EMF Protection Basics

The effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) can be disastrous over time. Help your body combat the stresses generated by EMFs that are everywhere… Read More

Podcast 408: Red Light Therapy with Epoch Lasers

With Jim Zadok. About the healing power of infrared light and laser… Read More

Air Quality and House Plants

Plants are natural air filters. Add only 2-3 plants/room to vastly increase the quality of air you breathe… Read More

Ancient Rejuvenation Technology

Replica of ancient technology accumulates life force and transfers it to water for pain relief, more energy and clear thinking… Read More


How about getting some therapeutic rest and feeling recharged as if you took a walk down a forest path… Read More

The Star Chamber

Named because of the starscape effect that gives the feeling of floating in a starry night sky… Read More

Lebens Quelle Energy Cells

These Energy Cells enable all living organisms to function at an optimized state. Based on the subtle energy principles of connecting you to the blueprint of the original vibrational patterns of Life. Read More

Hazards of Chlorine in Your Shower

The best way to eliminate chlorine and its hazardous derivatives from your water supply is to install a shower filter… Read More

Ionic SPA Foot Bath Detox Benefits

Like a barefoot walk along the beach, only more powerful because your feet are immersed in the ions being generated in the foot bath… Read More

Ionic SPA Foot Bath Demonstration

Start with a bucket of water. Place the feet in with the water. Drop an ionizer into the water. Wait and see what happens… Read More

Ionic SPA Footbath FAQs

Recharge your body’s battery, get more energy, rejuvenate and release stress to leave you feeling great… Read More

ANCHI Crystals Research

ANCHI Crystals radiate subtle energy, bio-photons and other energy forms that amplify the Life Force. Read More