Books: pH Balancing

Secrets of an Alkaline Body

The New Science of Colloidal Biology

by Annie Padden Jubb and David Jubb

This book provides a scientific explanation for cancer through an analysis of the blood. Included are four herbal formulas for making colloidal medicines for proper hydration. These alkaline beverages can be readily absorbed to purify “dirty blood” (acidic & full of toxins) making the body inhospitable to cancer. The Jubbs explain how LifeFood nutrition (a diet rich in vegetarian foods found wild in nature, served raw) can detoxify and rejuvenate the body. Secrets of an Alkaline Body is informatively illustrated and includes testimonials from clients who have successfully cleared cancer from their bodies using the Jubbs’ techniques.

Alkalize or Die

By Theodore A. Baroody

By following the guidelines in this book you can evaluate your alkaline/acid situation, determine a course of correction, and achieve a high level of vitality and strength. This powerful title carries an important message that can benefit everyone. It may revolutionize health care of the future with one simple principle: Alkalize Yourself!

Dr. Baroody’s comprehensive research and clinical findings indicate that illness and disease are directly linked to over-acidity in the system. The polluted air we breathe, the nutrient poor food and water we ingest are just part of the problem. Stress on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual cause the body to overproduce acid wastes, upsetting our delicate alkaline/acid balance.


  • Clear definitions of alkaline and acid.
  • What causes tissue acid wastes.
  • Why hydrochloric acid is good for you and other acids are not.
  • The alkaline needs of glands and organs.
  • The truth about contagious diseases.
  • How to prevent acid-related maladies that accelerate aging.

Learn how to:

  • Choose foods that create alkalinity.
  • Prepare alkaline-forming meals using the 21 day meal planner.
  • Take nutritional supplements for proper alkaline/acid balance.
  • Use the new Superfoods for building alkalinity.
  • Neutralize any type of stress.

The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet

By Felicia Drury Kliment

An Innovative Program for Ridding Your Body of Acidic Wastes, By simply balancing your body’s acidity levels, this plan can help cure various conditions including arthritis, hepatitis, insomnia, alcoholism, lung disorders, kidney disease, and much more. With information organized by affliction, you can quickly find the help you need. There’s also a practical test to help determine your metabolic type: grain eating, meat eating, or balanced. Anecdotal success stories offer inspiring evidence that this dietary/lifestyle change really works.

An easy-to-follow food combination and herbal therapy program that redefines the notion of a well-balanced diet. Discover how The Acid-Alkaline Balance Diet will help you lead a healthier, longer life.

The pH Miracle

By Robert O. Young, Shelley Redford Young

Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health, Say good-bye to low energy, poor digestion, extra pounds, aches & pains and disease. Say hello to renewed vigor, mental clarity, better over-all health and a lean, trim body.

The single most important health measurement is the pH level in your blood. Forget calories, fat and cholesterol. Forget blood pressure, blood sugar, and hormone levels. This program includes over 50 recipes and explains which foods to eat, which to avoid, and which supplements can help on the way towards optimal health and weight loss. In just weeks, readers will find they have more energy and a stronger immune system, and will have shed pounds and inches Unlock the surprisingly crucial role pH balance plays in weight loss. How acidic or alkaline your blood is (pH levels) directly affects your health and is controlled by diet.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff