Book: Vibrational Medicine

Miasms are a form of classification to help bring order to a seemingly chaotic number of symptoms. And a way to understand the origins of a disease process.

“Miasms are stored in the subtle bodies, especially the etheric, emotional, mental and, to a lesser extent, astral bodies. Some miasms are passed on to the next generation genetically by inhabiting the molecular level of the physical body, which is the genetic code. A miasm is not necessarily a disease; it is the potential for a disease. Indeed, miasms are a crystallized pattern of karma. The merger of the soul’s forces and ethereal properties determine when a miasm will arise in the physical body to become an active disease.

This happens only when the miasm’s ethereal pattern projects into the physical body from the subtle bodies. Miasms may lie dormant in the subtle bodies and aura for long periods of time. They are organized in the subtle bodies, and gradually, through the biomagnetic fields about the physical body, miasms penetrate the molecular level, then the cellular level and finally the physical body.

There are three types of miasms, including planetary, inherited, and acquired miasms. Planetary miasms are stored in the collective consciousness of the planet and in the ethers. They may penetrate the physical body, but are not stored there. Inherited miasms are stored in the cellular memory of individuals. Acquired miasms are acute or infectious diseases or petrochemical toxicity acquired during a given lifetime. After the acute phase of the illness, these acquired miasmatic traits settle into the subtle bodies and the molecular and cellular levels where they can ultimately cause other problems.”

Author: Richard Gerber