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Scientific References: Bee Products

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Podcast 441: Earth Friend Herbs – New Products

With Elijah Free. New unique herbal formulas to subdue viral infections, nourish the heart and associated anatomy, reduce stress and restore thyroid gland function… Read More

Herbal Teas

Hundreds of herbal teas combine to provide varying benefits that address specific health issues… Read More

Tea Drinking Customs

Power to soothe and heal. Try Dr. Miller’s Tea, a unique herbal formula with many health benefits… Read More


May help with chemotherapy or radiation when taken with other carotenoids and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E… Read More

Herbs or Drugs?

Were we designed to eat plants, or were we designed to take isolated compounds from a lab… Read More

Parsley Tea for Urinary Infections and Kidney Stones

A simple and effective method of eliminating kidney stones… Read More

Tea to Detoxify and Calm Digestion

Only a clean colon enables your cells and organs the opportunity for health and vitality… Read More

Apple Fiber: SO Good for You

Fiber particles are like tiny sponges that absorb water, toxins and cholesterol, then carry them out of your body… Read More