Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Definitions

The basic biochemical processes of our bodies are unique and do not belong to any one medical specialty or disease category. Read More

Functional and Orthomolecular Medicine

Functional and Orthomolecular medicine focus on managing the cellular terrain to create health. Read More

Energetic Medicine

The theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine is the concept of energy transformations. Read More

Elements of Health

A collection of brilliant books and tapes from reknown health experts. Read More

Chronic Disease

Vitalism is the underlying idea of Eclectic, Homeopathic, Naturopathic, Oriental and Chiropractic approaches to health and healing Read More

Cell Psychology and Beyond

When cells join together to form multicellular “communities,” it required that the cells establish a complex social intercourse. Read More

Biological Individuality

It has often been said (and now can be objectively clinically verified using NUTRI-SPEC) that no two people are alike. Read More

Alternative Healers Speak

I have used part of the protocol for cancer volunteers, but not in by itself nor when I could not get the true ingredients. Read More

Bacillus Subtilis Story

Bacillus subtilis remains one of the most potent and beneficial of all health-promoting and immune-stimulating bacteria Read More