Thyroid Gland

Podcast 444: Thyrodine

With Phil Thomas. Thyrodine supports and protects your thyroid gland from radiation, balances hormones, reduces joint pain, strengthens immunity and more… Read More

Podcast 442: Sulfur Salts

With Phil Thomas. Sulfur Salts help you detoxify from heavy metals, enhance circulatory health, repair thyroid and metabolic functions, improve blood pressure, stress and more… Read More

Magnesium and Iodine Deficiency

Impossible to get enough of both through food, supplementation is essential for regaining and maintaining good health… Read More

Magnesium and Radiation Protection

Low magnesium is associated with dramatic increases in free radical generation and glutathione depletion… Read More

Iodine Basics

Iodine Basics. Iodine deficiency may lead to hypothyroidism. Plants from the sea are a great source for supplementation… Read More

Iodine Topical Application and Bioavailability

Iodine is being used extensively as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent by application to the skin… Read More

Recognizing Low Thyroid Function

Symptoms may include low energy, appetite and tolerance to cold, aches, irregular menstruation and pregnancy troubles… Read More

Iodine and Selenium Nourish Thyroid Gland

The thyroid is an extremely important gland in our body. It is located at the front of your neck and it is one of our largest endocrine glands. Every cell in your body has receptors for thyroid hormone. Read More

Herbs for Hyperthyroidism

Thyroid diseases affect about 2.5% of Americans, or about 6.5 million people, most of whom are women… Read More

Thyroid: Mind, Emotions and Mental Disorders

Thyroid malfunction may cause psychological disturbances and other psychiatric syndromes… Read More

Thyroid Gland Needs Iodine

The thyroid gland is an important endocrine gland regulating metabolism in every cell of your body… Read More

Thyroid Gland

All body functions depend upon the normal supply of energy, normal thyroid secretion is therefore, vital to the body… Read More