Book: Recipe for Living Without Disease – Part 1

by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

We can live without fear of disease, disease-free.

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What’s To Discuss? Let’s Eat!

Are We Safe?

According to the world-renowned Dr. Samuel Epstein, M.D., one of every 2.5 people develops cancer. Why has the cancer rate increased from 1 in 8,000 in the year 1906 to 1 in 2.5?

Considering all of the other diseases and those yet to come, what are our chances of developing disease in our lifetime? 100%?! What are the odds that hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and HMOs will decide that it is too expensive to treat us? How many insurance companies will deny us, or fail and seek bankruptcy? According to recent estimates, 50% of possible medical treatment is withheld because of cost-savings. Trends indicate that in 10 years, few people will have access to medical treatments other than drugs. Why do we continue to hear from he media that medical science is on the verge of freeing us from disease?

With the extremely low success-rate of medical treatments, what are the odds that medical therapies will be a waste of our time, money and health? What are the chances that we will get medical-induced diseases from doctors, hospitals and medication?

The Journal of American Medical Association reported from university research that conservatively, 137,000 hospital deaths and 2.1 million serious hospital injuries occur each year from medication. Additionally, consider the conservative estimate that the non-hospital-medication deaths and injuries may be 5 million per year. Plus, medical therapies cause over 2 million diseases per year. With those statistics, should we trust medical treatments? Do we want to risk those frightful odds?

Would we be more secure in living lifestyles that insure better health and freedom from disease at a fraction of the cost of medical treatments?

How I Discovered What Health Is

I am compelled to tell my story. It may save many lives from falling into the same fate that I did with medical treatment. I am one of the statistics cited above. My experiences were traumatic and true. Often, they elicit emotionality, even hostility toward the medical system. However, I no longer live in anger or hostility. My life is wonderful now. I took responsibility and made it rich in health.

I was frequently sick after birth. I was administered pound after pound of medication without dietary change. Family, teachers, the media, doctors and scientists convinced me to believe that disease is a natural phenomenon to which mainly weak-minded individuals succumb. I was considered weak and useless. Instead of getting healthier with medical therapy, I got worse. Some people said that I suffered at the mercy of God, Karma or Nature. Others said that I was the product of genetic mishap.

I was conditioned to believe that a few pills or injections would cure my problems. Then I was led to believe that several pounds of pills or injections were needed. I was indoctrinated to believe that medication is all-important and that the quality of our food is of little consequence.

My first 20 years were full of illness including developmental autism. At 20, I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. Medical treatment turned the ulcer into cancer. The doctors treated me as if I were stupid if I did not do what they demanded. They told me that I would suffer “beyond belief” and die quickly. They traumatized me into believing that I had to let them cut and restructure my stomach, expose me to radiation and infuse me with chemotherapy.

Doctors did not tell me that for every one cancer cell that is burned by radiation a hundred million healthy cells are burned. I was not informed that radiation prevented billions of healthy cells from reproducing. They did not mention that radiation therapy would cause blood and bone cancers, cauterize my spine and greatly restrict movement. They did not inform me that for every one cancer cell poisoned by chemotherapy one billion healthy cells were poisoned. There was no mention that chemotherapy congested the lymph system and would cause me lymphoma. They did not tell me that all of their cancer treatments prevented proper healing, or that they would give me psoriasis and bursitis. They did not warn me that chemotherapy would damage my kidneys and bladder. I learned the hard way that, probably, I would not be able to live without a diaper.

The horror stories I heard, about what would happen if I did not attack the cancer, would have been a lot less traumatic than what I experienced with treatment. Doctors said that those therapies would be helpful and extend my life; possibly conquer my cancers. My life deteriorated rapidly within weeks after each therapy ended. The treatments rendered me suicidal in despair.

Rather than speak rationally about the facts of cancer treatment, doctors terrorized me into believing them. I call it terrorism because their advice and stories left me so completely traumatized that I did anything they prescribe whether rational or not, based on true science or not.

Too late, I comprehended that the foundation and structure of medicine is disease not wellness. I learned that doctors know little or nothing about health and healing. I discovered that medical doctors’ prejudices and fears do not accept rationale or empirical evidence when it comes to food, bacteria, virus, parasites, disease and pollution.

Doctors have been trained to attack microbes. We are treated with drugs that most often do not work. When they work, the effects are usually temporary and addictive. All drugs have side effects. After doctors crippled me and gave me a “definite” 3 months death-sentence, I began to reject medical therapies.

Through searching and trial and error, I discovered alternative approaches to wellness. One of my first realizations came a year after one of my doctors severed all of the vagus nerves to my stomach as treatment for the cancerous stomach ulcer. After the fact, he explained that I would never be able to eat fresh raw food again because my stomach would never again produce hydrochloric acid. After surgery, I noticed that foods did affect me radically. Consequently, I realized that food affects health.

When I was given the ultimate death-sentence a year after stomach surgery and suffering with a normal cooked diet, I experimented and ate the opposite of what the doctors prescribed. I discovered that I digested fresh raw foods very well, except for whole vegetables. I felt a little better.

Origin of Disease

I began to explore theories that were not embraced by the medical profession. One theory with substantial supportive documentation is that we are industrially, environmentally, dietarily and medicinally poisoning ourselves into disease. That theory generated the movements toward ecology and health food. Very little contemporary scientific research has been funded to discover the truths proposed by those movements.

We have plenty of evidence that environmental pollution is hazardous and creates volatile toxins. We have proof that cooking and processing alter the chemical properties of food, destroying nutrients and creating volatile toxins. We know that deficiencies and volatile toxins cause disease. We simply need to connect the dots: Deficiencies and toxicity, not microbes, cause loss of cellular integrity and degeneration resulting in disease.

Consumption of any cooked or processed food, and exposure to pollution create toxicity, imbalances, and deficiencies. When enough toxicity accumulates, resulting in compound cellular damage and degeneration, disease develops. I present evidence on pages 152-157.

How Much Toxicity Does It Take To Develop Disease And How Do We Reverse It?

