Book: Recipe for Living Without Disease – Part 2

by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

The Recipe For Removing Deep-Tissue Toxicity

Life Enthusiast Editor’s Note:
When your body gets its required nutrients, it can clean, repair and maintain itself. Find your specific Metabolic Type to determine what foods contribute to your health. And which foods take away your well being. Learn how to construct meals to build health instead of disease.
Metabolic Typing is THE tool you need for optimal health. Feeding your unique body type is the single most important principle that affects your maximum performance in all aspects of life.

We include this article to illustrate that there is a wide range of diets that works for people. For some it is the raw high fat and protein diet. Please use Metabolic Typing to determine which lifestyle and diet is right for you.]

On the Primal Diet, it is very important to gain and lose weight to remove embedded toxicity. Without excess fat, the body cannot afford to make solvents, dissolve toxicity, neutralize, harness and contain it. Low body-fat levels only allow for basal metabolism and no deep cleansing. Most diseases are caused by concentrations of embedded toxicity. When a person lacks fat reserve, any toxin that enters the body or is loosed will cause cellular damage. They will be absorbed into cells. When a body has fat-reserves, toxins are collected and absorbed into fat, where they do little harm.

Hew many thin people do we know who are calm’? How many thin people do we know who are hyperactive, physically and/or emotionally intense, easily irritated, manic, short-fused, and never satisfied? How many who are overweight? Physically, raw fat and happy is more often true. Our idea about thin should be refashioned until we become healthy. Now, fat is beautiful.

I recommend that men gain 15-30 pounds and women 12-15 pounds above what should be their normal weight (not according to thin-fashion). The excess weight should be achieved within two months. It should be maintained for another 2 months. That allows the body to utilize the stored fats as solvents to withdraw toxins from deep tissue and dissolve them. Then, it is time to eat the weight-loss diet to remove the toxin-filled excess fats. The process is similar to an oil-change in machinery. When the oil becomes black and thick with waste, it is time to change it. For the human body, I found that the cycle is best employed twice yearly. That vastly reduced symptoms of detoxification when detoxification occurred.

Some people have been able to gain the excess weight in as little as 10 days but it is important to hold it for at least 8 weeks. Some people require 2 weeks and some 3 months to lose the excess weight on the following suggested weight-loss program on page 42. The time required for weight-gain and weight-loss is individual. Two wardrobes are needed: 1) trim, not thin, and 2) oversized. Women should gain at least two sizes larger than their trim size. Men and women, get a temporary belly; it is healthier on and off!

I created the following paradigm from 35 years of experience, experimentation and research. An optimal diet consists of all organically grown food and generally contains:

Daily Intake:

  • 4-6 ounces only of raw fruit with equal amounts of raw fat consumed midday. Raw fruit should not be more than 5% of our total food consumption.
  • 1-3 pounds (3-9 cups) of raw meat (red meat, and/or seafood, and/or fowl). Raw meat should be 25 to 30% of our diet.
  • 8-24 ounces of raw fat (unsalted butter, cream, coconut cream juiced from coconut, meat, eggs, unsalted cheese, coconut, avocado, oils cold-pressed below 96¬∞ F (3S¬∞ C)). Raw fat should be 25% of our diet.
  • 2-6 cups of raw green vegetable juices. Green vegetable juices should be 25 to 30% of our diet.
  • 8-12 ounces raw milk. Raw milk should be 10 to 20% of our diet. If we are active or athletic, 1-2 quarts raw milk may be consumed and plenty of butter to satisfy our sense of thirst. If milk is not available, the proportion of other foods increases, especially vegetable juices and butter.
  • Salad may be eaten once every 2 to 4 weeks, or not at all. It would be better for digestion if that salad, if eaten, were eaten as the last food of that day. Whole vegetable salads often cause constipation on a raw diet by neutralizing acidic bacteria responsible for forming stools in the bowels and by interfering with digestion of other food. Usually, vegetable juices provide every thing we need from vegetables.
  • Measurements: Meats are by weight in ounces and pounds; all other foods are by volume in teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces, cups, pints, etc. Percentages are by volume of food, not by weight.

General Daily Eating Schedule Recommendations #1

(This plan consists of three meat meals daily and is better for people with slower metabolism, lethargy and glycemic problems, including diabetes.)

After waking, drink 4-12 ounces green vegetable juices.

45-60 minutes later, eat 6-10 ounces (1-2 cups) raw meat with raw egg(s) and/or 2-5 tablespoons raw butter, raw cream, raw coconut cream, no-salt-added raw cheese with equal amount of butter or avocado. One or a combination of several raw fats may be eaten at a meal, such as in a sauce.

Next, 45-90 minutes later, drink a blended milkshake consisting of 1-4 raw eggs, 3-6 ounces raw milk, 1-4 ounces raw cream and 1-2 tablespoons unheated honey.

At least 1 hour later, drink another 4-12 ounces green vegetable juices.

At least 1 hour later, eat 6-10 ounces (1-2 cups) raw meat with raw egg(s) and/or 2-5 tablespoons raw butter, raw cream, raw coconut cream, no-salt-added raw cheese with an equal amount of butter or avocado. One or a combination of several raw fats may be eaten at a meal, such as in a sauce.

60-90 minutes later, eat 4-6 ounces fruit with 3-6 ounces of either raw cream, raw coconut cream, raw butter or avocado. You may combine any or all of the above, or you may drink another milkshake without fruit.

At least 1 hour later, drink another 4-12 ounces green vegetable juices.

At least 1 hour later, eat 6-10 ounces (1-2 cups) raw meat with raw eggs) and/or 2-5 tablespoons raw butter, raw cream, raw coconut cream, no-salt-added raw cheese with an equal amount of butter or avocado. One or a combination of several raw fats may be eaten at a meal, such as in a sauce.

45-90 minutes later, drink a blended Moisturizing, Lubrication Formula; page 146.

At least 1 hour later, drink another 4-12 ounces green vegetable juices.

(This plan consists of two meat meals daily and is better for people with high metabolism and hyperactivity.):

After waking, drink. 4-12 ounces green vegetable juices.

45-60 minutes later, eat 8-14 ounces (1’/2-3 cups) raw meat with raw egg(s) and/or 3-10 tablespoons raw butter, raw cream, raw coconut cream, no-salt-added raw cheese with an equal amount of butter or avocado. One or a combination of several raw fats may be eaten at a meal, such as in a sauce.

45-90 minutes later, drink a blended milkshake consisting of 2-4 raw eggs, 3-6 ounces raw milk, 1-4 ounces raw cream and 1-2 tablespoons unheated honey.

At least 1 hour later, drink another 4-12 ounces green vegetable juices.

At least 1 hour later, eat 4-6 ounces fruit with 3-6 ounces of either raw cream, raw coconut cream, raw butter or avocado. You may combine any or all of the above, or you may drink another milkshake without fruit.

At least 1 hour later, drink another 4-12 ounces green vegetable juices.

At least 1 hour later, eat 8-14 ounces (11/2-3 cups) raw meat with raw egg(s) and/or 3-10 tablespoons raw butter, raw cream, raw coconut cream, and/or no-salt-added raw cheese with an equal amount of butter or avocado. One or a combination of several raw fats may be eaten at a meal, such as in a sauce.

45-90 minutes later, drink a blended Moisturizing/ Lubrication Formula, page 146.

At least 1 hour later, drink another 4-12 ounces green vegetable juices.

If you are balanced metabolically. I suggest that you alternate those plans. The recommended daily diets above are intended to cause the weight-gain necessary to remove deep-tissue toxicity.

Weight Loss Diet Recommendations

  • Drink 1 cup green vegetable juices.
  • When very hungry but not in a stupor or angry hungry eat 2-3 golf-ball-sized amounts of meat (any meat that appeals to you) with 1 teaspoon of raw butter, cream or avocado but butter is preferable.
  • When next very hungry eat 2 golf-ball-sized amounts of meat with one teaspoon of raw butter, cream or avocado but butter is preferable.
  • When next very hungry drink 1 cup green vegetable juices.
  • When next very hungry eat 1-2 raw eggs Rocky-style.
  • When next very hungry eat 2 golf-ball-sized amounts of meat without butter, cream or avocado.

That is one cycle. If the day is not over, start the cycle over.

You may eat as many cycles in a day as necessary to avoid eating other food, I suggest that, no matter where you are in a cycle at the end of a day, drink 1 cup of raw milk before a long sleep-period to help relax and calm nerves. If no raw milk is available, drink a blend of 2 ounces raw coconut cream, 4 ounces coconut milk and 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice.

Juice recipe during weight-loss cycle: 1 1/2 tablespoon unheated honey per quart as preservative, 1/2 small organic lemon or lime with rind per 3 quarts green juice (80% celery, 18% parsley, 2% lemon; percentages are by volume not weight).

I break the weight-loss diet if I experience lasting detoxification symptoms, such as cold, flu or severe pain. For the recommended diet during bacterial or viral detoxification. See page 147. During detoxification, our bodies need massive nutrients to properly detoxify and heal.

Traveling While Eating The Primal Diet

While traveling, I always take a minimum of enough meat to last 36 hours. That is usually enough time to get to a store, preferably a health food store. For every 14 days of travel, I take 2 1/2 pounds of no-salt-added raw cheeses, 1 quart of unheated honey and 3 pounds of unsalted raw butter. Because I do not drink vegetable juices on trips, I eat many tomatoes, drink coconut milk, chew on celery and expectorate the pulp. Or, I may consume 1 grapefruit per day, or eat other fruit that is low in carbohydrate, such as cherries and berries other than strawberries, with avocado, or butter and cheese. I never eat the cheese without butter. I have a tendency toward constipation when traveling. Usually, it does not bother me. Others have experienced a similar tendency toward constipation while traveling.

When I backpacked in Hawaii and did not have refrigeration, I mixed 5 pounds of butter with 8 ounces (volume) of honey. Only on the 9th day did I detect some fermentation but it was still good and health-giving. My cheese was fine without refrigeration.

Baby Food/Infant Formula

In 1998, a grandmother brought a 12-months-old girl to me. Three months earlier, a Pediatrician had diagnosed the infant with anemia, retardation and oversized liver. The doctor prescribed many supplements, including iron, and specialty baby formulas. After three months on the prescriptions and formulas, the infant showed signs of less strength, more irritability, mental regression, and was unable to sleep restfully.

I placed a golf-ball-sized amount of finely chopped beef in front of her and let her play with it. Within 15 minutes, she consumed the beef. She took more from the wrapper and ate it. I suggested that the child eat only raw beef, raw milk, unsalted raw butter and a little unheated honey. She improved immediately. Within 2 ‘/2 months her energy level, mental aptitude and liver were normal. Now, three years later and mainly having continued the diet, she is very advanced physically, mentally, socially and psychically.

For research on infant safety from drinking raw milk and the dangers of drinking formulas, and processed and pasteurized milks, see pages 179-185.

I rather pay you for doing the work …

To Eat Or Not To Eat Spices And Oils?

Spices in small amounts add flavor and excite the taste buds. Eaten too much or too often, spices can cause excessive energy, fatigue, indigestion, gas and constipation. I suggest that we stay attuned to our bodies’ changes and the world of spices will be pleasurable. Most spices have been irradiated. Purchase those that are labeled non-irradiated.

As I explained on pages 33-34, pressed oils, such as olive and flax, are used by our bodies as cleansers. They often dry tissue rather than lubricate it. Pressed oils, in many individuals, cause thinning of the mucus that protects the stomach and intestinal linings when oils are eaten too often.

In moderate amounts, mustard increases digestion. If consumed in quantities too high for any individual, raw mustard thins the mucus that protects membranes, and may burn the stomach and intestinal walls. That may result in nervous erratic energy, tense muscles or overall tension. This often causes schizophrenic energy levels as well as exhaustion, sometimes resulting in restless sleep. I consume mustard only to add flavor, and never more than 2 teaspoons per day.

In some individuals, too much onion can cause results similar to that of mustard. The too frequent combination of garlic and onion sometimes creates similar reactions. Consuming too much hot pepper may result in similar side-effects. Too much garlic can cause a similar reaction in some individuals, or create the opposite effects – lethargy and sleepiness – because it may lower blood-pressure too much. Be aware of how it affects you.

Our bodies are always changing and adapting. When using spices, we will gain better health if we are sensitive to our bodies’ changing needs. Sometimes an individual may be able to eat spicy food often but then may reach a saturation point and have to consuming a particular spice for a period of one day to weeks. Centuries ago, spices were medicine, not condiments.

Spices are potent, therapeutic and enjoyable in moderate doses but discomforting when over-consumed or counter-indicated for our bodies’ particular requirements. They may cause indigestion accompanied by frequent flatulence.

Let’s prepare some health-giving, tasty food! Bon appetite!

Health-Giving Recipes

Be certain to read all of the instructions on pages 45-50 before making any recipe.

Necessary Equipment

One blender; my preference is an Osterizer.

One juicer; my preference is a Green Star because it is a closed-case-crush press. It has the lowest electromagnetic field produced by efficient juicers. I do not use centrifugal juicers because they use air to press the juice from the pulp, oxidizing and damaging up to 30% of the nutrients in the juice.

One 1-quart food processor.

One dozen each of the 12- and 16-ounces regular-sized mouth glass jars; my preference of brand names is Ball with enameled lids.

Two dozen each of a 4- and 8-ounces regular-sized mouth glass jars, my preference of brand names is Ball with enameled lids. If more than one person lives in the household, many more jars, especially the 8-ounces will be needed.

Extra enameled regular-sized jar lids to replace rusty lids. Hand-crank ice cream maker, such as Donvier brand. The hand-crank is best because making ice cream takes approximately 30 minutes. When a motor-driven ice cream maker is used, the high electromagnetic field alters the molecular structure of the food and it is less nutritious, and possibly harmful.

Blenderizing The Easy Way

We can blend with many tools, such as a kitchen utensil, food-processor, mixer or blender. I use the word “blenderize” so that there is no mistake that I use a blender. To follow most of the recipes, you will need a blender that accommodates glass jars because most of the recipes utilize small quantities of food. Also, blenderizing in a common blender-bowl sucks oxygen into the bowl and food, oxidizing and damaging approximately 30% of nutrients: It is healthiest and easiest to use the washer, blender-blades and base of a blender that will fit regular-sized-mouth glass jars. As of this writing, all of the blender models made by Osterizer, except the Classic model, fit those jars.

Simply remove the base, washer and blades from the blender’s bowl and store bowl. Obtain regular-sized-mouth glass jars in the following sizes: 4-ounces, 8-ounces, 12-ounces and 16-ounces.

Sometimes the washer that comes with the blender is too thin and it will not seal properly. The washer should be at least 1/16th-inch thick, but preferably up to 3/32nds-inch thick. Alternative washers may be obtained at most small appliance and hardware stores. Do not use two washers together. Too often one gets caught in the blades.

Place washer on rim of jar. Then pass the blades inside jar and rest its plate on top of washer. Ensure that washer and bladeplate are somewhat flush with the jar’s rim, and then screw on base firmly. Turn the jar upside down on the blender and start blenderizing.

WARNING! Of the thousands of people who have used the blender blades with glass jars millions of times, I received only one report that the jar broke while it was blending. The gentleman’s palm suffered a cut. The washer had gotten caught in the blades and caused the jar to burst. I suspect that the jar was cracked prior to blending. I have had the washer catch on the blades approximately 25 times over 25 five years and the glass never broke. Take your time and be patient. If the washer gets caught in the blades, an unusually deep drone occurs and most often, the ingredients spew from the base of the jar without bursting. Turn off the blender immediately if it sounds strange. Unscrew the base and inspect the washer; is it properly placed? If the washer is too slippery to remain in place, wipe the rim of jar, and rinse and dry the washer before reapplying it to the jar.

Blenderizing Recipes That Include Butter

Blender blades are made of cold metal that will cause butter to chill and stiffen. That often causes the ingredients to freeze-up and not blenderize. When blenderizing a recipe with butter that needs to be melted, it is best to cap the jar with blender washer/blades/base before immersing in mildly hot water. That way, the blades will heat along with the ingredients and blenderizing will be easy.

Making Raw Milk Into Raw Kefir Without A Culture-Additive

Let raw milk stand at room temperature in a dark cupboard. An upper cupboard is preferable because it is warmer. It is ready when the milk becomes thick, usually after two days. Adding 1-2 tablespoons unheated honey help make an enjoyable kefir. If separation of liquid and solids occurs, see making Cottage Cheese, page 158-159.

How To Juice Vegetables And Store Them For 3 Days To Maintain Nutrients

I juice 92 ounces of green vegetable juices at a time for a three-day period. As I juice the vegetables, I pour the juices into a gallon container. After I have juiced 92 ounces (not including foam), I place 3 ounces of juices and 4 ounces of honey in an 8 ounce jar, screw washer/blades/base on jar. I place the jar upside down on the blender and blenderize for 5-10 seconds to thin the honey. I pour the honey/juice mixture into the remaining 89 ounces and gently stir. The honey helps to preserve the juices. Then, I pour the 96 ounces into twelve 8-ounces glass jars. I fill the jars to the top, seal with Ball-jar lids and store them in refrigerator. There should be no more than 1 tablespoon of airspace in each jar. My tests showed that refrigerated juices stored that way retained 90 to 93°% nutrient value in a 78-hour period.

Making Coconut Cream

Choose a coconut by inspecting its shell. If you find any cracks or dark watermarks, small or large, or black spots, it is probably spoiled. Inspect the three small dark circles grouped together at the top, called eyes. If one of the eyes is open or shrunken, it is spoiled. If the coconut is without any of the above, the odds of having a good coconut are 9 of 10.

Juicing coconuts can seem a chore but the healthful rewards are worth the effort. We will need gloves, an ice pick, hammer, oyster knife and a juicer that separates cream from pulp, such as a Green Star juicer.

Poke the coconut eyes until we find the eye that is soft.

Do not puncture it, yet. Puncture one of the hard circles with ice pick and hammer. Then puncture the soft circle with the ice pick. Pour the coconut milk into a glass. Taste the milk. If it is sour, the coconut may be partially or completely spoiled. If the coconut milk (sometimes referred to as coconut water) is good, drink it when thirsty.

Note. A pair of scissors held closed will poke a hole large enough to pour the juice. Easy enough to find the eye by poking the holes until you find the soft one. Then empty the water into a large glass or bowl. Tracy

Don gloves. Firmly tap coconut shell all around for 2 minutes but not hard enough to crack it yet. That usually loosens the meat from the shell. Now, crack the coconut shell, starting from the bottom, that is, opposite from the three eyes, Hammer the coconut into many pieces. If you find the meat yellow or discolored, it is spoiled or partially spoiled. You can tell where it is spoiled by discoloration on the white meat. Pry the meat from the shell with the oyster knife. If black spots appear on the brown skin, it is spoiled where the spots appear. Separate the non-spoiled meat from the spoiled meat. If it is completely spoiled, begin again with another coconut. Slice good coconut pieces into strips that are approximately 1-4-inch thick x 1/2 inch width and any length.

Place the coconut meat in a juicer that separates cream from pulp, such as a GreenStar Juicer. The result is coconut cream that will thicken as hard as butter in refrigeration. Use the pulp to fertilize a garden or lawn. Do not mix coconut milk with the coconut cream unless you intend to drink it within 24 hours; or it will sour. It is best to store coconut cream in many 4-ounces glass jars. Stored in that manner, it will keep for 7 days in refrigeration. If we blenderize 1 tablespoon of lime juice to each 7 ounces of coconut cream, it will preserve for up to 3 weeks. Note: Since making coconut cream requires tools and actions, it is recommended that you juice 3-5 coconuts at a time. Each coconut renders 6-8 ounces of pure cream from a Green Star juicer (do not include the milk in the coconut).

