Cancer: Survivor’s Story

Since I am on many lists I send the list emails to various folders and look at them when I can find the time. I am just getting around to reading this message. Please excuse this delay in answering your question. I’m happy to inform you that I am doing great! I went through 3 years of chemo, a stem cell transplant and lost my spleen along the way. After all of this, the doctors told me it was over – “there was nothing else they could do”. That was over 5 years ago. There are still many things that can be done that the traditional medical community does not know about (or does not want to know about). I would be happy to share my story, and what I did to recover with anyone who would like this information.

Please give me the info on the lymphoma group. (As a cancer survivor, here is just a suggestion as to the way I found best to characterize what I was dealing with when telling others and still let my body hear the most positive feedback possible – of course this would apply to any health challenge that you may be experiencing. I did not want to “own” the cancer, so I avoided the “I have” statement. When asked what was going on with me, or if I was explaining my situation to someone, I would say “I am recovering from cancer”. The way I look at it, before you were diagnosed you “had” cancer. Once diagnosed and you are doing something about it you are “recovering from cancer”).

Here are my details:

There are many products and protocols outside the “traditional” medical approach that have been very effective in helping people recover from cancer and other pernicious conditions. FYI here is a history of my challenge and what I did to survive. While these things worked for me, everyone is different. I hope you will be able to get some information from this that you can use.

DAVID PERKINS (Born 11/19/40 (63 yrs.)

8/96 Admitted to Cobb Hospital w/ 103 temp, diarrhea, and vomiting. Transferred to Veterans Admin. Hospital after 2 weeks with a diagnosis of Endocarditis. NOTE: Endo. was diagnosed one day before transfer – there was no sign of it the next day or ever again.

9/96 Non Hodgkins T-Cell Lymphoma, stage 4B diagnosed. Had 6 rounds of C.H.O.P. chemotherapy at the V.A. NOTE: approx. 5 weeks in intensive care before diagnosis.

12/96 Cancer in remission.

8/97 Started running very high fevers (104 – 105) – no cancer could be diagnosed.

11/97 Spleenectomy performed; bone marrow and liver biopsy negative.

12/97 CT Scan showed mass on L5 and into the soft tissue. Began chemo – Cytobaum (C.H.O.P. + ).

4/14/98 Autologus stem cell transplant at VA Hosp. Nashville, TN. In hosp. Approx. 60+ days.

6/98 Remission – no signs of Lymphoma

5/10/99 – 5/18/99 Hospitalized w/ fever and dehydration – had a very bad drug reaction. Bone marrow biopsy, CT scan and many other tests over the next month showed no cancer. Fevers continued until chemo started in Aug. 99

6/25/99 (approx.) CT scan showed 10cm mass in lower Rt. Abdomen. At this time I was told “there is nothing more we can do – you are terminal”

8/6/99 Signed up for Phase II Interleukin 4 (boosts immune function) trial to avoid further Chemo. and to boost, rather than destroy, my immune system.

8/9/99 Interleukin trial canceled before I could get started

8/9/99 – 8/13/99 VA Hosp., “Salvage Chemo.” administered (3 day continuous infusion E.S.H.A.P. – high dose Solu-Medrol, Cisplatin, Cytarabine, plus Prednesone). – the worst Chemo. I ever received. This is what they give you when “They” have lost hope and “know” you aren’t going to recover.

9/14/99 – 9/16/99 Second round chemo. as above.

Medically they consider this salvage chemo. i.e. “It will probably go into remission but it will be back in a short time” (and I will not be able to tolerate continual chemo. regimes). My diagnosis as of June ’99 was “terminal”

I firmly believe that I can overcome this disease and the recurrences through alternate therapies designed to detox my systems and build up my immune system. (My comments in Sept. of ’99)

Update Note (6/30/04): Just passed my Fifth year “anniversary” of the traditional Medical community designation of “terminal” and doing GREAT!!

Dave died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism in 2008. His children and widow now own his online business and are determined to carry on the legacy that Dave left behind.