We experience degenerative conditions and symptoms from accumulated toxins. For some people, a little toxicity is enough to create disease. In weaker individuals, often the mothers had not eaten a healthy diet and/or had been exposed to toxins, including medication and cleaning compounds. The toxins flowed from mothers’ blood and accumulated in the fetuses.

Toxins must be dissolved and discarded. Tests have proved that the accumulations of the byproducts formed and released from dissolving or discarding toxins also must be isolated and removed. That isolation, dissolution, neutralization, secretion and excretion of toxins is called detoxification.

Symptoms, such as nausea, vomit, diarrhea, edema (swelling), failed appetite, insomnia, aches and pains, lethargy, impotence, weight-loss, colds, flu, fever, and even immobility are indications of detoxification. Detoxification is necessary to reverse disease. It is our bodies’ way of cleansing themselves of toxins. Swelling occurs during periods when massive toxins inundate the blood and/or tissues, such as after injury including poison. Swelling is a sign of increased circulation required to dilute and remove toxins and to increase nutrients to toxic areas.

Healing follows detoxification. Proper healing is when the body reproduces cells to repopulate areas where toxins destroyed cells. Improper healing occurs when our bodies cannot reproduce cells because of deficiencies. Our bodies must relocate live or mummified cells (scar tissue) from other areas of our bodies when our cells cannot reproduce. That process weakens the entire body.

What are the nutrients for proper detoxification and healing?

Journey To Optimal Health

I tried many alternatives to medical therapies. The only alternative that was effective and long-lasting was a particular raw-food diet. Over many years, it completely reversed my cancers as well as my juvenile diabetes, psoriasis, angina, bursitis and developmental autism. I discovered that particular raw foods and particular raw-food combinations gradually reversed almost every disease 90% of the time as long as I did not accept medical therapies. Although sometimes I experienced reduction in symptoms, I observed less overall recovery when I used medication, medical therapies or dietary supplements. Medication, medical therapies and supplements often stop symptoms while they further compromise and/or destroy health. I will discuss this more on pages 158-160.

Empirical evidence proved to me that the health of an individual depends greatly on what she or he eats and how food is prepared and combined. The foods to eat depend on an individual’s health-needs. Generally, each food affects the body differently because each food offers a different formula of nutrients. Because of our individual chemistry, some times the same food affects individuals differently.

Over a 33-year period, empirical and scientific evidence proved to me that raw, unheated, uncooked, non-irradiated, unprocessed food promotes and generates good health and well-being and reverses disease. Empirical and scientific evidence has proved that cooked and processed food promotes disease. I am one of thousands of people who can testify to those truths from experience. I realized that health-giving food is raw food that is suited for us anatomically and bio-chemically. I discuss which foods are suited for us on pages 150-152. To discover which foods reverse particular ailments and disease, read We Want To Live, Volume 2.

To see several hundred testimonials go to the website:

If you are interested in my journey and others’ case histories of disease reversals with diet, and to discover specific foods that have proved to beneficially affect an individual’s health, read We Want To Live, Vol. 1.

Man’s Dietary Origin

Humans Lived Without Disease

All creatures in nature have thrived on the ability to grow, propagate, and live disease-free with the ingestion of raw food that is complete with particular combinations of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and many unidentified nutrients. Our bodies have evolved for millions of years digesting raw foods that are complete microcosms within themselves, resplendent in nutrients and bacteria.

The story that cavemen started a fire every time they ate is anthropological supposition. Anyone who has lived primitively, as I did for several years, knows that there are numerous conditions that prevent fire-making. Cavemen had to have eaten their meat diet mostly fireless. Prior to the importation of German cooking cauldrons, Eskimos ate their meat raw. Cavemen probably did, too. The Eskimo-diet was 99% animal products’ (fish, Caribou, seal, moose, bear, whale, etc.). Eskimos lived free of degenerative diseases. Based on my experiences, eating raw food was the primary factor that enabled them to stay strong, energetic, and happy, and to live without disease under strenuous climatic conditions.

Note 2: Throughout this book, when I state “animal products” or “animal food”. I mean flesh food (meat and glands), eggs and dairy products. I do not mean food that is fed to animals.

Why did we make the transition from eating raw animal foods to eating mainly grains and vegetables? The most plausible explanation is that nomadic humans decided to settle in one place. They overpopulated and consumed most of the animal life around their dwellings. They had to eat something else. Rather than leave their homes, migrate to where more meat roamed and rebuild their villages, they found ways to utilize vegetation, legumes, nuts and grains. They learned that cooking allowed their digestive tracts to utilize more substances from grains, legumes and vegetables. Cooking, however, gradually caused health problems, including dehydration, constipation and severe sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Those problems gradually became innumerable ailments and diseases. I will discuss more about nutrients destroyed by cooking and processing on pages 152-156. More on disease and disease-free living is discussed on pages 164-185.

Can We Digest Cooked And Processed Food?

Doctors and scientists have told people for a century that our bodies produce vitamins and enzymes to compensate for those destroyed by cooking and processing. They point to the fact that when people digest cooked food, pancreatic and stomach fluids show supplementation of nutrients destroyed by cooking. Because of that phenomenon, they conclude that it is healthy to eat cooked food. They have led us to believe that vitamins and enzymes spontaneously appear, as money grows on trees.

They have not told us that:

1) eating cooked food forces our pancreases to send hormonal and electromagnetic messages to every cell in our bodies,

2) those messages demand that nutrients be leeched from our cells to replace the nutrients lost during cooking and processing,

3) our cells sacrifice their innate high-quality supply of vitamins and enzymes to the functions of digestion, assimilation and utilization of cooked and processed food,

4) when our digestive systems are finished with those jobs, we suffer more leeching because our cells must send more nutrients to detoxify the poisons formed during cooking and processing, and

5) those leeching processes gradually and unnoticeably weaken every cell in our bodies. As a result, our entire bodies slowly deteriorate. Disease came quickly to those of us who were born weak and debilitated.

