RoundUp Ready Organics

Whole Foods declares coexistence with GMO foods possible. Seriously? Read More

The Microchip and The Mark of the Beast

“How can you control a people if you cannot identify them?” Read More

Social Media and Body Image – Part 2

What makes you want to improve professionally, reach a fitness milestone, lose ten pounds, or improve your foreign language skills? Read More

Social Media and Body Image – Part 1

Humans are social creatures, no doubt about it. We thrive in the company of others Read More

GMO, elections and immune system

Natural cross breeding is a very different and natural process. With genetic engineering, you cross breed across species that would never mate in nature. Read More

Challenges, Goals and Happiness

We tend to believe that once we reach a goal (be it a number on a scale, a pant size, or even an amount of money or a new car) we will be happy. Read More

The Inspirational Baggy Yellow Shirt

Sometimes a shirt is just a shirt, but other times it can become a symbol of something much bigger, a metaphor for our relationships to people, families, friends. Read More

Our Agricultural Situation

Much of our food is really low in nutrients due to our current agricultural practices. Read More

Sustainable Life Movie

One of the most densely populated rural regions of Africa yet its people have been farming sustainably for 10,000 years Read More

Smartphone Flashlight App sends your private data

It shares your location, your contacts, and many other details from your smart phone. If you have it installed, beware. Read More

Obama Care Review

Is Obamacare really a miraculous way to save America’s health care system, or is it just a market driven band-aid provided by politicians to keep their own butts in comfy chairs and mutually wash (or grease?) hands with Big Pharma, insurance companies, and medical lobbies? Read More

My Take on Obamacare

we have given the keys to our health to private interests: the insurance companies, and their best buddies, the pharmaceutical and medical industries Read More