Heart and Circulation

Heart Studies Formula is Circulation Nutrition

Help tune-up your heart and clear cholesterol plaque fast… Read More

Heart Studies Formula Bonus Benefits

Virtually eliminate circulatory failure as a cause of death. Lengthen life-span and optimize quality of life… Read More


Potassium supplementation helps lower blood pressure and protects against heart disease and stroke… Read More

Magnesium: Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Many illnesses are the expression of chronic nutrient deficiencies… Read More

Book: Magnesium The Ultimate Heart Medicine

Magnesium’s role in preventing heart disease and strokes is accepted, yet cardiologists have not gotten up to speed with its use… Read More

Magnesium and Postmenopausal Heart

Study suggests a low magnesium diet puts postmenopausal women at risk for irregular heart beats… Read More

Magnesium and Blood Clots

Shown to help reduce mortality in thrombolysis-ineligible patients with acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)… Read More

Heart: Comparing Magnesium and Statin Drugs

Comparison of mechanism and functional effects of magnesium and statin pharmaceuticals… Read More

Dark Chocolate for Heart Health

It increases blood flow and better blood flow is good for your heart and circulation… Read More

What you NEED TO KNOW about High Cholesterol

Although mainstream medicine says statins drugs reduce cholesterol, blood clots, strokes and heart attacks – this is NOT true… Read More

Ecklonia Cava: Fountain of Youth from Brown Seaweed

Helps your body produce Nitric Oxide (NO) that dilates blood vessels and keeps them wide open. Prevents tightening and narrowing… Read More

Systemic Enzymes and Disappearing Spider Veins

Systemic Enzymes eat scar tissue, safely and painlessly. Read more to learn that spider veins are not incurable… Read More