JumpSport Fitness Trampolines

Patent pending Stage Bounce technology provides the safest, most forgiving impact available on a rebounding trampoline… Read More

Cellerciser Construction

The Cellerciser introduces the new superior quality large fat Triple-tiered Tapered Spring (patent pending) that allows for a gentle acceleration-deceleration effect. And since they avoid the jarring effect, they don’t break like typical tube springs can. Read More

Origin of Miracle II Products

Inventor Clayton Tedeton gives all the credit to God for literally giving the recipe in writing on the wall… Read More

Dr. Miller Products

Sound, Natural Healing Principles Read More

Dr Millers Tea Before and After

Users sharing their results. Cleansing leads to weight loss that varies from person to person… Read More

Doc’s Aminos Ingredients

Doc’s Aminos ingredients are explained in detail for function in the body… Read More

Compare Exsula to Other Brands

With hundreds of components, Exsula products contain many times more ingredients than its copies… Read More

Exsula Superfoods for Cellular Energy

Mitochondria are the main energy production sites in almost every cell of your body… Read More

Skin Sorcery

Healthy skin care. A safe choice for your family. Free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. They penetrate the outer skin layer and enter lower skin layers… Read More

ORMUS Oils and Lotions

Clear and balance the seven chakras within you. Everything is energy and energy is transformable… Read More

Exsula Superfoods Beginnings

Darren Beddard has been involved with Jevari Oberon and Exsula products since the late 1980s… Read More

World Living Water

Create Vortex Energized Water with these units. They move water through a double helix spiraling process, creating a vortex energy field. This is how Nature generates energy, and how we create Energized Water… Read More