Scientific References: Hydrogen Antioxidant

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Amaranth Seed Oil Top 10 Benefits

Amazing Anti Aging Benefits of Amaranth Seed Oil Read More

Astaxanthin is a Powerful Antioxidant

6000 Times Stronger than Vitamin C Read More

Silica Supports Connective Tissues

Anti-aging nutrient for joints and skin. Read More

Fountain of Youth from South China Sea

Researchers gave Ecklonia Cava Extract to men with erectile difficulties and found their orgasmic function was boosted and they had increase intercourse satisfaction and overall satisfaction by more than 60%! Read More

Ecklonia Cava – Erectile Dysfunction

Ecklonia Cava has been shown to reverse Erectile Dysfunction through vascular health improvements. Read More

Health Basics to Enjoy a Pain-free Life

Longevity from Water, Food and Cleansing Read More

Preventing Injuries

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Myths About Aging

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What Are The High Value Products?

Supplements are not all equal. Nature made complexes are infinitely more effective than factory made medicines based on petroleum products. Read More

Oxidative Stress is Aging You

The most visible signs of out of control oxidation are the signs of aging wrinkles, arthritis, stiff joints, loss of flexibility, farsightedness. Read More

Back to Health Basics

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Antioxidants are extremely important in ensuring that the metabolic processes of the body happen properly without undue damage to your cells. Read More

Rejuvenation Basics

Here we mean by rejuvenation, to bring back the operation of every cell in the body to that state of primordial health. Read More

Live Forever

A man who plans to live forever doesn’t take chances with his health. Read More

Interview with Deepak Chopra on Aging

Interview with Deepak Chopra on Aging Read More

Hearing Loss in Elderly

Hearing loss afflicts one third of Americans over age 65. Read More

Hair Loss and Care

Natural iodine supplementation can help normalize thyroid function. Read More

Essentials of Life and Wellness

When we only take vitamins, minerals and herbs, as important as they are, we are skirting around the outside of the essentials for health. Read More

DNA and RNA Therapies

Nucleotides are necessary to synthesize new DNA and RNA so new cells divide and function properly. Read More

Book: Reverse Aging

The aging process defined as the accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes within the body. Read More

Book: Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation

In a world of health practitioners who talk only in terms of disease, Dr. Jubb’s focus is on the forces that allow health to flourish. Read More

Anti-aging Approach to Mental Youthfulness

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Aging Process: Water and Antioxidants

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Aging and Reverse Aging

We live in a century of highly accelerated advancements in science and technology. At the turn of the century, man began to fly. Read More