Marinating Meats In Lemon Or Lime Juice

Seafood and Fowl may be marinated in citrus juice. If red meats are marinated in lemon or lime juices or vinegar, often the protein is converted to fuel or solvent rather than for regeneration and cellular reproduction. We obtain more than enough fuel from fat. We should preserve our meat-protein for cellular reproduction. One or two tablespoon of lemon or lime juice or vinegar may be mixed with fat 10 minutes prior to mixing with red meats. Some people say that because fish and fowl look and taste heat-cooked when marinated that they are cooked. That is not true. Like digestive acids in our bodies, citrus juices partially break down the components of food for proper digestion but do not mutilate or destroy the nutrients.

Using Gauze-cloth, Cheesecloth, Or Cheese-pouch For Straining

New material contains bleach and chemical sizing; compounds that are very toxic. Cloth must be thoroughly rinsed in cold and then hot waters, and finally rinsed in warm water with a capful of raw vinegar before use with food. Do not use soap.

Whipping Raw Cream

When blenderizing cream in a 4-ounces glass jar, always blenderize on low speed. Never use more than 3 ounces of cream in a 4-ounces jar. The cream needs airspace to swell or it will turn into butter. When blenderizing in an 8-ounces jar, blenderize on medium speed. Never use more than 6 ounces of cream in an 8-ounces jar. During blenderizing, when a high pitch from the blender begins, it indicates that the cream is stiff

Making Raw Butter From Raw Cream

Fill an 8-ounce jar with 7 ounces raw cream. Screw on blender washer/blades./base tightly and blenderize for 90 seconds on high speed. Pour off whey.

Pages listing recipes have been omitted.

White meats are fowl, fish, seafood, pork, rabbit, squirrel and other small animals. Red meats are beef, lamb, bison, venison, and other large animals.

Preparing Meat Dishes

There are seven basic preparations for meat: Whole, sliced, diced, chopped, ground, pate, and liquefied. Each preparation has a distinct flavor. Liquefied meats are usually for invalids and infants. However, liquefying glands is an easy way for anyone to eat glands. Pate the meats in a food processor, then, using a blender, blenderize them with an equal amount of raw milk, and a little honey if desired, in a glass jar until they are liquid.

I have observed that most people prefer the carpaccio-style of meat preparation, that is, meat sliced very thinly, especially tough meats. Most butchers and restaurants freeze the meat in order to slice it very thinly. Frozen meat does not give much healing or cellular-reproductive support to the body. Frozen meat produces more byproducts and toxins than fresh meat. It is better to slice it thinly by using the slicing plate in a food processor. Other people like meats thick and juicy at room temperature, or ground. Taste is in the palate of the eater.

The flavors of sauces change according to whether we blenderize, chop, crush, grate, marbleize, whip, stir or fold ingredients. Sauces produce distinct flavors according to how we combine them with meats. We may stir or fold in, marbleize, pour over, sprinkle, mash into, marinate, or blend sauces with meats. Using one sauce to blend with meat and topping it with another sauce gives more options and flavors. As we make sauces with suggested alternatives, we will understand infinite possibilities. I present one or two alternatives per meat dish; see pages 86-112. Adventure and explore flavors as our taste buds change.

Even though I have hundreds of sauce-recipes, usually I eat meats plain. When I spice meats, usually it is a time when I am repulsed by or bored with plain meats. If I do not eat meats daily, after a day or two I do not feel or function as well. Sauces help me eat meats at those times. I found that force-feeding myself provides the nutrients necessary to live a healthier life in our toxic world. I encourage my clients to do so, too, especially those who are anorexic.

Consider doctors’ advice to take iron supplements if iron level in the blood is below what they think it should be. The iron-level concept is a seatbelt of the medical/pharmaceutical industry to hold people into the supplement-vehicle from which they profit. I have seen repeatedly that iron levels are individual and have nothing to do with particular diseases or vitality. Diseases always have their roots in multiple deficiencies and gross toxicity. See Baby Food/Infant Formula, page 43, for a case history of an infant who was diagnosed by a medical doctor with anemia and retardation and who was prescribed iron, mineral and vitamin supplements.

Mineral absorption and utilization depends upon ion and electrolyte activity and exchange. When food is cooked or processed, ions and electrolytes arc neutralized and often separated from minerals and nutrients. Many of the minerals become free-radicals, including iron, causing cellular destruction and degeneration, often resulting in infections. Iron supplements are never ionically or electrolytically active. They are ineffective and harmful. Free-radical iron that is absorbed into tissue but not utilized cellularly often rests in the body causing severe degeneration. The only way to assure that iron is properly absorbed and utilized, is to eat raw foods that contain bioactive iron. A bioactive iron-rich food is raw meat that strengthens blood, liver, adrenals, pancreas, gallbladder and spleen.

Note. David Hinkson found that particle sizes greater then 33 microns in size are not bioactive. He has come closest to providing minerals in a bioactive state without the use of heat. However, like Aajonus says, the best is in raw food for it is bioactive and remains so until it has been modified with heat or excess cold. Tracy

Massive free-radicals and other toxins store extracellularly and/or intercellularly. They cannot be converted to cellular food. Affected areas of the body malfunction or rupture and become sites of disease.