Sept 1999 – Sept. 2000

  • Green juicing (kale, char, parsley, cilantro, cucumber, celery, collards, beet, diakon, ginger, w/ enough carrot to make palatable – combine as available – 32oz per day – dropped off to 16 oz. daily and/or 32oz. of “Energy Soup” per Ann Wigmore recipe.
  • Colonic irrigation – Began in Sept. 99 – weekly; Oct-Nov. bi-weekly; now every 3 to 4 weeks
  • Coffee Enemas – 5-6 times/week; began Dec. 99; went to 2-3 times/week since April 00. Implant 4.5 oz. Chlorophyll w/ 1/2 Tbs. of Bifidus and 1/2 tsp. Lactobacillus complex. (If this generates too much gas I eliminate the Bifidus and L. Bacillus). Infrequently now.
  • O3 (ozone) therapy – .5L one min. rectally (immediately after my enema) began Dec. 99. Discontinued after March 00 as I continued to use the Ionized Alkaline Water
  • Using “Rife” device (bio frequency therapy) daily – began in Sept. 99.
  • Dental mercury removed – Nov. 10 – Dec. 6. Two root canals pulled; two remain.
  • Mercury detox. per Dr. Tate DDS “synopsis” (eggs poached in coconut oil w/garlic daily – sulfur helps pull the mercury out) plus; DMPS chelation 12/8, 12/22. (infrequently since then)
  • Nutritional IV’s (25 grams “C” w/ various B vits.) Started in Sept. 99 – weekly until end of Oct. 99. Then went to 25 grams IV Vit. C – weekly; began 12/18/99; started 50 grams 1/8/00 (home administered to make affordable) – infrequently now
  • IV DMSO began 1/6/00 w/beta glucans and aloe – weekly, biweekly since April 99. Intermittently since then.
  • 15 min. on “Rebounder” (mini trampoline) most days to oxygenate my system and stimulate lymph movement. (Infrequently now)
  • 15 min. on “Chi” machine most days (with oxygen via nose canula) – same reasons as “Rebounder”. Aggravated old knee injury, suspended March 00
  • 10 min. in sauna (170 to 180 degrees) daily at local “Y” for detoxification, including “dry brushing” to stimulate lymph flow. I now use my own Heavenly Heat Far Infared (FIR) Sauna. It has both the FIR emitters and the hot rocks. I can get a much better detox at a lower temperature using the FIR. Very good for heavy metal detox, as well as overall health benefits. (contact me for additional information.)
  • Avoiding white flour; sugar; fruits; alcohol & most grains. (get rid of Candida) Cancer Loves Sugar – stay away from it – don’t feed it things it likes that make it prosper.
  • 30-40 oz. “Ionized Alkaline water” purchased from a woman who has a water ionizing unit that splits filtered water into “acid” and “alkaline” components. This helps to make the water’s oxygen more available to me at the cellular level, which helps detox my body at the cellular level. Purchased my own Water Ionizer (after finding a good unit that I could afford) in March 2000 and now use it for all cooking, drinking etc. Generally drink about 80 oz @ 8.5 to 9 pH daily.

To learn more about Ionized Alkaline Water. Please visit my site: www.betterwayhealth.com This, along with Beta glucan were the foundation upon which I built my recovery program. To learn more about Transfer Point Beta glucan, Please visit my site: www.aboutbetaglucan.com

  • Four cups of Green Tea daily – made with the Alkalized water. Infrequently now.
  • Colloidal Silver 1 to 2 oz. Per day of 5 to 10ppm strength – I make myself.
  • As of Sept. 2000 I have been incorporating many more raw and living foods into my diet. This is very alkalizing, also the chlorophyll in green vegetables carries a lot of oxygen. Not cooking your food (not heated above 108 degrees) leaves all the enzymes intact that allow for easy digestion. You save the energy your body normally uses to produce the enzymes necessary to digest cooked food, plus all the nutrients that would be destroyed by cooking, are available to you. Your body can then use this energy and the nutrients to help you regain (or maintain) your health. Many cancer patients have recovered (even after they were told they were “hopeless”) by going on a 100% living food diet. Note: While this is a very good “therapeutic diet” not everyone thrives on a 100% live diet on a long term basis.

Get hold of some information from Ann Wigmore’s books. The healing foods she recommends are:

  • Wheat Grass Juice
  • Rejuvelac (made from sprouting then soaking soft pastry wheat berries – drinking the “juice”
  • Energy soup – a blended mixture of green sprouts, rejuvelac (or water), buckwheat lettuce, avacado and other things (salad in a blender)
  • Cultured Vegetables – fermented cabbage etc.

Supplements, Herbs:

  • Beta-1, 3-D Glucan 1500mg first in AM – empty stomach (500mg. Per 50 lbs. Of body weight for a therapeutic dose). Excellent Immune modulator – Maximizes the Appropriate Immune Response. I consider this My Most Important “supplement” and ONE I STRONGLY RECOMMEND, particularly if you are dealing with a chronic or life threatening illness, or autoimmune type illnesses. (Pls. visit www.aboutbetaglucan.com)
  • MSM 1000mg x6 (Note: means 6 ea. 1000 mg. capsules each time)
  • IP6 500mg. x6
  • MGN3 (Arabinaxylane compound) 250mg x2 (very expensive ARA6 is supposed to be the same thing) – I have discontinued this one.
  • ARA6 (Arabinogalactan) (Larix occidentalis extract) 500mg. x6
  • Bio Zyme (Pancreatic enzymes) 325mg. x12
  • Jarro-Zyme (Porcine Pancreatic enzymes) 425mg. x4
  • Freeze dried Calf Liver 1 t. w/carrot juice x1
  • Pregest “cultured enzymes” x4
  • Sea Cure (White Fish) 500mg. x9
  • CoQ10 120mg x2
  • Alpha Limpoic acid 300mg (timed release) x2
  • Milk Thistle 80mg. x2
  • Garlic 12 mcg/gram x2
  • Selenium 200 mcg x2
  • Lecithin 1200mg x2
  • Magnesium 300mg. & Potassium 40mg. Asportates x2
  • Vit. E 400iu x2
  • Folic acid 800mcg. x1
  • Vit. B Complex 50mg. X2
  • Zinc x3
  • Cod Liver Oil capsules x2
  • Flax Oil 4Tbs. w/ home made Kefir
  • Ground Flax seed Tbs. x3
  • Ground (together) sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds Tbs. x1.5
  • Green Powder (Presently, Barley Greens)
  • Calcium Ascorbate 4 grams 2 times/day
  • L-Glutamine 3,800mg. x1
  • Broken cell Chlorella 6 grams x1
  • Bernadine HCL 520mg. w/ Pepsin 20mg. taken with meals.
  • Toco – food based vitamin/ mineral complex 1T x4
  • Homeopathic as recommended

Note: This list is what I was taking (most of them 3 times a day) when I first began my recovery. I’m sure this is excessive, however, I was trying to do all I knew, at the time, to “blast” the cancer out. I have since reduced the frequency of my supplements to once per day, or less often, since introducing more raw and living food into my diet and consistently drinking Ionized Alkaline Water. I also no longer feel it necessary to take all the supplements on the list (nor can I afford it). In addition to the Ionized Alkaline Water, here is one of the most effective products I used (and am still using). It is Transfer Point Beta-1, 3-D Glucan. The most effective, proven, Immune system enhancer known.

I would suggest that you consider using this; particularly if you are dealing with a chronic or life threatening illness or autoimmune type illness. If you are not in a crisis Beta glucan (at a reduced dose) will help keep your immune system functioning at the maximum appropriate level to help you enjoy an optimum state of health. I feel that Beta-1, 3-D Glucan, has made a huge difference in my recovery, by allowing me to get the maximum (appropriate) response from my (“chemo. compromised”) immune system: For more information go to my other site:

Please understand, I’m not just trying to “load you up” with things that I represent. I have just had such success with this product (in addition to the Ionized Alkaline Water) that I want you to be aware of it’s value. Now that I’m “out of the woods” and in good Physical health, I’m tying to recover my “Fiscal” health as well, by offering products and protocols I found effective for my survival. Here is a site index that will help you find the MD’s in your area that practice “Complimentary/Alternative Medicine. They are a good place to get a second “Medical” opinion about your choices (outside of the Traditional Medical Community) if you aren’t comfortable with “non MD” alternative practitioners.

http://www.acamnet.org and click on “Locate ACAM Physician”

Please don’t assume they are all equal. By nature, they are usually a caring, responsible bunch, but like any profession, there may be a few mercenary ones out there. The best way I have found to “check them out” is by asking other Health Professionals such as: Colonic Therapists, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Dr.’s, Electrodermal Screening practitioners etc.

I would suggest that you get a Free subscription to The Dr. Moss Newsletter. He is very objective and evaluates both alternative and traditional approached to recovery. He really seems to stay on the “cutting edge” of new developments in both approaches – he really favors the “Alternative approach” whenever possible. Cancer Decisions.

The Herring Foundation of Hope will send a Free “Hope Kit” to you or to someone your feel would benefit from the various tapes, books and other information it contains about cancer. This is a huge amount of material so I must warn you about “information overload”. It will be up to the recipient to determine what information is pertinent to them as the books etc. represent an extensive “survey” of fact and opinion. Call 770.667.9702 if you would like to request a “kit”.

