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I have seen many people design their own alternative cancer treatment programs. I congratulate you for your diligence and hard work. But when I look at some of these treatments I have noticed that many of these treatment programs, even when designed by professionals, fail to meet the minimum standards for an effective “cancer diet” and/or a solid “alternative cancer treatment” or they contain treatments that are far too weak for their situation.

For this reason, I will give you a strong warning!!
Warning: No matter what alternative cancer treatment you are on, and no matter who designed it, make sure it meets the minimum criteria in the “cancer diet” and the minimum criteria in every one of the checklists in the “Checklist” article!! If your treatment plan deviates from the diet or the checklists, make sure you fully understand why it deviates and make sure you are comfortable with the deviation!!

There are some very valid exceptions to this warning, such as the Breuss treatment, however, be advised to not casually ignore this warning!!

Every effective alternative cancer treatment is anchored by two key elements.

The first element is the “cancer diet,” meaning the things a cancer patient should and should not eat and drink. Many foods, such as meats, sugar, dairy products, etc. severely interfere with the cancer treatment because they feed the cancer cells, or do some other damage to the treatment. No alternative cancer treatment can be stronger than the “cancer diet”!! In other words, the cancer diet is just as important as the cancer treatment! The main article on “cancer diet” is at: The “cancer diet” article (also at: Step 2, Lesson 2)

The second element is the “alternative cancer treatment” itself. A strong “cancer treatment” must accomplish several different things. These aspects are called “checklists” and they are summarized in the “Checklist” article. This article allows a cancer patient to evaluate whether their alternative cancer treatment, no matter who designed it, covers all of the key pieces of a cancer treatment. This article is at: The “Checklist” article (also at: Step 4)

On this web site there are more than 90 articles/chapters related to alternative cancer treatments, such as several articles and links for specific types of cancer, such as: brain cancer, liver cancer, adenocarcinomas, etc. (these articles can be found in Step 6 below). However, the articles on “cancer diet” and the “Checklist” article are the most important, and all other web pages are supplemental to those two articles.

R. Webster Kehr
November, 2004

Lesson Title
Lesson 1 Covers how different alternative cancer treatments work, and why it is important to know how they work. Two case studies explain how to implement alternative treatments under different conditions.
Lesson 2 Covers the critical issue of a cancer diet. No matter what treatment program you are on, if you do not eat the right foods, your treatment may fail. But it is equally important that you avoid eating certain foods during your treatment.
Lesson 3 Explains why a three phase treatment program is critical to insure your cancer never comes back. In many cases, the symptoms of cancer disappear, and a person quits their treatment protocol, only to have the cancer return within a few months.
Warning #1 Explains why chlorine can destroy an alternative treatment for cancer. Several other key concepts regarding water are discussed.
Warning #2 Comments specifically for cancer patients who have been on chemotherapy and radiation and are currently in remission.
Author: R. Webster Kehr