In the case of very debilitating and painful intestinal Crohn’s disease, several major toxins accumulate in the intestines: Free radicals, acrylamides, AGEs, and heterocyclic amines and other toxic protein-byproducts and wastes accompanied by cellular low-fat levels, and caustic bilious byproducts. Those toxins destroy the intestines’ natural bacterial environment. That corrupts digestion. Specific vitamin-deficiencies include Vitamins K and U. Supplemental consumption of those vitamins is rarely effective because of processing. However, the ingestion of raw green cabbage juice has proved to be effective toward healing 90% of ulcerative cases.

Why Do Supplements Seem To Work?

Most pill, powder and liquid supplements create a toxic high similar to the high created by caffeine, causing a rise of hormones, such as adrenaline, that buffer, hide or arrest symptoms without resolving disease and without effecting cure. Decades of research proved that the body manufactures adrenaline in response to injury and most poisons that enter the blood stream. Hormonal rushes and cessation of symptoms are usually interpreted and marketed as increased health. Therefore, people think falsely that supplements work to increase health and cure disease. Like medications, supplements are drugs.

Our vitamin, enzyme and mineral supplementation should be fresh raw green vegetable juices.

Chapter 29

Follow The Money

The last equation in this problem is the vested money and corporate interests concerned with product shelf life, medics, pharmaceuticals and agri-chemicals that fuel microbe-hysteria. The food industry wants pasteurization, chemical washes, antibacterials and irradiation because their products will have a longer shelf life, reducing their costs by slowing spoilage. They care much more about their products, costs and profits than they do about our health. Almost all of them encourage government officials to pass laws mandating compulsive pasteurization and irradiation, yet industry tells us that the government is to blame for industry producing and supplying more toxic products.

“Pathogens” are to the body what vultures, crows and ants are to the Earth. They are a few of the Earth’s janitors. They find carcasses and eat them. Without the Earth’s janitors, our air would be in jeopardy of becoming toxic gas in which animals could not thrive. “Pathogens” are our bodies’ helpful, organic, inner-ecological recycling organisms that help us thrive.

Most of the book lists recipes mostly for specific ailments. These pages are time consuming to correct using a scanner program in the format you are receiving these pages. Should you want to read the remaining parts of the book, I suggest you bring up or any one of the other book outlets and order both of his books, We Want To Live, and this one: The Recipe for Living Without Disease. They will provide you with simple answers to your problems and cures that do work. His cures are primarily based on detoxification and this I have come to use with great success helping others to find their cure. I found a few grammar mistakes, but as usual they looked more like typos to me. He has added to my knowledge in the health department and I’m sure he will do the same for you.

Get healthy and enjoy the experience of life.



“My research and experience has brought me to view cancer as a condition where the body no longer eliminates dead cells, for various reasons. So the malfunctioning bodydevelops tumors or catacombs so to speak and contains the dead cells within them.

“Cancer cells are only the caretakers of the catacombs. They are not the problem that created the inability to eliminate dead cells. Does a rooster crowing at sunrise cause the sun to rise? Calling cancer cells responsible for tumors is like calling roosters responsible for sunrise.

“Killing all the roosters and all other creatures near and around will not stop the sun from rising no more than killing cancer cells with countless other cells will stop cancer. If clouds pass during rooster killings one may believe that the killing has stopped the sun from rising Just as occasionally a body stops mutating normal cells into cancel- cells during and after radiation or chemotherapy.

“Cancer then is basically a fat deficiency. A deficiency in the utilizable cholesterol that normally binds with or dissolves carries away and eliminates dead cells. Certain properly digested assimilated and utilized fats like those in stone-pressed olive oil dissolve dead cells. Then other fats like those in raw fertile eggs act like sacrificial garbage collectors binding with dead cells or the dissolved waste and dump themselves and the toxins wherever the body is able to eliminate them from the body.

“A fat deficiency forms when a person: stops eating fat; or a person doesn’t eat the particular fat his or her body digests assimilates or utilizes properly; or the body is unable to digest utilize or assimilate fat at all. Therefore the body becomes as much a vessel for death as for life.

“Eating anything cooked depletes the body of enzymes vitamins minerals and innumerable unknowns that could be used to properly digest assimilate and utilize fat and proteins. Antibiotics destroy digestive ability. They kill more of the beneficial intestinal bacteria than so called “bad” bacteria. Cooked or processed sweet foods like sugar cane and beets from which table sugar and molasses are derived work like acids and destroy digestive abilities. Coffee teas and chocolate even if caffeine free create acidic conditions and neutralize digestive juices. This disables the body’s digestive abilities in varying degrees. All of these and many more problems gradually and completely deplete the body of its ability to digest fat and therefore create a condition where the body is susceptible to countless health problems (cancer merely being one).

“Eating many raw fatty foods daily with the foods that supply enzymes for fat digestion utilization and assimilation (that is whatever bland sweet or acidic raw fruits or unheated honey you have a taste for) shrinks the odds of getting cancer in our society to 10%. We could reduce that to 0% if we were not exposed to medication pollution and chemical additives.

