Aging and Rejuvenation

Antioxidant Basics

Supplementation may help prevent and stop tumor growth, helps reverse symptoms of aging and painful degenerative diseases… Read More

Podcast 402: Overlooked Hacks to Rebuild Health from Pain

With Martin Pytela. Having a health coach on your team is a great advantage to recover from chronic illness… Read More

Metabolic Typing: Journey to Wellness

Health is your natural state of being (not a privilege) and should be available to everyone… Read More

Lifespan Crisis

In France, Japan and Switzerland, men and women aged 65 now live several years longer than they do in the US… Read More

Glutathione in Human Disease

Glutathione attaches itself to toxins, makes them easily transportable for efficient elimination in your bile and stool… Read More

Ask Our Health Coach

Our Health Coaching sets us apart from most online stores. We can help you find your unique path to good health… Read More

Ancient Rejuvenation Technology

Replica of ancient technology accumulates life force and transfers it to water for pain relief, more energy and clear thinking… Read More

Reishi Mushroom for Long Life

Improves heart and liver functions, inhibits allergic reactions and oxygen deprivation induced injuries… Read More

Magnesium for Youth and Health

Not having enough has been associated with migraines, hypertension, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, osteoporosis and panic attacks… Read More

Magnesium Fights Alzheimer’s Disease

Magnesium may help prevent so many body problems in bones, heart and brain… Read More

DHEA: Health and Youth Hormone

If one is deficient in magnesium (most are) supplementation supports decreased risk of estrogen dominance… Read More

Twilight America: Finding the Fountain of Youth

The idea of regaining youth, has been the backbone of myth and legend since the dawn of time… Read More