We must acknowledge that some people who eat cooked foods appear and feel healthy because they utilize cooked foods better than most people. Many people who eat cooked food, especially our youth, progressively deteriorate but do not realize it because they have great energy produced by hormones from overactive glands. That means they have an overabundance of hormones. Much of the hormonal overproduction is from toxic junk food full of preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and other drugs fed to animals we eat. Those hormones are often used by their bodies to replace the destroyed nutrients in cooked and processed food, to stimulate energy levels, and to mask illness-symptoms without eliminating disease. Many of those people’s glands become too toxic, may harden later in life and/or become fatigued. Most often, those people do not realize they are diseased until it is too late to reverse their ill conditions easily. At that late stage, their glands do not produce enough hormones to carry on normal internal functions, much less utilize hormones as replacements for destroyed nutrients.

Can We Digest Raw Food?

In discussions over the years, approximately 30 doctors corroborated what Dr. Edinberg emphatically stated to me after he performed stomach surgery (vagotomy pyloroplasty): That I could not possibly digest properly because of that surgery. They all said that because I do not secrete hydrochloric acid for proper digestion, I must cook all food to get some value from it, even though cooking destroys much of the nutrient value that raw food supplies. Again, they terrorized me into believing them.

I followed their prescriptions and worsened to the extent that I was crippled. One cooked meat meal caused pustules to appear from my head to my waist, front and back. I noticed that if I did not eat cooked meat, I had fewer pimples. Every time I ate cooked or processed food, I felt side-effects; cooked meat affected me worst.

Using various diets, I experimented with myself first, then with animals and people. We found that raw food was, and is, the only food we digest thoroughly and properly without carcinogenic toxins formed by cooking and side effects of those toxins. How can doctors and scientists hold fast to their false beliefs and deny our testimony? How can they deny the quality of my health when their prognosis was that I would die horribly at least 34 years ago? How can they deny my healthy results from eating only raw food for the last 28 years? The answers to those questions are implied in the answers to these questions: Who funds research and who dictates the purpose of research? Could researchers be biased in favor of the economic gain from the pharmaceutical and food-processing industries? They use the example of a small portion of the population who live satisfactorily and even happily eating cooked food and taking their medications.

Researchers dictate what doctors believe. Most doctors, academia and the media, accept researchers’ speculations as truth written in stone. People have been conditioned, in the name of “advanced” technological living, that anything “raw” or “primitive” is bad, and that technology at any price is good. The words “raw” and “primitive” have been propagandized to mean unclean, gross and disease-causing. The processed-food industry, with its well-paid scientists and marketers, and with government help from the USDA and FDA, blurred the meanings of the words “natural”, “organic”, “raw”, and “uncooked”. They have deliberately confused us about what truly gives to and takes away from our health. Empirical evidence proved erroneous the supposition that raw food is hard to digest and dangerous. Thousands of people and I are living examples that raw food digests and assimilates wonderfully.

It is true that most humans cannot properly digest the leaves, stalks and roots of whole raw vegetables, including seaweeds and dried algae. A human is not an herbivore. The key to digesting vegetation is to drink raw vegetable juices and eliminate the pulp. Raw vegetable juices are our best vitamin, enzyme and mineral supplements. More about our digestive abilities is on pages 150-152.

A diet of mainly raw meat, raw eggs and raw dairy proved to be safe, easily digested and the most nutritious.

Should We Worry About Bacteria?

Bacterial concern is a phobia that has swept the “civilized” world. Our natural food-supply is being annihilated because of it. We must look rationally at the bacterial issue. Consider the fact that many tribes ate primarily unsalted raw meat, unsalted raw fats and/or unsalted raw dairy products from the beginning. They did not wash their hands or sterilize their food before eating. Every form of natural bacteria, including salmonella, E. coli and campylobacter4 were eaten with their food, abundantly and constantly. Why were they vibrant, healthy and disease-free if microbes are the culprits?

Note 4: Three genuses of bacteria believed to cause food-poisoning. E.coli is found in bowels and feces and unscientifically presumed to cause death. More on pages 167-185.

From the time babies are born, they put everything in their mouths, dirt and microbes. It is believed that babies build immunity through small benign doses of bacteria, allergens, and pathogens. Some scientists call this “autoimmune inoculation”. Rather than accept the inoculation-theory, I believe that for millions of years animals, including humans, formed working relationships with bacteria, including “pathogens”. Those microbes have a janitorial role in nature and we benefit from them. When parents stop babies from putting stuff in their mouths, they hinder the relationship with microbes and the environment, unless of course the objects are poisonous, such as manmade chemicals and most toys.

Doctors told me that I was in danger of death from bacterial and parasitic food-poisoning. I was placed in the highest “at-risk” category. They terrorized me into believing that raw food with all of its bacteria would kill me. They were adamant about it. What they told me to eat did not work.

From desperation, I tried eating raw meats. Thousands of times, I ate raw meats and raw milk that were “microbe-infected” during my 32 years of experimentation and everyday life. According to the assumptions of the medical and scientific communities, I should have suffered bacterial or parasitic food poisoning thousands of times. I did not. Not once. Thousands of other “at-risk” individuals who switched to eating raw animal products to reverse their diseases and/or to improve their health also did not get sick.

I learned that the occurrence of diarrhea and vomit in people who ate raw food was less frequent than in people who ate cooked and processed food. I learned that in either case, bacteria were found. I discovered in studies of diarrhea and vomit that more often there were higher concentrations of bacteria in people who ate cooked food than in people who ate raw food. How, then, can the medical and scientific communities adhere to the belief that raw food causes bacterial food-poisoning? Their belief is based in fear, with no more rationale than the belief in evil spirits that motivated the witch hunts of medieval times.

Possible metabolic and environmental sources of vomit and diarrhea must be explored where “pathogens”5 are found. These questions must be asked: Are pathogens the cause or the result of degenerative disease? Are they the cause or the cure? Is pointing the finger at microbes a distraction from the causes of disease? Is the pollution of our food, water and air predominantly the cause of diseases that include vomit and diarrhea? Are doctors and scientists using microbes as scapegoats for the causes of diseases that we create with our processing, medical therapies and pollution? All hypotheses must be explored by independent testing. Researchers must be held accountable to uphold the rules of evidence without the influence of special interests.