“Fifty percent of your diet will be raw fat. Every meal will have to include either the unsalted raw butter no-salt-added raw cheeses raw cream avocado or fresh whole coconut. If you live beyond the week will you at least consider eating raw eggs?”

“It’s against my religion to kill anything. I won’t even kill a cockroach Owanza said.

“I think killing cockroaches is inappropriate too unless you’re a bird or other creature who eats them. Everything is alive even vegetables. You kill vegetables when you uproot or cut them. You dismember them when you tear off their leaves. If you bite into a fruit and leave it it rots very quickly. Eggs are as immobile and as faceless as fruit and vegetables. I’m not asking you to make a decision now but think about it.”

“Why didn’t you mention beef? Was Owanza of the blood types that doesn’t do well with red meat even if raw’?” Beatriz asks.

“No. At that time I didn’t believe raw beef was healthy. A friend and I had had a very bad experience with raw liver and sweet breads – that weren’t organically grown. She vomited and I had terrible reactions. It wasn’t until after my poisonous mushroom experience that I discovered that animals store most of their toxins in glands and bones. That’s when I realized that it was okay to eat muscle meat of non-organically grown beef but not the glands. It was almost a year after the poison mushroom before I ate raw red meat.”

There are three basic blood types when determining what meat someone should eat regularly. These types are: 1) People who naturally have acidic blood easily produce red blood cells. They do not naturally produce enough white blood cells. Generally this type should eat mostly white raw meat (fish fowl rabbit) to be balanced. If they eat red meat more than occasionally they will have a tendency to be irritable impatient overanxious and overaggressive. 2) People who naturally have alkaline blood easily produce white blood cell. They do not naturally produce enough red blood cells. Generally this type should eat mostly red raw meat (beef lamb venison; to be balanced. If they eat white meat more than occasionally they will have a tendency to he lethargic and tired (anemic) 3) People who naturally have a balanced blood pH produce a balance of red and white blood cells Generally this; type should eat both red and white raw meat to remain balanced. Few of this type can do fairly well as vegetarians.

Type l usually has a ruddier complexion holds a tan easily and/or has a high adrenaline level (that is they have a lot of physical energy). Type 2 usually has a light complexion his or her tan wears off moderately to quickly and/or he or she is more emotionally and mentally oriented than physically oriented. Type 3 normally has a balanced complexion tanning cycle and a near-even balance of physical emotional and mental energies.

A person can change from one of these blood types to either of the other types many times throughout his or her lifetime.

(We Want To Live Vonderplanitz pgs 282-284)

The only “raw” cottage cheese that is available (at the time of this writing) is not really raw. It is heated to about 120″ Fahrenheit. In many of my clients especially women it has caused thyroid sluggishness and swelling throughout the thyroid area (neck). Like other cooked foods that are not starches I don’t recommend that people eat this misnamed “raw” cottage cheese. (WWTL pg 152)

Sweet Cottage Cheese
4 Servings

  • 1 quart raw milk
  • 3 ounces raw cream

Pour milk into a wide-mouthed quart jar and let stand in refrigeration until cream separates to the top. Skim the cream off of milk place cream in an 8-ounce jar cap and place cream in refrigerator. Let milk stand in quart jar in a dark high cupboard until the liquid completely separates from the solids (2-4 days).

Pour into cheese-making cloth pouch or make pouch from gauze-cloth or several layers of cheesecloth. Hang and let strain until milk solids are firm but not dry. (Use the whey to pickle or in place of raw vinegar to prepare sauces and spices or mix whey with 5 parts water and feed to indoor or outdoor plants.)

Put firm cheese in bowl and stir in separated cream and an additional 3 ounces raw cream. (trflwd pg 59 Aajonus)

Why Are Some People Ill-affected by Cooked and Processed Foods?

(When reading this substitute words metabolic enzymes for enzyme-mutations which would be more in line with Howell’s definition.)

Some ailments are often a direct result of a lack of enzyme-mutations for handling certain cooked foods. This causes the toxic resins and residues from those cooked and processed foods to accumulate. These ailments are basically allergies to those cooked and processed foods. Therefore some people are more sensitive to and ill-affected by cooked foods than others.

Fat resins and protein residues from cooked or processed green foods first collect in the intestines becoming impacted. Secondly they collect as gummy resins in the glands (as in prostatitis leading to prostate cancer) and thirdly they collect as gummy resins in the brain (as in Alzheimer’s disease).

The resins and residues from cooked or processed red fruits and vegetables most often collect in the lymph and skin causing acne sickly looking tongues hard and brittle bones and deep lesions in the skin when the weather turns very cold. Most children with chronic illness within lungs and nasal passages like colds sore throats tonsillitis and swollen adenoids lack enzyme-mutations for eating cooked or processed red and orange fruits and vegetables. By simply eliminating cooked red and orange fruits and vegetables from their diet and eating raw red and orange food most often those symptoms are normalized that is those children will have only occasional colds flus and/or sore throats.

People who lack the enzyme-mutations for digesting assimilating and utilizing cooked or processed yellow foods most often look pasty around the nose and eyes and have very slow digestion especially after eating a cooked or processed yellow or orange food.

