap water begins to change to water that is good for our body.


Once upon a time, I was involved in the study of discharging radioactive water from nuclear reactors. There was a material that absorbed radioactivity called an ion exchanging body; this material was made from vermiculites, which are a natural ion exchanging body. When this material came to my possession, and I had a chance to study it, I came to realize that vermiculites were actually stones called effervescent mica. Mica found abroad was almost all white mica type, but black mica had more abundant minerals. So I began a search to see where I could find black mica in Japan. I found them in granites. The liquid form of these minerals is the extracted Super Minerals – Biotite. They were not chemically synthesized. They were just extracted out from Nature as they existed.


My study did not begin with drinking water at first. I began my work because I was interested in the treatment of polluted water. The water in rivers, ponds and lakes is extremely polluted. The reasons for the pollution are found in the industrial wastes and used water from our households. In particular I was concerned with the pollution from such things as synthesized detergents and waste from oil based products. We have been trying to clean up these wastes using bacteria, but the bacteria can only do so much. The pollution becomes more and more rampant. Petrochemical products are ‘unnatural’ and therefore hard to clean up with bacteria. Because my study began with the cleanup of these industrial wastes, the matter of cleaning up tap water became an easy task.

I experimented with used water from a restaurant’s kitchen, and discharged water from a slaughterhouse by adding 5 drops of Super Mineral Solution designed for this type of sludgy water. Instantly gas evaporated. Because the water is being oxidized, carbon dioxide gas began emitting out of these waters. This liquid is a strong acid that registers between 0.5 and 1.0 on the pH scale. However one needs not fear this at all. Chlorine, sulfuric acid and acid sulfate are all inorganic acids and therefore are dangerous by themselves, but mixed with minerals they pose no threat. When these acids are in stable condition, they do not harm your skin if they come in contact with it. If you put a drop of these liquids on cotton cloth, they will create a hole, but they exhibit unusual safety on living beings.

Leave the mixture alone for a while and you begin to notice the separation of liquids in which the top part looks transparent. In other words, minerals chased away the substances that were trapped in the clusters. Those elements that were not supposed to be in the water were separated out from the water. They precipitated to the bottom of the reservoir. When the precipitated elements are taken out of the water, the water becomes extremely clean water. You will note that this water no longer has any odor. Deposits on the filter are rendered harmless and therefore you can return them back to the earth. This illustrates how instantly Super Mineral Solution breaks down polluted water and changes it into clean water. Soon this technology is to be used by Russians. In Japan there have been so many hesitations on the use of this technology and therefore it has not been wholeheartedly adopted. In this regard, I feel Japan is quite backward.


Publishing this article in The Hado helps with awareness. By so doing, this brings the understanding deeper into our society. Even the experiment I conduct may not see the same result if done by someone who does not completely understand this whole matter. Hence I feel that the experimenter’s awareness or consciousness should be equally important. I live in the field of science of addition. Hence I never expel other technologies from what I do. We all need to cooperate together with other people. And by so doing, it is my prayer that we will be able to clean up this Earth sooner rather than later and make this Earth a livable place.

Snapping was used in the interview above. It relates to an English expression of “I just snapped!” In the original language, Shimanishi Sensei used the word “cutting” which was an expression widely used in Japan to mean what I just explained above.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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