Note 5: Believed to be agents capable of producing disease. “Pathogen” is the medical term for “the bad guys”. However, in reality, “pathogens” have a beneficial purpose.

It is wise to know the myths as well as the truths regarding food in our time. Then we will be free to eat with peace of mind, joy and sensuality. Do not look to the medical or scientific communities for information on raw food. They have been prejudiced against it and know very little or nothing about raw food. They study and experiment with drugs, cooked and processed food. Although most make adamant claims against raw food, especially raw meats, they know little or nothing about the effects of raw food on health. I have met hundreds of doctors. Not one had any experience utilizing a raw-meat diet. I present more evidence on the myths and truths regarding bacteria on pages 167-185.

What’s Healthiest To Eat, And What’s Not?

In an ideal world, a recipe for health satisfies a person’s well-being and desire for good taste. In the natural world without pollution, animals are guided by instinct to eat raw food rich in nutrients and bacteria. They are guided by their senses. If we were healthy animals that allowed pure natural instinct to direct our sense of hunger, we would eat what is best for our bodily functions. Unfortunately, in our industrial-food, carbohydrate-addicted, bacterial-phobic society, we eat from the muddled combination of instinct, habituation and addiction.

I have observed and counseled many people who ate a raw instinctive diet. I tried and enjoyed a raw instinctive diet for six years. We ate only foods that appealed to our senses of smell, taste and fullness. We ate a lot of fruit because sweetness appealed to all of us. Even though we felt better in general, too often we suffered severe symptoms, over-emotionality, hyperactivity and irritability. Those experiences were no different than our experiences on the standard-American diet (SAD). We assumed that instinctive-eating was a better diet because it was natural. When my teeth began to rapidly decay, I began to doubt the power of food. Someone suggested that I eat a modified raw diet that restricted high-carbohydrate food, including carrot and sweet-fruit juices, and sweet fruit. I was appalled at the suggestion because I loved sweet fruit.

Since I wanted to stop my tooth-decay, I tried eating a raw diet of meat, dairy, eggs, green vegetable juices and only 1/2 cup of fruit daily. The diet was not as enjoyable and I was often nauseated for the first 3 weeks but my life gradually improved. My tremendous anxiety over the polluted, greed-driven and fearful structure of society and government settled. I spent more time finding or creating solutions and less time brooding and being ineffective. I became less sensitive to cold temperatures and less hyperactive. My over-enthusiasm and zealousness mellowed. I became better able to communicate, write and read. When I ate too much fruit, I relapsed into heightened anxiety.

After a year of eating that way, I advised changes to my clients’ diets. Some clients gradually experienced the same improvements that I had. Most of them experienced immediate improvements. It was a wonderful leap of progress toward a healthier, happier, disease-free life. I experimented with fine-tuning the diet. I continually found that raw fats, especially unsalted raw butter, are the primary substances that dissolve and bind with toxicity, protect our cells, reverse the greatest number and most severe cases of diseases, and deliver the greatest strength and energy. In an ideal healthy world, we would not need such an abundance of fat. In our civilized, polluted, disease-ridden world, we need an abundance of fat.

Before my move away from high-carbohydrate food, I discovered that most people do not regenerate cells to reverse or prevent the aging process of deterioration and disease without eating plenty of raw meat in combination with raw fats. My experience contradicted the conditioned-thinking that meats and fats are bad and cause obesity and a myriad of other diseases. After my shift away from eating high-carbohydrate food, I discovered that I healed more quickly. My clients who implemented the changes of diet also healed more quickly.

It was not long after my introduction to raw food that I became aware that our bodies have innumerable chores to complete every minute. They eat, digest, transport, utilize and assimilate food to energize, lubricate membranes, regenerate and reproduce to replace dead cells. Dead cells must be collected, transported, dissolved or disassembled, sorted through for usable substances, and the byproducts discarded. The innumerable enzymes and vitamins found in raw food are the helpers necessary to accomplish those tasks. When we eat raw food, we have trillions of helpers to accomplish all of those tasks with little waste.

When we cook and/or process our food, we massacre our helpers, causing our bodies to have to do all of the chores on their own. Cooking and processing exhaust our bodies’ natural resources. We further exhaust our natural resources trying to clean up the toxicity after the massacre. The pancreas must produce and discharge extra hormones and electromagnetic signals that leech quality vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates from every cell to clean up the massacre, as well as continue to perform all of its ordinary, innumerable bodily tasks. In most people, many years of leeching causes gradual but marked decrease in strength and agility. That is common in our society. Leeching reduces the ability of each and every cell to withstand the increased toxicity that accompanies this process and produces diseases of all kinds.

A simple analogy is this: We are the mayors of a city (the body) in which we live. We must renovate, maintain and keep the city efficient and clean. Our enzymes are the maids, gardeners, food-preparers, handy and craft persons, helpers and managers that accomplish all of the chores necessary every second. If we massacre the workers (cook and/or process our food, destroying enzymes and vitamins), not only do we have to clean the massacre, we must seize workers from other tasks to do all of the chores of the city. That depletes our resources and depresses the population (our cells). That entire process is impossible to maintain. We cannot properly accomplish the chores. Pollution collects and creates a toxic environment within the city and the city deteriorates.

Taking the analogy another step, let’s say we built New York City (our body) from poor and poisonous materials (cooked and processed foods). The city-dwellers, animals and plants (our cells and microbes) are variously affected. They overproduce waste because they are weak and lack the resources necessary to maintain a self-sustainable environment. Grime accumulates in the homes, buildings, streets, fields, parks and skies, deteriorating structures and life. Now let’s say we become aware that we built a polluted and rapidly deteriorating, diseased city. How much time will it take to reorganize, demolish faulty structures, load, transport and bury waste, neutralize poisonous matter, search for and gather nutrients, negotiate, redesign, renovate and restructure? How long will roads be blocked and over-congested? What degree of inconvenience, pollution and pain will residents and workers suffer? If people had to completely rebuild New York City, how long would it take? Two hundred years? Five hundred?

