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Scientific References: Hormones

Listed Alphabetically for Your Convenience Read More

Flax Seeds and Oil: Benefits for Serious Health Issues

Including prostrate, breasts, colon, skin, blood sugar, heart, kidneys, men’s and women’s health and more… Read More

Podcast 384: Maca

With Jorge Ureña. Maca is excellent for balancing hormones (women and men), fertility, libido and more energy (physically and mentally)… Read More

Podcast 377: Meno-Ease

With Elijah Free. Experience menopause more comfortably by supporting hormone changes… Read More

Nature’s Guide to Beautiful Hair

People change their hair with the latest fashion trends, and switch hair color like changing socks… Read More

Book: Sexy By Nature

The whole foods solution to radiant health, lifelong sex appeal, and soaring confidence… Read More

DHEA: Health and Youth Hormone

If one is deficient in magnesium (most are) supplementation supports decreased risk of estrogen dominance… Read More

Elk Antler Velvet and Testosterone

Analysis of blood from men taking Elk Antler Velvet showed as much testosterone as if they were taking anabolic steroids… Read More

October is Infertility Awareness Month

Dorothy Pang, L.Ac. has an innovative comprehensive solution for women that are trying to conceive… Read More

Progesterone: Hormone of Happiness

Progesterone is a female reproductive hormone that the body gradually stops making during menopause… Read More

Pre Menstrual Syndrome

To the eternal aggravation of countless women through time, PMS can last as long as 14 days until menstruation begins… Read More


The hormone estrogen influences the development of feminine characteristics and the maturation of the female reproductive organs… Read More