Body Biotics SBOs Benefits

By Dr. Peter R. Rothschild, M.D., Ph. D.

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The soil-based organisms have been useful for the healing of some really serious illnesses. In an average of ninety days following their ingestion, specific morbid states for which the soil-based organisms have been taken by sick patients strictly as adjunctive healing agents, positive therapeutic results have been observed and reported anecdotally by both patients and doctors (see below). Particular serious diseases either have gone into remission or the ill person’s body showed no more signs of the sickness. The patients and their health professionals administering these cultures of selected microorganisms were surprised and much heartened by elimination of the disease symptoms.

Here are some of the conditions that are reportedly, symptomatically relieved:

Lymphocytic lymphoma Prostate carcinoma
Lung carcinoma Skin melanoma
Multiple sclerosis Rheumatoid arthritis
Addison’s disease Diabetes mellitus
Adrenal leukodystrophy Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Multiple allergies Systemic lupus erythematosis

Health Professionals Reporting Treatment Successes

Having practiced chiropractic manipulation and nutritional therapy in Markle, Indiana, Phyllis Wilson Confer, DC (recently deceased), had been dispensing soil-based organisms for her patients’ serious health problems since 1989. She revealed her experiences to Donald Boys, Ph.D., of Indianapolis, former member of the Indiana House of Representatives and columnist for USA Today. At the time of her interview, Dr. Confer told Dr. Boys that she had fifty of her patients taking Body Biotics.

“One of my patients had exceedingly elevated blood triglycerides at 305 milligrams percent (mg %). Six weeks later, from the woman’s taking soil-based organisms, her triglycerides dropped to a mere 151 mg %,” Dr. Confer said. “I’m excited about the product. There are so many positive experiences associated with it.

“For instance, I had another patient with an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia) who was scheduled for surgery (transurethral resection of the prostate gland). Some weeks before his calendar date to undergo the operation, I put this man on those same soil-based organisms as an immune system booster so that he might heal faster. As a result of his taking the food supplement, his prostate gland shrunk and the surgery was canceled,” advised Dr. Confer. “My patient had made no alteration in his usual lifestyle except to take capsules of the soil-based organisms as a food supplement.

“A second man was the victim of poisoning from agent orange during the Vietnam War. His exposure had left him with a permanent disability that caused marked shuffling as he walked. When I dispensed the soil-based organisms to him inside of two weeks he didn’t shuffle anymore but rather walked upright. A number of other discomforts from which he suffered cleared up too,” Dr. Phyllis Confer had told Dr. Boys.

Acupuncturist James T. Reese, OMD, L.Ac., described during an audiotape interview how he eliminated worms from his Pomeranian dog, Scuby. Dr. Reese had dropped powder from capsules of the soil-based organisms into Scuby’s drinking water. The next morning Scuby vomited massive amounts of worms and thereafter became a healthy, friendly, and lively little dog once again.

Research on Soil-Based Organisms Carried Out in Mexico

In 1993, three single-blind, placebo-controlled clinical investigations of soil-based organisms packaged as Nature-Earth (Body Biotics) were conducted on a Mexican population at the Dispensario Medico, Partido de la Revolucion Democratica (Medical Dispensary of the PRD’s Guanajuato State Branch), in Irapuato, Mexico. The first study, Study One, investigated chronic hypercholesteremia in adult humans to learn if the condition would improve in a total population of seventy subjects. All of the patients exhibited blood cholesterol counts greater than 300 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl).

In his conclusion to the study, the Director of Dispensario Medico’s Clinical Research Division wrote: “The administration of Natur-Earth capsules to 35 adult humans of the test group, suffering from chronic hypercholesteremia, appears to have reduced their total cholesterol count by not less than 25 percent; whereas, results in a comparable control group, minus two dropouts, administered placebo capsules containing vegetal carbon, are, with one exception, not viable.”

Using the same product as the test agent above, this next study, Study Two, investigated 70 subjects to determine whether there is an increase in energy levels and vitality in human adults of both sexes without their having any diagnosed pathologies. Of the 35 test patients, 33 reported increased energy levels and a feeling of general well-being. Among the placebo group, none out of the 33 subjects remaining after two dropped out of the study reported a positive response.

This same Director of the Clinical Research Division wrote: “The administration of Nature-Earth capsules to 35 human adults of the test group, free of diagnosed pathologies, reveal that 33 out of 35 achieved moderately increased RBC and HGB levels; the same 33 also reported remarkable increases in energy levels and vitality; 28 revealed conspicuous increases of mental agility; none (of the subjects) informed about loss of energy or of vitality. Whereas, only one out of the 33 human adults taking placebos revealed increases in her RBC; 2 in the study increased HGB (hemoglobin); 4 appeared to have developed their mental agility; none has reported heightened energy or vitality levels.”

Using the same product to test as mentioned above, this single-blind, placebo-controlled study, Study Three, investigated the symptoms of chronic lymphocitic leukemia in 35 human subjects. One dropped out of the study. The Director of the Clinical Research Division wrote: “The administration of Nature-Earth capsules to 34 human individuals afflicted with chronic lymphocitic leukemia, appears to have attenuated the symptoms of approximately 80 percent of the thus treated patients.

Resource Update – June, 2011

In 2008 the product referred to in this article underwent a name change from Nature’s Biotics to Body Biotics. With the exception of the following paragraph update, no changes have been made to the 1997 published article.

It has been reprinted here in its original form. BODY BIOTICS is and always will be the pioneering formula that led to the current Probiotics revolution. BODY BIOTICS virtually paved the way to natural health solutions through the use of Advanced Consortia of SBO Probiotic Superstrains.

Author: Dr. Peter R. Rothschild