Our bodies do not normally sustain a complete, instant cataclysmic breakdown of organs, glands or systems as New York City did when the Twin Towers collapsed. The body has to take itself apart bit by bit. Bacteria, viruses, molds and parasites help speed the process by consuming the weak or dead cells and degenerate tissue reducing them to lesser wastes. The detoxification process is slow accompanied by many uncomfortable symptoms.

The work of doctors Pottenger and Howell corroborates the results of my observations of more than 5 000 people who eat a mainly raw diet. Our conclusion is that animals require 5 generations to reach optimal health. Since bones in humans take approximately 7 1/2 years to be completely replaced one time our bodies require approximately 40 years to rebuild themselves to reach optimal health. Fortunately we do not have to wait for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to feel better. We improve every year on a health-giving diet. (I outline more on health-giving foods food-combining and daily dietary plans on pages 26-43.)

Sleep And Healing

Ninety-percent of healing that is regeneration and cellular reproduction occurs during sleep. Naps are health-giving especially when feeling sleepy or tired. A 10- to 60-minute nap often does wonders for the body mind and spirit.

People who are sleepy need sleep. Getting well and strong depends on lots of sleep. As we get healthier and stronger we need less sleep. When I was recovering from cancer especially cancer treatments I slept 12-20 hours each day. Now on the average I sleep 4 ‘/2 -5 hours each day. I enjoy excellent clarity and stamina in my wakeful hours. Two to six days each month I may sleep 6-8 hours. I usually take a 10-60 minute nap everyday.

Tracy’s Note: Sleeping in a fully darkened room facilitates sleep more than anything else due to melatonin production in the first 3 hours.

Bowel Movements

The number and volume of bowel movements depends on the food health of intestinal bacteria and amount of toxins that enter the bowels. One movement every 1 to 3 days may be appropriate for one individual while 5 movements in a single day may be appropriate for another individual. Frequency volume and consistency naturally vary and should not be a concern unless there is considerable discomfort. If constipation is a problem I suggest that you eat more unsalted raw butter. Also see pages 147-148.

Optimal Recipes!

Delicious Is In The Palate Of The Masticator

You may have noticed that the same products of processed and cooked foods taste exactly the same package after package and bottle after bottle. Processing and cooking destroy the naturally occurring flavor-nutrients in food. Food often becomes bitter and unappealing. Food-manufacturers must season the food to make it appealing and habit-forming. Often a bite of cooked and processed food loses flavor and palatability within five or six chews unless it has been heavily salted chemically flavored or seasoned. Because processed and cooked foods do not satisfy our nutritive needs and cause extreme toxicity our bodies are always unsatisfied and starving regardless of how full we feel. One of two extreme symptoms is often the result: 1) overeating or 2) lack of appetite.

Most processed foods are made from spoiled rancid and repulsive-tasting fruit vegetable grain or animal products. For example most commercial tomato sauces and tomato soups are made with spoiled tomatoes. They are full of fermentation and molds. The tomatoes sit in open trucks in the hot sun for days spoiling. After the spoiled tomatoes are sterilized they are seasoned with chemical and/or processed flavorings to hide the rotten taste. If we eat those sauces and soups we eat rotten food and chemicals.

A little spoiled raw food has been shown to be beneficial to health but not when processed sterilized and eaten repeatedly. Diets of spoiled cooked and processed foods have proved repeatedly to coincide with disease. We may pay twice more for them through loss of health and work.

Fresh raw foods usually have delightful tastes. Some of us have retained a degree of our natural taste instincts and easily appreciate meaty raw foods. However most of us live in palatal conflict. We crave foods that are not good for us. I vowed to resolve that conflict. I offer health-giving raw recipes that have assisted many people with varied food preferences toward achieving optimal health and reversing disease.

Each raw food tastes uniquely different especially if it comes from heirloom seed rather than hybrid. One tomato may taste slightly different from another tomato from the same vine. Therefore each time a raw-food recipe is prepared it will have a somewhat different flavor. This is the ultimate dietary variety the spice of life.

For some people eating raw meat is nearly impossible unless it has a familiar flavor. Therefore most of the recipes I present in this book are to increase peoples’ appetite for raw meat. When I refer to raw meat I mean flesh food whether it is seafood fish fowl beef sheep venison buffalo pork or wild meat. Other recipes such as raw cheesecakes are wonderfully delicious raw health-giving sweet meals.

All recipes in this book promote better health when included in a balanced diet. To discover what a balanced diet is for each individual read We Want To Live Vols. I & 2. I suggested two general dietary plans in this book on pages 39-41.

The Best Health-Giving Raw Food

  • Honey bee pollen and royal jelly should not be artificially heated above 93¬∞ F (33¬∞ C) nor stored below 45¬∞ F (7¬∞ C).
  • Fats should not be artificially heated above 96¬∞ F (35¬∞ C) nor stored below 38¬∞ F (2¬∞ C) except olive oil which should not be stored below 50¬∞ F (10¬∞ C).
  • Milk and milk products should not be artificially heated above 98¬∞ F nor stored below 45¬∞ F (7¬∞ C).
  • Meats should not be artificially heated above 98¬∞ F (37¬∞ C) nor stored below 38¬∞ F (2¬∞ C).
  • Eggs should not be artificially heated above 98¬∞ F (37¬∞ C) nor stored below 68¬∞ F (20¬∞ C). Eggs lose many nutrients when refrigerated. Eggs should not be refrigerated except when a recipe calls for it. Recipes that contain egg should not be refrigerated after being prepared. Most recipes will last for 24 hours outside of refrigeration.
  • Other foods should not be artificially heated above 104¬∞ F (39¬∞ C) nor stored below 45¬∞ F (7¬∞ C).

Following are the foods that have been proved to assimilate well in human digestion and are able to be properly utilized for balance growth regeneration cellular reproduction and lubrication soothing calming cleansing and fueling.

