Vitamin K Basics

Essential for heart health, blood clotting and bone metabolism, brain and liver… Read More

Calcium Basics

Most of us get enough calcium, but not enough supporting nutrients to use it properly. Most need to take more magnesium to be balanced… Read More

Vitamin D: More Important for Bones than Calcium

Consuming more than 800mg of calcium/day may be unnecessary for bone health, if you have enough vitamin D… Read More

Strontium as Trace Mineral

May may help improve the cell structure and mineral matrix of the bones and teeth, helping to prevent tooth decay or soft bones… Read More

pH Balance with Magnesium and Calcium

Critical to balance these 2 minerals for both physical and mental health repair and maintenance… Read More

Osteoarthritis and Arthritis

Many experts now believe that osteoarthritis is a disorder caused by a genetic susceptibility combined with injury to the joint… Read More

Osteoporosis and Milk

Milk does not prevent bone loss. Bone loss is accelerated by too much calcium, without adequate magnesium… Read More


With this condition, bones become porous and fragile from mineral loss. Treatment often starts after considerable damage is done… Read More

Osteoporosis: The Bones of Contention

In the US over 20 million people have it. About 1.3 million/year will suffer a bone fracture from it… Read More

Book: The Milk Imperative

Research shows that milk actually increases the risk of osteoporosis by eroding bone-making cells… Read More

Fosamax: Turning Bone To Marble

Osteoclasts cells tear down bone, osteoblasts build new cells in those spaces. Foxomax crystals stop osteoblasts from building… Read More