People who lack enzyme-mutations for eating all three food groups conked or processed green red (including orange) and yellow (including orange) – have a predisposition toward HIV positive. (WWTL Vonderplanitz pages 136 137)

ALZHEIMER’S disease is pre-senile dementia usually occurring in middle age and associated with sclerosis and nerve deterioration. The hardening is in the nerves of’ the brain that delineate motor impulses preventing proper association with motor commands. In advanced cases hardening has extended to ganglia disrupting sensory as well its motor response patterns. Alzheimer’s is mainly the result of low blood protein levels over long periods such as in vegetarianism or fruitarianism or in someone who lacks enzyme-mutations for digesting and assimilating cooked or processed protein or lacks enzyme-mutations for digesting and assimilating cooked or processed sugar forming calcification along nerves which erodes nerve tissue.

Avoiding cooked and processed protein including all meat eggs roasted nuts and nut butters and avoiding cooked and processed sugar including drinks Jams or Jellies steamed sulfured or canned fruits stops progression of’ this malady. Usually by the time Alzheimer’s symptoms manifest hardening and deterioration of nerve tissue is too advanced to reverse. However recent indications lead me to believe that frequently eating fresh raw coconut cream with cucumber dissolves the hardening of nerves that causes Alzheimer’s effecting reversal in its early stages. Eating fresh raw coconut cream with banana or eating 1 tablespoon a day of pressed-below-96 Fahrenheit peanut oil with 5 drops of quinine water gradually dissolves hardening of the arteries that teed the brain. Also drinking moldy water from to the rinsing of moldy raw grains every 3 weeks for the rest of life and eating moldy grains once every 6 months for the rest of life removes some hardening. Eating a raw-food diet with plenty of raw meats especially fish fresh raw fruit and some raw nuts and seeds strengthens mental functions.

Moldy grains are made by soaking 1/3 cup of one or more kinds of grain in a glass or ceramic vessel containing 6 ounces mineral water for three days then pouring off the fermented water and drinking it immediately. Then let the fermented grains stand for 6-8 days in a place with little natural light with a cloth covering the vessel. After 6-8 days pour 1/2 cup distilled water over the moldy grains and stir until the mold is mixed into the water pour off and drink. Once every six months the moldy grains can be eaten after blending together the 1/2 cup distilled water and only 3 ounces of the moldy grains.

(We Want To Live Vonderplanitz pgs 173 174)

Fat For Great Health

Because fat cleanses fuels lubricates and protects the body it is needed more than any other single nutrient – that is more than sugar starch and protein. Fat is also a necessary catalyst for utilizing minerals and protein. That is why a diet resplendent in raw fat is so important to excellent health. Diets low in fat create increasing immune deficiencies.

The body can to some extent turn sugars starches and proteins into fats but not nearly enough and it is a long and exhausting process on the body. When fats are eaten raw they can and will clean fuel lubricate and protect the body properly. And raw fat ensures cellular reproduction when raw meats are eaten.

If fats are heated above 104° Fahrenheit they are rarely digested assimilated or utilized properly. (See Appendix O pages 279-284 and Appendix W page 295.) The following raw fats are easiest to digest assimilate and utilize: unsalted raw butter raw fertile eggs raw cream the fat in and on raw meats (all flesh food) no-salt-added raw cheeses fresh coconut avocados stone-pressed olive oil and other cold-pressed-below-96° Fahrenheit oils.

Most often the body utilizes the fat in raw fertile eggs and avocado to bind with toxins carrying the toxins to the bowels and out of the system. In the case of cellulite and other cooked fat that has bound to toxins and stored in the body raw fruits and raw fruit juices (including raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar) and raw vegetables and raw vegetable juices gradually break down and free up those old stores of cooked fat. And eating raw fertile eggs or avocados provides fat to bind with the freed-up cooked fat and toxins and escort them out of the body. Without the raw fat to escort toxins to the bowels toxins often store right back in the body. Avocado is especially helpful to cleanse and strengthen the liver.

The fat in raw cream and full-fat raw milk soothes and lubricates nerves and muscles including heart gently cleanses and lubricates liver restores moisture to thyroid and heals intestinal lesions from dryness. The fat in unsalted raw butter strengthens organs and glands heals eyes cleanses arteries and vascular system of plaque from hardened cooked fats and lubricates bones cartilage and teeth. It is utilized for all body-fat needs: cleansing lubricating fueling protecting rejuvenating and reproducing cells.

The fat in no-salt-added raw cheeses is most often used by the body to utilize minerals for all purposes such as relaxing nerves and to absorb toxins in the stomach and intestines.

The fat in raw meat is the most valuable for healing soothing and lubricating tissue faster than all other fats. Meat fat and coconut cream have all of the healing properties of all other fats and oils. See Oils page 153. Raw coconut cream eaten with cucumber gradually dissolves hardening of the nerves (e.g. in early Alzheimer’s) and eaten with banana gradually dissolves glandular organ and dermal hardening (e.g. sclerosis and cirrhosis of liver).

(We Want To Live Vonderplanitz pgs 146-148)

Author: Aajonus Vonderplanitz