RAW EGGS Free-Range are one of the best compact foods in nature. Eggs are the ultimate complete fast-food. However the protein in eggs is not utilized for cellular reproduction. They are utilized for regeneration and maintenance and cannot be substituted for meat except occasionally. The relationship between raw eggs and salmonella-poisoning is a myth.

Tracy’s Note: If you are concerned about salmonella-poisoning add coriander to your recipes.

Eggs are remarkable for everyone especially those who are infirm. Three years ago a medical doctor called me on a Thursday evening about her 70-year-old female patient with emphysema. She explained that her patient had been mainly bedridden for 2 years was on 100% oxygen and respiratory machines. She prognosed that her patient would die that weekend unless I could help. I told her that the only thing that I thought might help at that late stage was eggs. I recommended that she get her patient 10 dozen raw eggs and put them on her bed-table. I suggested that she ask her patient to eat one as often as she could and that there was no limit. Very early Monday morning I received a call from the patient. She told me that she was off the machines out of bed and feeling stronger than she had in years. She had eaten 66 eggs over the weekend.

If eggs are whipped beaten or blenderized without milk cream or coconut cream many of the enzymes are oxidized and lost. Therefore we might eat eggs alone do not mix beat whip or blenderize them. Many clients enjoy sucking them from the shell as I do by poking a whole at each end. Hold the head back and suck. Be certain to put a finger over the bottom hole when your head returns to normal position or egg will drain. Others enjoy eating eggs Rocky-style that is broken into a glass and consumed without any other food not whipped beaten or mixed. For those who are squeamish about the texture sipping and swallowing the egg white makes eating eggs Rocky-style very easy and non-repulsive.

RAW FAT is the most utilized nutrient in our bodies especially in our toxic industrial world. It helps stabilize and relax the body markedly when in combination with raw meat. Fats help white blood-cell production assist microbial activity and provide for lubricants to accomplish a variety of functions. Lubricants facilitate movement without frictional deterioration protect cells from heat cold and caustic substances provide hormones to regulate activity and when acting in conjunction with 15% protein and 5% alcohol formed internally from carbohydrate fats dissolve all sorts of toxic substances. Fats provide the greatest strongest and most efficient energy possible.

Before modern man encroached upon native populations such as the Eskimo Masai Fulani and Samburu natives consumed fat as 40-60% of their caloric intake. The Eskimo endured the coldest temperatures. The Masai Fulani and Samburu tribes in Africa endured very hot temperatures. The Eskimo Masai Fulani and Samburu did not suffer any heart maladies as long as they ate their natural diet of raw- meat and raw fat absent of sugar and cooked starches.

RAW MEAT provides easily used proteins to build rebuild regenerate and reproduce cells throughout the body. I have observed that raw meat is the only protein that facilitates nerve tissue regeneration and cellular reproduction. Although all meats help regenerate every type of cell particular raw meats more readily help the regeneration of certain types of cells. Red meat such as beef buffalo venison lamb etc. helps regenerate and develop most glandular tissue blood and muscle. White meat such as chicken turkey and other fowl helps build and regenerate connective tissue nerves lymph skin and tissue in general. White meat such as non-farmed ocean wild-caught fish and seafood helps reconstitute nerves including the brain. I have seen that eating 1-3 pounds of raw meat daily helps regenerate heal the body and reverse the common toxic deterioration associated with aging and disease. Regarding the ratio of red and white meat to eat for each individual see We Want To Live Appendix P.

I recommend only ocean wild-caught raw fish not farmed except oysters clams and scallops. I suggest all varieties including Swordfish which has the highest mercury content. When digested and made bioactive by plankton and eaten by fish traces of mercury are great detoxifiers of toxic mercury in the body. Bioactive and non-cauterized mercury in raw fish helps buoyancy of fish. When fish are cooked mercury and other metallic minerals become free-radicals and toxic.

I have noted in my clients a continual rise in nausea and vomit from eating freshwater fish especially freshwater-caught salmon catfish and sturgeon. Freshwater fish have a greater number of toxins because our fresh waters are approximately 30% polluted. Our oceans are approximately 4% polluted. I do not eat freshwater fish unless I catch it in a non-polluted lake. There are very few non-polluted lakes left in the USA because of the pollution created by water-sport vehicles agricultural chemicals and agricultural and mining waste.

Eating organic glands is recommended in all cases especially Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fibromyalgia and Lupus. To make glands palatable I created POWER DRINKS; pages 102-103.

FRESH RAW NON-PASTEURIZED NON-IRRADIATED GREEN VEGETABLE JUICES are important for optimal health because they are the only nontoxic vitamin enzyme and mineral supplements. Vegetable juices replace the vitamins enzymes and minerals that are lost in daily activity. They provide for the management of toxicity from years of eating cooked food. They provide for proper blood alkalinity without alkalinizing the acidic parts of our digestive tract.

Because we are constantly in accelerated detoxification due to our toxic conditions our blood tends to be too acidic with waste compounds. That acidic blood-condition often causes cravings for too much fruit and cooked starches lethargy irritability repulsion toward meats and anorexia. Drinking green vegetable juices 2-4 times a day but not in combination with other foods helps to neutralize the acidic compounds in the blood. They do not over-alkalinize the intestines. Most often they eliminate the symptoms listed above. Drinking green vegetable juices daily ensures the replacement of the enzymes vitamins and minerals that are lost because of deficient soils reduced through the stress of food transport from the field to our dinner plates and that have been leeched from our bodies from years of eating cooked foods. Several juice recipes appear on pages 53-55.

High-carbohydrate vegetable juices such as root vegetables (carrot beet potato and yam) raise the blood-sugar level too high making us overly emotional. Often the blood-sugar level soars and then drops leaving us mentally and emotionally fatigued sleepy irritable and/or depressed. Therefore it is important to restrict the quantity of high-carbohydrate vegetable juices. Most often I suggest that a vegetable drink contain no more than 10% carrot juice.

Since the USDA and FDA have worked against our health and acted in favor of agribusinesses they have ruined the true meaning of organic. Now even organic produce may contain agricultural chemicals. To help prevent agricultural chemicals from damaging our health it would be best to put I teaspoon of sun-dried clay into each quart of vegetable juices. The clay will absorb most if not all of the toxins that may be found in the juices.

