Spirituality and Energy Work

Negative Ions

Negative ions attach to pollutants and allergens with a positive charge. They even remove bacteria and viruses from the air… Read More


A combination of physical movement, controlled breathing and meditation, it works regardless of your spiritual beliefs… Read More


Helps reduce stress, control anxiety, promotes emotional health and self-awareness, may lengthen life span and reduce memory loss… Read More

How to Be Thankful

Be mindful, show gratitude, get outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Eat good food and meditate… Read More

Challenges, Goals and Happiness

Your choices and actions should support your health and goals every single day, for life lived abundantly… Read More

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark

Extracted from Nexus Magazine, modern science meets ancient alchemy with ORMUS products for physical repairs and spiritual enlightenment… Read More

Spiritual Awakening

It’s important to not confuse Kundalini awakening with enlightenment, it rarely results from a single encounter with the Divine… Read More

Scalar Energy Benefits

Characterized by its non-electromagnetic nature, it’s a form of energy that is not bound by the laws of physics… Read More

Pineal Gland: Physical AND Spiritual Functions

Physically it regulates sleep-wake patterns. Spiritually links physical and spiritual worlds… Read More

Vibrational Medicine

This branch of medicine includes muscle testing, electroacupuncture, reflexology, homeopathy and more… Read More

Vibrational Health

Vibrational Health can be gained and sustained. The way you feel, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, will impact your physical well being… Read More

Tachyon Healing and the Physics of Love

Work on detecting subtle energies called non-Herzian or scalar energy (after maverick scientist Thomas Bearden’s theories)… Read More