Heart and Circulation

Niacin for Heart Health and More

After the discovery of niacin in the 1940s, a new law ensured flour and rice Niacin fortification, to prevent deaths and overcrowding insane asylums… Read More

Heart and Circulation Basics

How to naturally prevent heart and circulation problems for a longer, higher quality of life… Read More

Flax Seeds and Oil: Benefits for Serious Health Issues

Including prostrate, breasts, colon, skin, blood sugar, heart, kidneys, men’s and women’s health and more… Read More

Heart and Brain Biggest Risk Factor

Lipoprotein is considered the greatest risk factor for heart attack and stroke. One in five people are affected, usually without knowing it… Read More

Vitamin K Basics

Essential for heart health, blood clotting and bone metabolism, brain and liver… Read More

Coenzyme Q10 Basics

Also known as ubiquinone, Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant, helps energy production and boosts immunity… Read More

Podcast 390: Rubeplex

With Spencer Feldman. Maintain healthy blood vessels, reduce plaque formation, and lower your risk of blood clots… Read More

Cholesterol: Specific Nutritional Approach

Find your specific Metabolic Type to feed your body required nutrients, and it can clean, repair and maintain itself… Read More

Truth About Cholesterol

It’s not the villain portrayed in pharmaceutical ads, it’s actually a vital substance needed in every cell of the body… Read More

Heart Studies Formula Introduction

Heart and circulatory disease are silent killers stalking every person you know and love… Read More

Heart Studies Formula for Healthy People

Under-nutrition is an easy risk factor to correct quickly and economically, with minimum of disruption to your daily routine… Read More

Heart Studies Formula Directions for Use

If you have difficulty with your heart or circulatory system, seek appropriate help without delay… Read More