There are also some very helpful “lists” whose members represent a broad variety of backgrounds and where you can ask questions about various healing protocols and products. As you will see, some lists allow a very broad range of topics, while others are quite specific. Here is one of the broadest, with members of every persuasion. Mr. Tracy is very knowledgeable about many things and has done extensive “research” using Rife, the Enhancer, Willard Water, Water Oz, special diets etc. and has helped many people back to health. The place to sign up for Tracy’s Corner is the Tracy’s Corner homepage at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Mr_Tracys_Corner

Another “general” list:: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SymphonicHealth

Colloidal Silver is a very beneficial adjunct to any health program, in my opinion. I use it every day, internally and externally. Easy and inexpensive to make and SAFE to use. Great people on the list. Just get the basics. Making effective CS is quite easy. Making “perfect” CS could take a lifetime as you will see by some of the “techies” discussions

To join or quit silver-list or silver-digest send an e-mail message to: [email protected] more information: http://www.silverlist.com/SilverList.html#Subscribe with the word subscribe or unsubscribe in the SUBJECT line.

Some more “Specific” Lists I found of value:

Cancercured List – This list has a good mix of alternative and traditional discussions. “A forum whereby people with any kind of physical problem can get their questions answered, and can take responsibility for their own health using natural methods.” To subscribe: [email protected] List Archives: http://egroups.com/messages/cancercured

Bowel Cleanse: Subscription email: [email protected]

Oxygen therapies: OxyPlus Mailing List – http://www.egroups.com/group/oxyplus OxyPLUS is a moderated e-ring dealing with oxidative therapies and other alternative self-help subjects.

The Oxylist archive (a now discontinued Oxygen list) remains accessible on the Oxytherapy.com website http://www.oxytherapy.com.

OzoneTherapy Mailing List – http://www.egroups.com/group/ozonetherapy OzoneTherapy is a moderated list for the dissemination of information on ozone therapy and adjunct therapies. The approach is holistic and the emphasis is on self responsibility.

A very good site with very good prices on Ozone and Oxygen Therapy is: http://www.o3zone.com “Den” is the person to contact, he has a great deal of knowledge. Please tell him I sent you.

Raw and Living food (especially in the Atlanta GA area). http://www.rawfoods.com Life Grocery “Life Cafe” – Marietta GA.

A large raw and living food email “list” (from Seattle, I believe) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rawimmortal

Also go to egroups.com search for “rawforlife” to get on their email list. This is a good source to find persons following the “Living Food” lifestyle in your area.

I believe this is one of the single most important dietary strategies that you should investigate.

Rife: If you have the $$, I would suggest you investigate a Rife Machine.

If you or someone you know is technically competent you can make your own with the plans from the patent holder, Dr. James Bare (a true humanitarian). Dr. James Bare’s site. http://www.rt66.com/~rifetech/

To subscribe to the rife-alt-health list which covers alt-health modalities other than the rife-list – allows off topic discussions send a message to [email protected].

For FREQUENCY LISTS for Bare-Rife generators see the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL) which is the large “master list” compiled by Brian McInturff. Go to: http://www.electroherbalism.com/

Here is another device. The Enhancer. It is designed to get the cells in the body back to their full energy potential so that your body can heal itself. I have heard remarkable testimonies about this device. I have just begun to use one for overall “maintenance”. It does not directly destroy diseased cells but powers the body’s immune system, allowing removal of toxins at the body’s own rate. This avoids the “healing crisis” from toxic die-off that can shock the body’s elimination system. I would suggest a fully assembled system rather than the kit. http://www.dansenhancer.com

Warning!! Some of these lists generate an enormous amount of email.

This is enough for now. I know when I was looking into all the “options” it was very easy to get into “information overload”. I gathered (and am still gathering) the information I have used to survive for over 8 years now. It’s like trying to eat an elephant – do it “one bite at a time” :0)

In summary:

  • Detox (Colonics, Ionized Alkaline Water, Beta Glucan, Dry Saunas, Skin brushing)
  • Alkalize (Ionized Alkaline Water, Green “living foods” & Green Juicing)
  • Oxygenate (Ionized Alkaline Water, mild exercise, various Oxy. therapies)
  • Enhance Your Immune System (Transfer Point Beta glucan – Ionized Alkaline Water)
  • Use the Rife unit, if you can afford one.

Also, I would suggest that you search around for a good cancer support group. This will help your recovery immensely. It has been shown that people who regularly attend support groups have a much higher survival rate than those who don’t. Support groups are like shoes – you may have to “try a few on” before you find one that suits you. It should be a very positive experience. If it isn’t, shop around for one that provides this experience.

I hope these “resources” will help you find the most effective ways to meet your health needs and those of others.

I’m sending good wishes and healing energy to you, your family & friends.

Trust in a Greater Power.

Dave Perkins
“enjoy being”