Tracy’s Note: Bentonite white powder clay is good for this because it’s without sand and easily consumed.

UNHEATED HONEY contains an insulin-like substance that is produced by bees when collecting nectar. That insulin-like substance converts 90% of the carbohydrate in nectar into enzymes that help digest assimilate and utilize protein. Unheated honey is a wonderful sweet food that helps digest all types of meat. That honey is wonderful for infants fed in small amounts at a time.

The insulin-like substance begins detrimental alteration at 93° F (33° C) and is destroyed at 100° F (37° C). Diabetics hypoglycemics and some infants cannot utilize honey if the insulin-like substance is destroyed. Honey that is heated above I04° F (39° C) is radical sugar that often causes slow deterioration of membranes in the body. Honey heated above 104° F (39° C) may cause toxicity in some infants.

CARBOHYDRATES are required for only 5% of the optimal diet for humans. They are needed to properly utilize fat for energy and make solvents for cleansing. The best sources for carbohydrates are green vegetable juices and a small amount of fruit. When we eat too much carbohydrate we create many conditions that diminish health. Carbohydrates such as root vegetables grains nuts and seeds and products made from them such as pasta cereals cakes donuts pancakes breads and cookies create health problems.

Note. The reason for this are the inhibitors found in all nuts and seeds and must be germinated before they can be digested. Grains are seeds and eliminating the inhibitors by cooking kills the enzymes. Grinding the nuts and seeds without presoaking them first does not release the inhibitors. Tracy

For example after white man brought native people processed and cooked breads sugar and alcohol natives developed all of the diseases that “civilized” mankind suffers including cavities diabetes osteoporosis and cancer. Archeologists have concluded that as Native Americans hunted less while gathering and cultivating more nuts grains and fruit they developed osteoporosis and dental decay. It seems that all races are unable to properly eliminate carbohydrate wastes.

Some carbohydrate wastes are called glycotoxins. One glycotoxin termed Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) were studied at Columbia University’s Department of Medicine. Researchers found that AGES store in a healthy body at a rate of 70% and in an unhealthy body at a rate of 90%.7 Ages contaminate the body and predispose it to cancer and molds such as candida and other yeast infections.

If most people eat too much carbohydrate the blood-fat level drops. The blood-sugar level soars and the pancreas overworks to regulate the sugar level. That often results in manic behavior and hyperactivity. Then that energy drops quickly and leaves us mentally and emotionally fatigued irritable sleepy and/or depressed. As happens with processed sweets I have seen that eating too much fruit or carrot juice causes many people to become overly emotional. That is similar to monkeys who live on fruit.

In this modern age several factors are responsible for people eating mainly grain products (bread pasta cereal etc.) and vegetables. Grain products are less expensive than meat eggs and dairy and we are told that red meat eggs and dairy cause disease. Advertising campaigns from the processed-food industry have contributed to the propaganda that blames fats and meats in general for many diseases.

Contrarily fat-free diets have caused a startling increase in degenerative diseases in the past two decades according to Harvard University. Non-meat diets slow healing and regeneration. For humans a raw diet that is very low in carbohydrate has proved to produce a disease-free happy life.

A LITTLE FRUIT eaten with raw fat slows fruit-sugar digestion and helps to prevent manic hyperactive irritable and/or depressive reactions. To avoid those reactions I suggest eating the whole fruit (except citrus rind) and rarely or never consume fruit juices. For people with diabetes and glycemic conditions. I recommend no more than 4-7 ounces of fruit depending on a person’s size once every 2-3 days. As I stated high-carbohydrate fruit should always be eaten with a raw fat such as raw cream raw coconut cream unsalted raw butter avocado or a combination of unsalted raw butter and no-salt-added raw cheese.

Cellular Receptors for Advanced Glycation End Products:

Implications for Induction of Oxidant Stress and Cellular Dysfunction in the Pathogenesis of Vascular Lesions Schmidt Hori Brett DuYan Wautier Stern; Review. Arteriosclerosis and Thrombosis 1994. Vol 14 (10):1521-8.)

Too much fruit causes over emotionality because it causes low blood-protein and blood-fat levels disrupts the sugar levels irritates tissue and leeches fats from the nervous system causing lesions in the myelin. Some people should not eat fruit except on rare occasions such as bulimics and diabetics and when they do they should always eat high-carbohydrate fruit with an equal amount of fat. Fruit also causes edema (water retention). I have met 8 people of 2,300 who were able to maintain health and eat a high-carbohydrate fruit diet without ill symptoms. If you do not get overly emotional or manic within 24 hours after eating fruit more fruit might be fine for you.

NUTS when eaten plain and/or in quantity and/or too often cause carbohydrate toxicity. Raw nuts contain enzyme inhibitors that prevent proper protein digestion and cause mineral loss. I created the NUT FORMULA that neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors in nuts. The Nut Formula should be eaten only once or twice a week to satisfy needs and eliminate cravings for breads pastas cakes donuts rice etc. It helps harness and detoxify neurological toxins. If consumed more often especially two days in a row it can cause neurological detoxification that will interfere with sleep between 12:30 and 5:30 A.M. Eating nuts that are not in combination with all of the foods in the Nut Formula often interferes with protein-digestion of any food consumed within 48 hours after eating nuts. That can make sleep at certain hours difficult.

Tracy’s Note: His formula does not use presoaked nuts.

See Nut Formula page 116 to learn the foods to combine with raw nuts so that they help create health rather than interfere with health.

OILS such as olive and flax are 90% solvent-reactive. That is they are mainly used as cleansers to dissolve toxins. Our bodies cannot easily utilize pressed oils for lubrication relaxation and stabilization. Pressed oils are beneficial in dissolving internal adhesions (scars) and dead cells including benign or malignant tumors and arterial and lymphatic congestion and plaque. Pressed oils often cause dry and acrid conditions in the body. I recommend the moderate eating of oils no more than once a day or every other day and that oils be consumed mainly with one meat meal. The body uses coconut cream the same as it does olive and flax oils but without drying the body because coconut cream can lubricate and soothe. Coconut cream is better.

