Books: Energetic Medicine

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

by James L. Oschman

Contents include:

  • Historical background
  • Measuring the fields of life
  • The “circuitry” of the body
  • The living matrix: five views
  • Acupuncture and related therapies
  • Polarity, therapeutic touch, magnet therapy and related methods

James Oschman is successful in this book because he is first and only a scientist. He has no agenda to defend the validity of energy healing. In fact, you get the sense that he would be just as happy disproving the phenomenon. And his objectivity in showing that in fact there IS a scientific basis for the practice is what makes this book absolutely priceless.

The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing

By Evelyn Monahan

Specifics for self-healing with poignant examples of how people have used it for themselves and others. Also states how to use these simple techniques for other goals. A no-hype book that simply lays out what she knows and how it has worked for others. A very systematic approach in an easy-to-follow format. Covers specific healing applications such as: ulcers, cancer, bursitis, arthritis, weight loss, sinus problems, alcoholism, stuttering, emotional stress, paralysis, asthmatic attacks, epilepsy, blindness, kidney disease, headaches, common cold, gout, menstrual cramps, heart attack issues, skin problems, ‘unhappiness’, financial problems, marriage problems, drug addiction, etc.

Vibrational Medicine

By Richard Gerber

The #1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies

The marriage of homeopathy and modern medicine signals the verge of a major paradigm shift in the sciences.

Dr. Gerber writes: “Ideally each therapeutic option offered by the different schools of thought might be used to complement and augment the effectiveness of the others, as opposed to relying on any single technique. This integrated model is one which may eventually be extended towards treating all forms of disease in a multidisciplinary fashion.”

The Body Electric

By Robert Becker and Gary Selden

Electromagnetism and The Foundation of Life,

A fascinating look at the role electricity plays in healing, challenging the traditional mechanistic model of the body. Colorful and controversial, this is a tale of engrossing research, scientific and medical politics, and breakthrough discoveries that offer new possibilities for fighting disease and harnessing the body’s healing powers.

Infinite Mind

By Valerie V. Hunt

Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness,

Explanation of how our electromagnetic auric bodies provide the energy blueprint for the unfolding of our DNA. Using the scientific realm to demonstrate what the shamans, mystics and psychics have been saying for centuries: that the human energy system is real and causative, not the effect.

Your Body Doesn’t Lie

Dr. John Diamond

Now you can ask your own body what’s good for your health! A new simple test measure impact upon your life energy.

Contents include:

  • The Mysterious Thymus Gland
  • BK Testing
  • Your Life Energy
  • Stress and Cerebral Balance
  • Your Emotions and Your Thymus
  • The People Around You
  • Your Physical Environment
  • The Music in Your Life
  • The Life in Your Food
  • The Importance of Posture
Author: Life Enthusiast Staff