In WW I a Russian general recorded in his log that 3 months after his troops exhausted the raw butter supply and resorted to consuming olive oil the men’s hair nails and skin dried. The log stated that several weeks after they were able to obtain raw dairy again the men’s hair nails and skin became supple and moist.

Olive oil should never be refrigerated. Flax oil and coconut cream should always be refrigerated. As of this publication only olive and flax oils are pressed below 96° F (36° C) and have not been solvent extracted. Absolutely no coconut oil or butter is produced under 118° F (46° C) no matter what the labels claim.

WATER that is not in raw food has no active ions electrolytes nor minerals bound with nutrients. It must have all 3 properties or it is only 10% cellularly utilizable. Water leeches nutrients from our blood and intestines and dilutes digestive juices so that when we eat we do not digest or assimilate our food properly or efficiently. That leeching often causes wastes to embed in body tissue rather than being discarded from the body.

It is a false notion that water nurtures and hydrates tissue. In fact water dries the cells while it bloats the body because 90% of it circulates in the blood serum without cellular absorption. That also applies to the H2O in cooked food. People who eat cooked food cannot absorb much of the H20 into their cells. Their cells become dehydrated.

Most people who consume cooked and processed food processed drinks and water evaporate 2 quarts of water during the night. Most people who consume live raw food including meat milk and vegetable juices may evaporate only 2 pints throughout the night after they nave been on this Primal diet for several years. Water is never a good replacement for body fluids spent during evaporation/perspiration because cells cannot absorb it. Only H2O that is nutrient bound in food properly replaces fluids.

People believe that water lubricates the body. How can water lubricate anything? Fats lubricate. Try lubricating devices with water and they will disintegrate. Water disintegrates soil and rock so that plants can eat those particles. Drinking vast quantities of water also disintegrates the human body causing frequent urination a sense of being too cold in temperatures as high as 70° F (21° C) weight-loss in many people and bloating in many others.

Raw food contains from 55¬∞’o to 92% H2O that is 92-100% cellularly utilizable. Dehydration is impossible on the Primal Diet when water is not consumed. I drink about 1 cup of water per week without exercise. I may drink a little more if involved in physical activity. I recommend that people drink raw milk and green vegetable juices and eat tomatoes to fill their H20 requirements. Most often eating raw tomatoes and raw fat satisfies thirst and dryness including dry mouth better than other foods. When physically active I drink 2 quarts of raw milk 1-2 tomatoes and up to 1 1/2 quarts of green vegetable juices per day that are all rich with nutrients to completely satisfy my H2O needs. To satisfy dry mouth and severe thirst I consume butter and/or cream. Rather than dehydrated we are delipidated. That means we are deficient in the raw fats that can properly lubricate us. Our thirst is more for raw fat than for H2O.

FOOD-COMBINING For Proper Digestion And Assimilation

Combining acidic and alkaline foods often neutralizes digestibility resulting in toxins that deprive us of nutrients.

VEGETABLES and vegetable juices are alkalinizing and require an alkaline digestive environment for proper digestion. Except in small amounts as flavoring vegetables and vegetable juices should not be eaten or drunk with acidic foods. Bland fruits such as tomato and avocado are not vegetables and may be eaten with acidic or alkaline foods.

MEAT EGGS MILK CHEESE NUTS and SEEDS require an acidic digestive environment for proper digestion.

UNSALTED RAW BUTTER RAW CREAM AND UNHEATED COCONUT CREAM are neutral and may be consumed with either acidic or alkaline foods.

RAW MILK requires an acidic digestive environment for proper digestion. It may be consumed at any time except within an hour before or an hour after vegetable juices. For speedier healing I suggest that we do not drink so much milk that we cancel our appetite for meat and other foods. If we experience discomfort after drinking raw milk with other foods it would be better to drink raw milk alone. Drinking raw milk that has warmed to room temperature for at least 5 hours aids digestion. When milk is drunk cold from refrigeration milk proteins and sugars may pass into the blood undigested and cause allergic reactions. If I drink cold milk from the refrigerator I experience stomach cramps and sometimes cramps in my hands and feet.

Concerning Vegetable Juices

  • Wait at least one hour after drinking vegetable juices before eating or drinking any other food except unsalted raw butter raw cream unheated coconut cream and unheated honey.
  • Wait at least one hour after eating or drinking any other food before drinking vegetable juices except unsalted raw butter raw cream and unheated coconut cream and unheated honey.

Concerning Whole Vegetables (Salads)

  • Rarely should we eat whole vegetables but when we do vegetables should not be eaten sooner than I hour after any other food.
  • Vegetables move through the intestines slowly. Acidic foods will catch up with them and interfere with digestion. Therefore no other food should be eaten within 5 hours after eating a vegetable salad.

Concerning Fruits

If experiencing tooth or gum sensitivity or pain in a particular area do not eat high-carbohydrate fruits especially apples and citrus.

  • Alkaline fruits such as bananas peaches and figs should not be consumed more than once a day and should not be consumed with meat. They should be eaten with coconut cream coconut avocado unsalted raw butter raw cream no-salt-added raw cheese or occasionally raw eggs.
  • Acidic fruits such as lemon lime pineapple and tangerine may be consumed with fowl or fish when in combination with an added fat such as raw cream unsalted raw butter no-salt-added raw cheese coconut cream coconut or avocado.

Concerning Meats

  • – Combining alkaline or acidic fruits with red meats usually turns too much of the protein into fuel or solvents. That reduces healing and obstructs the reversal of the aging process. The combination is not harmful but can hinder the healing processes and instigate too much detoxification.
  • There is an exception: A little acidic fruit such as lemon lime pineapple and apple cider vinegar may be mixed or blended with fat 10 minutes prior to combining with red meat. Example: Tartar sauce eaten with red meat.

Concerning Cheese

  • Combine cheese with at least an equal amount of fat especially butter to prevent constipation.

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Author: Aajonus Vonderplanitz